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hey guys and welcome back to another video right here on tetra bit gaming if there's one thing Nintendo is known for its trying new sometimes outlandish things in order to try and revolutionize how people play video games unfortunately not all of Nintendo's innovations broke through to the mainstream like the d-pad or Wii motion controls over the years Nintendo has experimented with several peripheral attachments and accessories which quite frankly outside of a few functions or games didn't really have much use as such in this video I will be going over what I think are some of Nintendo's least useful accessories and peripherals to help me out with this video I have also brought along one of the biggest Nintendo collectors I know fellow – world member Nintendo hey guys Nintendo here for this list we will only be considering first party Nintendo accessories that offers some sort of interesting gimmick for their respective console so that means no crappy Wii Remote attachments and also no standard controllers anyways with all of that said here we go with our list of Nintendo's least useful accessories and peripherals starting off this list at number eight is gonna be a controversial one for sure announced in 2014 amoeba was Nintendo's entry into the toys to life market which at the time was insanely popular I'm sure many of you remember how hard it was to find certain amiibo a few years ago and to this day many of them are still hard to track down using NFC technology these toys can be used with the Wii U 3ds and switch for a variety of different in-game effects now don't get me wrong I love amiibo I have like over 60 of them and I probably have to take out another loan to keep buying them that being said their actual usefulness in games is kind of a mixed bag honestly the biggest use for them is still in Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3ds which came out on the same day as the amiibo in those games you could scan in the amiibo to unlock a computer-controlled version of the character which you could fight and train but outside of having some amiibo only fights I personally didn't use the amiibo future all too much in other games like Mario Kart 8 The Legend of Zelda breath of the wild super mario odyssey and many others be amiibo basically just unlocked special costumes and items obviously there are some exceptions to this but for the most part simple cosmetic items or small game tweaks are all the amiibo do there's also a split in Nintendo's fan base on the usefulness of the amiibo on one hand your fans not happy that they don't have much use and would prefer Nintendo give more exclusive amiibo content but on the flipside other fans weren't keen on what they would consider Nintendo putting a paywall on content that was already on the disc so it's likely been a challenge for Nintendo to find a good balance and try to please everyone but unfortunately for the most part the amiibo really don't have all too much of a use now personally I just like collecting them as figures and really any added in-game feature for me is just a bonus up next at number seven is the mouse controller for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System mini gamers will automatically associate this one with Mario Paint as this peripheral was bundled with the game and specifically designed for it as useful as it was in Mario Paint aside from that the mouse didn't really see all that much action at least not outside of Japan Ashura can be used for Wolfenstein 3d doom and other classic violent games like Mario's early years preschool fun but in north america only about 30 games have support for the super nintendo mouse for those games that did support it the intention was to give the player a similar experience to that of playing on a PC but I guess this controller option never really caught on with most Super Nintendo owners and for the owners that did enjoy the experience bigger titles like Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World didn't offer any support for the accessory for pretty obvious reasons but apparently this must have upset some people because Nintendo had to include a warning message with certain games explaining that the mouse was incompatible but I mean people play Super Mario 64 with guitar hero controller so I guess pretty much anything is possible coming in at number six is probably my favorite accessory on this list the Nintendo 64 transfer pack this accessory is most well known for being bundled with and used in pokemon stadium for the Nintendo 64 the transfer pack was a pretty big deal back in the day as for the first time players would be able to transfer their pokemon from the Game Boy games into the 3d world not only could you transfer Pokemon but you could also play your coffee of pokemon blue red or yellow on the big screen unfortunately like many of the other accessories on this list outside of Japan and pokemon stadium the transfer pack didn't see as much use as I think it could have first off aside from pokemon stadium 1 & 2 the other only real notable game out west that made use of the transfer pack where Mario Golf Mario Tennis and perfect dark and those just lightly transfer some human characters that I don't think many people really cared about and perfect dark let you unlock some weapons and items nothing special the weirdest thing to me though is that we saw that it could be used to play gameboy games on the big screen kind of like the super Gameboy for the Super Nintendo or the Gameboy player for the Gamecube so why did they not expand on this with the transfer pack to be able to play more game boy games I assume it was due to some technical limitations but if Pokemon was possible I'm sure it couldn't have been that much more difficult to implement and I guess it was even closer than I thought with some modification YouTuber mesmerize was actually able to trick the game into loading Super Mario Land on the n64 if the transfer pack could have played any game boy game it would have been used like crazy but I suppose it will forever mostly be known for just use with Pokemon Stadium back in the day when mario party games were still decent nintendo designed a microphone for the gamecube this microphone would plug into one of the memory card slots and could be used for a select few titles and how few those titles were in north america there are four whole games that have any major support for the Gamecube mic Mario Party six and seven for a handful of minigames Karaoke Revolution Party for singing and odama which is admittedly a neat pinball strategy game in which the player can command a fleet of soldiers with certain voice commands chibi-robo also had a small Easter Egg triggered by the microphone but nothing major the mic really works as well as you'd expect it to in Mario Party I found it really just attacks if you make a sound or not and it really doesn't matter what you say Oh dama on the other hand had like 11 commands and you could give but again nothing too complex I feel like there could have been more potential to use a microphone and some other GameCube games but the quality of the GameCube microphone was lacking and anything better probably would have been too expensive the microphone is a neat little accessory which unfortunately didn't see much use and the use that it did see was pretty underwhelming in the late nineties the idea of having a game that let you speak with Pikachu sounded like a pretty exciting concept what and since pokey mania was in full swing Nintendo decided to attempt it only problem is it kind of sucked the voice recognition unit or VRU for short was released in 2000 along with the game Hey You Pikachu for the Nintendo 64 this game lets you use the VRU microphone to talk and control Pikachu with your voice in the style of a pet simulation game the unit would essentially convert the player's voice into signals that the game can then interpret and guess how many games in North America made use of the VR you know really take a guess 3/5 372 nope one just one game actually used this contraption right here furthermore since the VR U is only meant for Hey You Pikachu which in tendo anticipated to be only played by younger fans the VR U is actually calibrated for best recognition with higher pitched voices so most teenage and adults males likely would have had trouble properly using the VR you to me the VR you honestly just looks like a quick cash grab seeing as it was only envisioned for the one game Nintendo obviously didn't intend for the VR you to have much use anywhere else but I'm sure enough copies of Hey You Pikachu sold to make it worth their while anyway so you'd think after the Nintendo 64 VRU and the GameCube Mike Nintendo would learn their lesson with developing a microphone unit for less than like five games well apparently not for in 2008 Nintendo revealed though we speak accessory along with Animal Crossing city folk for the Nintendo Wii besides Animal Crossing the only other games to offer support for this accessory were the conduit endless ocean blue world and Monster Hunter Tri but unlike the two previously mentioned microphones the we speak didn't really have any end game affecting use but instead was just used to talk to other players online now why someone would want to pick up all the noise in a room instead of just using a headset microphone is beyond me but hey this is Nintendo dealing with online gaming we're talking here of course the we had other great games with online play such as Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Brothers Brawl but for whatever reason no support for the we speak was ever added to these games and if anything those were the games that would have benefited the most from an accessory like this heck it's 2018 and Nintendo still really hasn't quite figured out online voice chat so alas the search continues these days when people hear eReader they usually associate it with one of those ebook devices like the Kindle or Kobo but in the early 2000s eReader had a whole different meaning in December of 2001 the Nintendo e-reader was released and with its LED scanner this neat little device allowed players to swipe special ereader cards that had some encoded data printed on them but ereader had special cards for several games including pokemon ruby and sapphire Super Mario advanced 4 and the Japanese versions of some megaman battle network games now i am a huge battle network fan and i didn't know these existed until now but never have i wanted some paper rectangles so badly the e-reader cards would grant the player a variety of effects such as extra levels or items in a game my favorite uses of the cards with a special ereader series pokemon cards which unlocked various small things such as pokemon bios a coin flipper and even some mini games there were also card sets released for various classic NES games and by scanning the five included cards sometimes twice a full nes game could be loaded I think it's mind-blowing that at the time a full NES game could be loaded just by swiping a few cards another thing that I didn't know was that there was a full Mario Party eReader exclusive game this game featured a real-life board and card set and the cards could be swiped to load mini games and some other game effects as cool and fascinating as this device might seem it never really got too popular in North America and although it was announced in Europe it was almost immediately canceled there so very few were made due to its underwhelming performance in North America the e-reader was discontinued less than two years after it was released but in Japan were sold much better it lasted all the way to 2008 so even though I think its function was really awesome since it was only really used in like five or six games in the grand scheme of things the e-reader unfortunately isn't all too useful and finishing off this list at the number one spot are the AR cards used with the Nintendo 3ds line of handhelds pretty much how these cards worked was you would just put them on a surface and then view them with a 3ds camera and then on the 3ds screen usually a 3d model of the card in question would appear and for the most part aside from maybe a few mini games that's it you could see these models in an augmented reality on your 3ds screen and take pictures of them there are a few exceptions to this like in Tetris axis which lets you play augmented reality Tetris in 3d which is pretty neat and Kid Icarus Uprising which actually made the most use of AR cards by far over 400 different cards were made for this game featuring characters enemies and weapons again with the 3ds camera pointed at them the characters would come to life but not only could you just take pictures of them if two character cards were pointed at each other the characters would actually battle on screen but that's really where their usefulness stops I guess Nintendo bundled the AR card sets with every 3ds as kind of a tech demo to showcase the 3d s's graphics and camera capabilities but the problem is the idea was never really worked on or improved through club nintendo you could also get a larger AR card so you can see a larger mario or me character on your 3ds how exciting you can now download the giant AR card from the Nintendo website for free to print in any size and apparently the 3d S will display the image at a size relative to that of the card so I'd love to see someone print out an absolutely massive card and make the world's largest me and there you have it our list of Nintendo's least useful accessories and peripherals and I hope you enjoyed it do you agree with my list if you do or think there are some other things that should have made it to the list be sure let me know down in the comments section below and also a special thank you to Nintendo for helping out with today's video so be sure to check out his channel for some awesome Nintendo related stuff from DIYs to reviews and if you're new to this channel and enjoyed the video please be sure to check out my other countdown videos by clicking on the card right here and if you want to stay even more up to date with me and the channel be sure to subscribe and follow me over on my other social media pages which will all be linked in the description below and as always guys thank you all so much for watching today and for all of your amazing support and I will see you in a bit

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  1. Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Be sure to check out N I N T E N D R E W :

  2. And hey hardly exist anymore the last one one was splatoon 2 the made a come back a bit after the very lame box game in 2017 to 2018 with some new small one like fox but very ware now only like at bust buy know on it. So sad game toy of life stuff . We’re my childhood gone.

  3. IK You said you wouldn't put in any crappy Wii stuff in this video…

    but why was Wii speak NOT number 1!?

  4. one word: ROB
    I love him and all, but he was really only useful for 2 games, and even then, it wasn't strictly necessary…

  5. I mean Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy had unique aircraft skins for amiibos, and they are pretty cool.

  6. i feel as though the pokemon rumble u figures shoulda made the list bc they were basically amiibo but only for that game

  7. Probably doesn't count as it could be categorized more as an app/software than peripheral, but the DS/DS Lite web browser cartridges. (One cartridge for the DS slot and a Gameboy-like card that you put in the Gameboy slot.) Holy moly that browser was TERRIBLE!

  8. I feel like it's pretty obvious how these products were later incorporated into other nintendo products and in a way served as test beds.

  9. Imo the best use of amiibo was in Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash. On the outside, it might just seem like a crutch for bad players (super chibi-robo is only accessible via a specific Chibi-Robo amiibo and can only be used like 3 times a day) but you can also get access to a little gachapon machine that's basically the trophy thing from Melee (spend moolah for figures that you can pose just like trophies in brawl) and you can even level your Chibi-Robo amiibo up by completing levels so you can get rarer figures and maybe even more SCR uses per day! Plus, scanning other amiibo adds special figures that's basically chibi-robo acting as the amiibo's character! Thank the stars I got it in a bundle too! :O

  10. I think the Amiibo are pretty dumb. I usually only get them for exclusive stuff for BoTW like the Sword of the Six Sages

  11. I always hated the e-reader because i didnt have one to play the e readers worlds in super mario advanced 4

  12. regarding giant AR cards, i found this video where they make an absolutely massive one

  13. lol im pretty sure i still have the gamcube microphone, it came with mario party 7 i believe

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