Upload – Official Trailer I Prime Video

His vitals are dropping. We’re losing him! We really want to upload. We could be together forever. You are so amazing, but forever is just, like, so long! Upload is that way, OR is the other way. What do you want to do? Three, two, one… upload. Hello, Nathan. Ten fingers and toes? Pretty seamless. This is the first day
of the rest of your afterlife. Cool. Welcome to Lakeview. Uplifting views. Timeless Americana. Yes! 10 a.m. Breakfast is over. What? No! It’s not even real food! New guy coming through! This one. -Do I dare?
-Dare. Yes! Hey! Boundaries. Cute! Yeah, he thinks he’s cute. Denied. In-app purchase required. Is this what you look like for real? You’re not some old dude or something? No, this is me. You’re a little cutie! So, I understand you were
in a bad place yesterday. It’s only weird if you make it weird. You’re dead, man! What’s up! Oh, fu– There’s a guy I might like. What’s he do? He’s in computers. You know you can walk on water
whenever you want? No way! I’m not even supposed to be here. Nobody feels like they should be here! You think I wanted to fall
into the Grand Canyon? That’s how you died? They should expect people
to try and break the glass floor. I saw that video.
You dabbed on the way down. That’s how you get the likes.

100 thoughts on “Upload – Official Trailer I Prime Video

  1. It's like if The Good Life, Downsizing, Black Mirror and Vanilla Sky ended up in a car crash and they uploaded the resulting carnage onto Amazon Prime.

  2. You will not escape judgement from the Lord. Do not let this passing world deceive you. Wise is he who thinks of death often, and prepares for it.

  3. Enjoy this while it’s just a series. They are getting us used to the idea of uploading our consciousness and pushing the Transhuman agenda!

  4. If this was in real life, the people are pretty much dead. It is just their memories uploaded to some computer, which makes decisions based on the algorithm it has about the people who uploads their information. As far as those peoples souls, or consciousness, it is gone to the other side.

  5. The girlfriend chose the upload for the guy so they could be together forever, but let's be real she is probably going to fall in love with someone outside the upload and hence leave the guy.

  6. Ok but the thing about that kid is he was probably on the dark web or live leaks watching a kid die, we have a pretty weird guy.

  7. When life is a little b.s with this conovirus crap. We needed something from those who gave us the office. Hell yes!

  8. Sooo, no one's going to mention how two of the creators/writers from THE OFFICE and PARKS & REC both happen to make separate comedies about the after life as their next project? That's really weird. This isn't going to go well

  9. It's about time someone made a feel good romatic comedy about the Singularity. What is more romantic, really?

  10. Somebody saw the movie Downsizing and a few Black Mirror episodes and thought they could make a run at creating a whole series around a similar concept.

  11. It's uncanny how much Robbie looks like Stephen. I thought he was Stephen in this trailer. Identical cousins.

  12. Everybody’s talking about the bad place, black mirror, and downsizing but nobody’s talking about how Futurama did it first.

  13. "Vitals are dropping, we're losing him"

    The guy is fully conscious and moving around. He looks like he got into a fight with a house cat.

  14. Basically a PG-13 version of Black Mirror’s White Christmas, San Junipero and Hang the DJ mixed with warmth of The Good Place

  15. I shouldn’t be laughing at the kid who fell to his death in the Grand Canyon and dabbed all the way down but I’m wheezing.

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