66 thoughts on “Vampire Weekend: Christmas Time Is Here & Harmony Hall

  1. God I love Vampire Weekend 🥰 they’re my favorite band since I was twelve and I’m seeing them live again next year. But I don’t understand, Ezra is Jewish 😂 and their new album says “Christ” a lot. And they celebrate Christmas lol I love it as a Christian tho 😂

  2. Ezra just writes different. “Beneath these velvet gloves i hide the shameful crooked hands of a money lender”

  3. I saw Vampire Weekend live least month. It was my first live concert and I LOVED it! They were AMAZING!!! And next year I am going to see my second live concert where I will see Harry Styles live at the O2 and I CAN NOT WAITTTT

  4. Why does the audience scream during the "ooo – ooo – ooo" parts when the kids are singing–and other times when people are singing? Isn't one supposed to listen to the music or even the lyrics?

  5. This was amazing! Kids were so cute, song sounded great. AND did anyone else think the drummer is kind of a Hemsworth?

  6. 1:42 the cheers are so random and almost inorganic… I smell lazy editing. It sounds like I'm listening to a football game during a song.

  7. It's refreshing to see Ezra wearing a nice classy sweater just like the good old days since he's being wearing so many cali dad clothes lately. Meanwhile CT looks like he borrowed a shirt from Jesus himself.

  8. Damn did I really just catch that Bernie 2020 sticker! Ezra and his band are still Bernie Sanders supporters huh, dope!

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