Unlimited 4G Hotspot for $20 per Month!

The solution for unlimited hotspot data
through your cell phone is finally here and it’s cheap. How about $20 a month
cheap. Stay tuned to find out how. I’ve been looking for this solution for a
long time and I’m so excited to share it with you. If you’re like most people you
want to cut the cord from your cable TV provider and cell phone service has been
an attractive alternative. The problem is that the major carriers throttle your
data usage after 22 gigabytes or so or charge you so much for truly unlimited data
that you’d be better off keeping your cable or DSL service. If you’re like me
you want a solution that checks off these boxes. Use way more than 22 gig of data per month. Watch online TV using Roku, Apple TV, or other devices. Connect iPad, laptop, desktop, Alexa, Google home and other devices that require Wi-Fi or
wired connections. A low monthly cost – cheaper than cable. Something that works with AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint. For the past two years I’ve been hunting
for the right solution to this challenge and finally found the answer. It’s the
MoFi 4500 4G LTE router. This device is a wireless router that distributes your
cell data to devices on your internal network by using a SIM card from your
cell phone. All you must do is add an extra line to your existing cell plan
and plug that SIM card into the MoFi router. With the major carriers you can
add a line for $20 or less. Sounds great but you’re probably
wondering how that bypasses the data limits. Stay with me here.
There are two types of data measured by your cell phone carriers – tethered data
and streaming data. When you create a hotspot on your cell phone and share it
to other devices the carrier recognizes it as tethered data and all the plan
data limits apply. Once you use up your tethered data the speed is throttled to
3G or slower and it’s useless for all but basic functions. You can barely
browse a webpage much less play a video or watch TV. Streaming data, on the other hand, is excluded from your monthly data limits. This is for streaming
YouTube videos, Netflix, playing music and the like directly on your mobile device.
The reason the MoFi 4500 is such a great solution is because it has a
feature in the configuration settings that makes all your data appear to be
streaming data from your cell phone rather than tethered data and its set
this way out of the box. Even when you share your Wi-Fi or wired connections to
other devices on your internal network. All the data is seen by the carrier as
streaming data. Now, there are limits to streaming data too. Most carriers will
allow 50 gigabytes and then de-prioritize the traffic rather than dropping you to
glacial speeds. However, the prioritization only happens when you are
over the streaming limit and the tower you’re connected to is busy. That rarely
occurs. I’ve watched TV, browsed the Internet,
downloaded files, and used well over 100 gigabytes of data each of the
past two months with no slowdown at all. So if you’re looking for cheap, unlimited
data through your existing wireless carrier for internet TV and all your
home devices I highly recommend the MoFi 4500 4G LTE router. I’m not sponsored
by MoFi Networks, but it has been a great solution for me so I wanted to
share with you. I’ll put a link to the MoFi router in the description of this
video. You may need a micro SIM card adapter to fit the sim card into the MoFi router, so I’ve included that link as well. I’ll also include a link to an
optional Yagi antenna. The Yagi antenna can enhance your signal if you’re in a
remote location with limited cell coverage. Please share your experiences
with the MoFi router in the comments or any other technology you find useful
for your connectivity needs. I’d love to hear if it works for you as well as it
has for me. Hey, if you want to see more videos like this one please subscribe
and if you’ve enjoyed this video be sure to click the thumbs-up and leave a
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73 thoughts on “Unlimited 4G Hotspot for $20 per Month!

  1. Thanks for the great tip. $330 on Amazon.. I guess pays for itself in fairly short order if you cancel your cable service. Thumbs up!

  2. I'm not too savvy, but I do disdain my cable bill. Seems like the whole basis for the appeal of this set-up is the streaming bypass issue. Won't the big carriers figure this out and over-ride it?

  3. Thank you for the tip. I have a question on the extra line. I've never added an extra line to my plan but when you do will you need an extra phone to get the sim card and won't that cost an additional charge just to get the sim card, or can you just get the sim card with the additional line?

  4. I am getting 30Mb download and 15Mb upload using this solution in my remote location. After 3 months I still have not had any slowdowns on my data and am using over 100GB of data per month. This includes streaming YouTube TV, Google Home, YouTube videos, Internet browsing, VPN connections to work, Roku, Netflix, and video uploads. Read the details in the description above. The link to the MoFi router used in North America is https://amzn.to/2X1SCqE. Works great for me!

  5. If you use your laptop to browse the internet or stream via the MoFi, is that tethering, since the sim card in the router is the “hot spot” ? Or is stream literally just streaming videos and browsing is considered “tethered”? Thanks

  6. OK, I just want to fully understand before I jump in. I currently have a Mofi4500 and two yagi antennas. I use Netzero with AT&T. The nearest AT&T tower is about 3.5 miles away. My internet is better than my old DSL, but still sucks. I get 10mbs at the most and less than 1 when congested.
    The T-mobile tower is less than a mile. We have T-Mobile with unlimited cell service. We get 4 bars most of the time.
    Here's what I need to be clear on. I get another T-Mobile line? It is $25. I have new extra sim cards. Do I take my sim card to the T-Mobile store to get it activated? Or do I just put it in my Mofi and go for it? Thanks, I can't wait, answer please. Larry

  7. Got her done. Works OK, but not super fast. I average around 20-25mps, which is a lot better than I was getting with AT&T. I cam do anything I want to do with that. However, you can't just add a line, that doesn't work with T-mobile. I tried it. You have to get their unlimited LTE service, 4G is $25 a month. I changed my wife's plan to 55+. You get unlimited data and two lines for $70 per month. So adding the LTE service my monthly bill is $95 per month. She was paying $47 for prepaid and I was paying $60 to NetBuddy. My savings is $12 a month for a hell of a lot better service. I still need to play with my antennas, but over all I am a happy camper, thanks to you. I will let you know in a couple of weeks to see if it slows down, they say it won't, but they are salesmen. Take care, Larry

  8. I am not having luck changing the ttl on the mofi router to make it unlimited. Any suggestions?

  9. Ive been pouring over the internet for days ever since we found out our new house has zero internet options even though the realtor assured us it did. I stumbled onto LTE gateways but most of the articels are very old, 2014-2017. Our household uses around 200GB a month. Ive gotten mixed opinions on this working in replies on forumns. Our closest tower is Verizon, and alot of people say that carriers started cracking down on people in 2018 using this method to get internet, throttling people down to hotspot speeds that try it. Since this is published in Feb, can you comment on if they have had success? Im considering getting 2 of the highest tier phone plans (75GB) and trying to trim data usage if people have had success.

  10. I just got my Mofi in the mail a few days ago. Plugged my sim card from Verizon in and the is no internet 🤷‍♂️. Emailed to the service department and none of their fixes helped. Also received several emails from Verizon saying to put my sim card back in it's original device of course it was worded a little different. Anyways I am super bummed I really was looking forward to the Mofi. Any ideas why I would not be getting internet? Thanks.

  11. Do I have to purchase the SIM card from ATT&T or can I just purchase it from Walmart/ Amazon/ Target/ etc?
    When I add this new line, am I required to tell them what type of phone I’m installing it in…or do I need to specify what type of cellular device (Phone, Tablet) I’ll be using it on? (Not to familiar with all of this tech stuff, but I’m fascinated with the idea of the unlimited WIFI usage of all my devices in my home). And finally, is there a phone number they assign or associate with this new SIM card that they activate, like they did with my other devices? (I’m assuming yes considering that all the devices I have so far have a number associated with them)
    I’m sure my questions are probably rudimentary, but again, I’m not very savvy when it comes to tech stuff unless it grabs my attention like this does.

  12. I bought this from Mofi the website. I put my SIM card in it and after only 16GB my internet speed dropped from 20 megabytes a second to 500 KGB to second permanently. Anybody got any ideas as to why or what I can do. if I don't get a fix for this soon I will just end up returning it.

  13. I have the mofi router i got through a company called netbuddy.com. it uses att and i pay 60 a month. My cell phone service is Verizon and much better signal than att where im at. Can i use a version sim card in this mofi or do i need to set up the router differently or something. I got the vibe that it would only work with their sim card when i bought it.

  14. Dosnt your phone service "throttle down" after around 32 gb anyways? Thats streaming right . they say unlimited in the plan but it really throttles down . would that make the streaming data throttle down?

  15. Does this actually work still? This would fix everything for me. I live in an area where I can get one provider but I'm directly underneath an at&t cell tower. My current internet has 300kb/s if I'm lucky. Anything like this would be amazing. It would be fantastic if you'd reply 😁

  16. I wonder if this would work with Verizon’s Visible carrier. It's a carrier that verizon owns. It offers unlimited data, with only tethered data being throttled at 5Mbps. But using the MoFi, am I correct to assume that verizon wouldn't be able to tell that this is tethered data, and therefore, not limit its speed to 5Mbps?

  17. I got the router today. I have everything hooked up and placed the Sim in the router. I'm getting no internet connection and I can't seem to find a fix. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong.

  18. I have a MoFi. It comes with unlimited data and it is $60/mo. There is no throttling, but when the tower is busy it slows down.

  19. Verizon sees recognizes all data used by the Mofi as tethered (hot spot) data making this setup useless. The only apparent solution is to go to a third party for a truly unlimited plan and pay 150-250 $ per month. If this is incorrect, kindly explain how to correct the condition noted. Even MoFi has confirmed this to me. Apparantly the setting noted does not work as you claim.

  20. Verizon has told me they do not support this device, and it doesn’t work at all with Verizon I’ve tried a SIM card from them and it doesn’t work. Is there a particular brand it does for sure work with?

  21. Is this how Net Buddy does it, links an AT&T number to your SIM card and charges you $60 a month instead of $20.

  22. Does this work as a wifi antenna as well? To pick up wifi signals when you are away from home? Without a SIM card?

  23. I have TMobil unlimited plan & I have a Mofi4500 4GxeLTEV2. I had a great company out of Dallas that I had internet with but they shuttered their door. I found another company but they are almost double what I paid the Dallas company. The new company sim card works but the signal is the worst ever so I'm thinking the Mofi4500 4GxeLTEV2 need tweeking maybe?
    Question, can I take the Sim out of my phone install in the router to see what the speed is on that Sim? I need to isolate… is it the router or the Sim… Because I'm paying premium. If my cell phone sim works then I'll get another TMobil line saving money. Thank you.

  24. I have a Verizon MIFI hotspot w a working SIM card and shared my 16gb of data w our 3 cell phone. When we use it the data burns up fast then we’re left w nothing basically…maybe 1mbps till the next billing cycle.
    If I buy this router all I have to do is put the sim from my MIFI in the router and change the ttl to 65 from 60 and I’m all set?
    Do I understand you correctly?

  25. I have been using MOFI4500 with ATT for about 6 months with NetBuddy ($60/Month).  Just added a new T-Mobile Line w/ HD Streaming add-on.  Updated MOFI firmware and MODULE firmware.  Getting much better quality and able to use IPTV service on Dreamlink T2.  Went from 5 down to 15-20 down.  Equipment: MOFI4500 w/ two external Yagi antennas.  Thanks for your Channel.

  26. On my unlimited plan, I can add two more lines for $20 a month! But the router is expensive. Not sure I want to test this out at over $300. But, this is an excellent idea! Thank you.

  27. Will a sim card out of my Franklin mifi card work on the mofi. Also my network carrier is C-Spire, do you know if this product will work with my carrier. I would love to have a no throttle internet 3 t.v.s with roku/firestick, 2 laptops, iPad, android tablet and 4 phones, so called unlimited data goes quick around here. Thanks for this video and appreciate in reply back on my questions.

  28. Will AT&T sell me just a sim card without getting another phone. And does the sim card have to be hot spot enabled? Thanks

  29. To get my Verizon sim to work I had to use Linux-64 instead of Linux 2-65, 65 worked using wired but Wifi would connect at very low speeds 2g or worse. When I changed to 64 it all worked fine.

  30. Hi, I have TMobile and getting 4g LTE from a nearby cellular one tower. However it's only between 2-4 mbps. I'm guessing this router will only output the same ?

  31. really depends on carrier. verizon will know the instant you hook up mofi and will take counter measures such as cancelling your plan unless you already have a lock on unlimited in which case a 2nd sim is not needed. Over 99% of tech videos on youtube are outdated within a month or 2.

  32. I just received mine and was testing it with the sim out of my phone and it was not getting any internet idk what the issue would be it is also att, does the iPad sim from att still work?

  33. Sounds stupid but….. Do you still get unlimited without getting capped. I saw another youtuber say that his cricket and t mobile capped his. Did he not have it set up correctly for the streaming feature? I get 2.5 mps a second and this sounds to good to be true so please answer quick:) I'm ready to pull the trigger. I pay 50 for that speed but its unlimited. I put up with it because I dont have anyone who can give me service and if they do its outrages prices for slightly faster speeds but a really really small data cap

  34. I have a cricket wireless group plan 5 lines for $100. I only use 4 lines so can I use that 5th line with the hot spot.? Do I have to notify Cricket? Does Cricket even work with this hot spot?

  35. Will this work with metro by T-Mobile I have hotspot but they don't have unlimted so I pay 45 for 25 gb… If I transfer simple from my current hot spot router to this will it work?

  36. Thanks for this video. Maybe you can help me. I've been using the mofi with t mobile regular unlimited data line and it works great. With Verizon it's not working. I called mofi and they told me I need hotspot enabled. But with t mobile I dont have hotspot and it works. And I thought that the mofi was able to run a router off of regular data… Any ideas?

  37. Reminder to everyone with the MoFi: Its a good idea to check your phone/ipad to see if you have Internet connectivity before you plug the sim into the MoFi. When you install the sim in the MoFi the first time you need to go to the Network menu option and click on Mofi Internal Modem. For Access point (APN) select your carrier from the list and save settings. Then go to the Provider Selector tab on the same page and click on your carrier. I use Generic for T-Mobile and you may need to use that for any carrier not listed. Save those settings and it will reboot the MoFi. If you still don't have Internet after making those changes then go back to the Network menu option and select Band Scanner. Start the scan and take a look at all the bands that it shows available. If none show up then you probably don't have the carrier set right. Once you see a list of bands then click on Bandlock from the menu and lock Modem to a Band that you saw in the list. Do each band one at a time until you find one that connects to the Internet. It requires a reboot after each change (2-3 mins) so this can take some time. Do a speed test on each one that gives you Internet access to see which one runs fastest. I switch between T-Mobile and AT&T often and travel with my MoFi. So far I have found that I always land on Band 2, 4 or 12. It will may vary based on location and carrier so you just have to play with it until you get the right settings.

    Today I am in a location where T-Mobile has no service so I switched to my AT&T sim and the band was set to 12. I got no Internet connection even though my iPad was working fine with the sim. I changed to Band 2 and now I have 75Mbps download and 12Mbps upload speed. You can go to speedtest.net to check your Internet speed.

  38. Latest Update: I have confirmed this works with T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint. Some people have had success with Verizon with a data plan for hotspots or with the TTL set to 64 on the MoFi but others have not been able to get it working. I did recently test Metro by T-Mobile and it did not work although it could still be a setting on the MoFi. I didn't have enough time with it to find a solution. It just didn't work with the same settings as a T-Mobile sim. I was able to add an additional cell line to my T-Mobile plan for $20 with tax included and took the sim from the cell phone to insert into the MoFi. That plan works solid for over 100GB of data per month with no throttling. My highest usage was 159GB. I also purchased a single AT&T line for an iPad for $20 plus tax per month. It took me three AT&T stores to find the right salesperson to get me that plan so shop around. It is available for new customers but not all stores mention it. Ask for an iPad unlimited data plan. It is limited to 22GB per month before throttling but with the MoFi you can go over that with no issues. I now alternate between T-Mobile and AT&T sim cards in the MoFi depending on my coverage options when I travel. All my devices still connect to the MoFi WiFi hotspot and don't need any changes when I swap out the sim. You do have to change the carrier setting on the MoFi when you do this and may have to search for a new band to get the connection. That process may take 10 minutes of reboots before you get it set. Please comment below if you have had success or not with your cell carrier. Also, check the link in the video description to make sure you have the correct MoFi product for your location.

  39. Thanks for the video so if I am switching to this I have to have a smart tv right meaning wireless wifi connection? Pls advice

  40. So my only mobile option where I live is Verizon. I can do the add a line no problem. From what I have read it sounds like there are issues using this with Verizon service. I also have a hot spot (mifi) through Verizon that has a 15MB limit that throttles down to 600Kbs after the 15MB. If I use the sim from my current hot spot will it then not throttle? I have done a lot of homework and it seems everyone has a different opinion about this. I get an extremely week AT&T signal so if I invested in a external antenna/booster AT&T could be a possible option. My Verizon signal is week as well about 1-2 bars so the antenna will be a must either way. My current interne provider gets me only 3MB down and less than 1 up so anything is better that my current situation. In your opinion what is my best plan of attack as far as the proper sim card and device for Verizon service?

  41. Great video. I have purchased the Mofi and plugged in the At&t SIM card I purchased from Wal-Mart. Activated it with the 8GB of data plan for $50. Worked fine but after a few hours of me browsing the intetnet and my kid watching a videos it stopped working. Can you please help. Do I need a diffrent type of data plan? Does it have to be an unlimited phone plan?

  42. I really dislike videos like this one I'll tell you why the presenter tells you what you can have and how wonderful it is – sounds too good to be true then he showed you a quick flash of a screen with the box to Check but he doesn't give you a clue as to how to do it so maybe I'm just stupid and I should be able to read his mind or should be smart enough to know how to do this without any instruction.

  43. I've been trying the same thing for a while – a have a closet full of gizmos that supposedly did this but turned out to either
    not work at all or worked for a month only to have the carrier do something to make the gizmo not work.

    So my question is about "robustness" – If I pay $350 or so for this gizmo and $20/mo any guess how long
    before the carriers figure this out and do something to make the gizmo stop working?

    Thanks for your hard work and I'll probably give it a try after the current gizmo I'm now using stops working.

  44. This makes me wonder if any unlocked portable or even cheaper costing router will do the trick. So long as the carrier is not told about data usage any unlocked device should work just fine.

    If anyone knows please let me know. I am cutting the cord on the cheap. One line, 30 a month limited 4G data access. I want a router that will provide unlimited due to it not dialing back to the carrier.

  45. I have one ( mofi 4500 ) already and would like to know if I'm able to use Verizon provider? Like to get off freaking AT&T soon as I can…..

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