Unboxing polytunnel från First Tunnels

I must say that I’m impressed what First Tunnels has done here. Let’s have a look what was inside that package that we showed yesterday. Possibilites Small scale Innovative Diversity Regenerative Entrepreneurship Everything is included. Timber… …hoops.. …extra support steel tubes that we ordered. and… Yeah… A service kit with cleaning Now we have to get the area that will be used for the poly tunnel will be levelled, so we can put everything together. Here are hoops. For one of the sides. Here are timber. And some stuff… … for ventilation on booth sides. That can be lowered/raised to roll up the polythene to be able to ventilate the tunnel and here are lots of timber…and more timber and timber. And here is the polythene it self. Lots of timber to secure the polythene. This is the frame for the tunnel. Together with this timber, a thicker timber. This is the roof. The hoops for the roof. Two different types. There will one hope here And there you can see the other hoop, and two of these to complete the roof. Here we have plates, that will be under the ground So that the poly tunnel will be secured. Here are the rest of the side hoops. Support steel tubes so the tunnel can handle hard winds. More support steel tubes. You can see that there are lots of tubes. And here are even more… Yesterday we showed a ventilation net. A net with fine mesh to be used for ventilation. The polythene is raised with a winder. Here is the crank handle for the winder to raise the polythene. The net will keep the insects on the outside. Hera are lots of boxes. Here are tape, that is used to insulate on top of the hoops… … because the sun heat up the steel tubes, which can make the polythene to degrade. Here are polythene for the corners and doors. Instruction manual A starter kit, a Lucky Bag, so we can start growing right away. More support steel tubes, to secure the tunnel in different ways. And then we have these boxes… … that includes everything needed… …for the tunnel And over here some some plastic protection things. Here are… …every nail that we need This is everything needed to mount the sliding door. Here are even more.. …screws and things… … that we need. The hoops are screwed together. With self drilling screws. You can see the chamfering here… .. will put in here, and then the tubes are screwed to fasten the tubes together. The self drilling screws are included. Everything… Clips… .. and the corresponding screws. And I showed yesterday that we got some Algon cleaning in the service kit. it’s unbelievable what they managed to include in this small package from First Tunnels. I’m very impressed of everything. First when we saw the package we thought: “No! We misunderstood. We have to get the timber ourself.” But… The have succeeded to get… …everything included. The workshop is full of tunnel stuff. We should repeat that this is a poly tunnel. 6.1 wide and 22 meters long. With ventilation on both long sides. That can winded up. Imagine this is the side… ..then the polythene can be winded up to let air in. And there are also doors. Sliding doors at both ends, so both ends can be opened. And support steel tube so the tunnel can withstand harsh winds better Everything was included in the package I showed yesterday. Peerlessly!

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