100 thoughts on “Use PowerPoint SLIDE ZOOM the RIGHT WAY

  1. Wow great , helpful topic but i don't see zoom in my link option of powerpoint – how to enable zoom options in a link ?

  2. Thoughts from turning over the compost heap…

    Many years of Toastmasters taught me that the ultimate goal of any presentation is to "persuade" the audience to adopt a particular course of action. Whether that action be to donate millions to a cause or simply to accept a report makes no difference.

    The goal is to persuade.

    Software such as PowerPoint are valuable "persuasion tools".

    I wonder how many (or rather, how few) users do more than just scratch the surface.

    Thanks be to people like Leila who challenge us to dig further…

  3. Thank you Leila for sharing awesome tricks.
    You’re definitely my favourite go to person when I have to learn something new in O365.

  4. If I have a specif question, how could I ask you? I'm adding a summary zoom, but can't get it to go back to zoom after the summary. The slide just ends. I want it to go back to my main photo. HELP!

  5. @leila is there any tutorial on how u did these awesome charts u used here for the zoom function? Curious how u did option c with the arrows 🙂 thx

  6. Hi. Great videos. But I see only 2 excel courses by ur name on Skillshare. Do you have any PowerPoint trainings on Skillshare?

  7. Strange, seems I can't click on Zoom>Slide Zoom when in Master view. I was hoping to create a template. Is this not possible?

  8. so this is great tutorial, thanks. never think before that presentation can be this attractive.

    i have a question, how if i want to save the slide zoom become a video? did the zoom effect will work or not?

  9. At the church we use Power Point as an additional tool to preaching. It helps to highlight & also to illustrate certain key points at the service. Great video.

  10. Amazing level of detail in such a short video. So helpful! I now understand section zoom, which is the key piece I was missing before. Thanks so much!

  11. Awesome tutorial! I was searching for a "prezi-like" animations in PowerPoint. This video made it clear in a very smooth manner. Thanks!!!

  12. We often have presentations made by different VPs and it’s always a struggle to switch between presentations, especially when the order of presentations is shuffled at the last minute. We could have a main page with zoom links to each VP’s section and click to choose. I’ll thinker a bit with it.

  13. I am running into a problem with my slide zoom/ image text grouping. I even contacted PP support but they were no help. Hoping you may be able to help:

    I have 3 groups of text and images, followed by 3 slide zooms that correspond. All of my animations are set to "on-click" but after I make my first click for the first grouping, the rest of my groupings automatically go (not set to follow) then my first slide zoom automatically follows, then I am back to "on-click" for the 2 other slide zooms.

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it so these only follow my click vs. auto follow

  14. This is super cool, now I can use this zoom option creatively instead of animations and transitions. Wonderful. However I have a question. Can I run the zoom slide during presentation without clicking on specific zoom slides/sections just like normal presentation?

  15. This is amazing! I’m so glad I found your videos and channel today. I use PowerPoint a lot for consulting, training, and videos, and I’m enjoying some of the latest features.

  16. Great Tutorial but I have a question.
    Why my zoom slides not going from one to another like yours? When I click it just go to the next real slide or return to zoom.
    Can't get the sequence like in your video

  17. I want to present using a clicker only. How can I determine the order of the slides? and important question, how you transition from option 1 to option 2 without zooming all the way back as they just slide at your video?

  18. Alright. This one is a good option, but… when returning to the slide… when inserting audio, it is repeated. How can I cope with that? I have a few tricks but not sure if they would work…. I would like to see if there is a direct option for when returning to the slide and then jumping into the second option. For example: "lets look at option a"…. go to slides then return, " And now is time for option b"… and so on…

  19. Do you know, if I create a powerpoint using a feature like Zoom and try to open it on my older, work version of ppt, does the feature still work or disappear?

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