Unreal Engine 4: Part Two (cont.) – Adding the Battery Mesh

so in this video I’m going to take the
battery I just modeled and change the pickup item to be that battery so let’s
go ahead and do that now so the first thing I need to do is right-click in the
content browser I’m going to add a new folder I’m going to call this assets open it up and then we’re going to drag in here the asset that we just created and if you want to download this there’ll be a link in the blog so go
ahead and check it out so I’m going to drag this and drop it in here and then
all these should be good I’m just going to import so now we’ve imported this I’m
just going to save all so we can see we have the battery object so even though
it’s created the materials which we brought over from blender it’s not kept
the the roughness or the metallic values so as you need to change that so I’m
going to click on each one of these start with a base open this up so we
have this here and our color so just like blender we have this shader which
we can change a whole bunch of options now we can’t really change the options
here we have to add a new node and plug it in so I’m going to add in a constant
so we can either right click and type constant and then click this or if we
press the number 1 key and then left click we can add a constant so so either
way you can add one of these in then when I click this one up to the metallic
value and then do the same thing for the roughness so for this one I’m going to
change this to a value of 1 this one maybe point… maybe 0.2 see how this
looks so it’s not too bad and we can always come back and make this look even
better in the future but for now it looks a lot better than it originally
was just save this let’s close it down now we do the same
thing for these two here so now our battery pickup is ready to be used so
I’m going to go back to the blueprint section select the battery pickup
blueprint and just open it up then if we go to the viewport select the static
mesh and then from here what we can do just find the battery or I’ve closed
this down go back to the content browser back to the assets I select this then go
back to the blueprint I can just select the arrow here and there we go so I want to compile that let’s see how it looks
the battery is far too big so we can always scale this down so let’s select
these and delete them so it’s too big and also the box doesn’t line up now let’s go back when I select the box and just gonna reposition and then rescale
it something like this compile that, close this down now we can select this and
scale it down so we want this to be quite small so even that might be too
big since the character see his hands are still smaller than the battery so
maybe we even scale this down a bit more maybe something like that if we bring it
over with you we can sort of compare it It still might be a bit too big but we
don’t want to make it too small because the player might not be able to see the
battery pickup so so let’s just put all the way over here press play see how it
looks so we see it’s quite small as we run over to it it will pick up and then
add to our battery notice it’s disappeared since we’ve collected it now
we actually have an object that is representing our pickups so I thought
I’d make this a separate video just because the last one was quite long and
I didn’t want to bore you guys to death in part 3 when we create the HUD widget
when we collect these batteries we’ll make a counter go up so we’ll know how
many batteries we’ve got to use was a quick way to add that the battery
object again if you want to download this there’ll be a link in the blog go
ahead and do that or if you want to create your own go ahead and do that too
so I hope this video helps and I’ll see you in part 3

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