Vegans Vs. Meat Eaters: What Is The Right Diet?

What are you putting in your body? dead, carcass, pain, suffering, fear Can I have all of my vegans go into that pool of light and my non-vegans in that pool of light First statement, taste plays a big factor in my eating choices Yeah, I mean, that’s a huge thing for me, I think it’s one of my weaknesses actually like butter, salt It’s one of my weaknesses. [Aubrey] I love food and i think my relationship with food actually deepened when I became vegan, I don’t think I appreciated it as much as I did before I was vegan my name is Aubrey Davis, and I have been vegetarian for 24 years and a vegan for 13 years I believe that humans are the top of the food chain Is a human at the same level of equivalence as like a fish, right? There’s probably a big reason why I’m not vegan anymore right is I didn’t I could I didn’t see that I had to see myself I don’t moral equivalent of a fish, and it gets into moral questions like you know why should we have a pet? that’s a dog rather than eat the dog And I think the most important question is why should I love my neighbor rather than eat my neighbor? My name is Steve Micelski. I was a vegan for a year. I was vegetarian for two years. I’m a meat-eater now I’ve been so for over five years Like I don’t even see like what is like a food chain You know I’m saying that’s just some contract some guy made and put a little diagram and put us the human beings on the top So I don’t think it’s a question of whether we’re at the top I think it’s a question of what do you do with that if you have a more conscious energy? Than an animal what do you do with that power? Do you choose to take a life or do you choose to live in? love i put a lot of thought into my meals The way I support my body and my health is extremely important I don’t find that I can function at my best either healthy, productive, Emotionally stable or intellectually capable unless I have a lot of proper nutrients in my diet Six years ago I became vegan because I got sick I started to realize that my health was directly attached to what I ate Since then my friends and family have supported me to feeling better, and I’m better than I once before I got sick I don’t really like cook or anything, so I don’t really put too much thought into what I eat, I guess I live a fast paced kind of like I’m working late night, so I’m waking up early so sometimes. It’s easier to grab this quick processed sandwich, or, I wish I planned my meals out more. I think I would be a lot I would feel a lot better I think it’s really powerful no matter what you’re eating to put your intentions into whether it’s prayer Invocation and there’s such great power and presence versus just like scarfing something down But like can I just really be present with this meal take my time and chew it slowly so that’s the first thing that i Resonate with and what I choose to do. i would kill an animal i think there’d be tons of context where I’d kill an animal like if a lion’s gonna go kill a baby I’d probably kill an animal I’d kill an animal to save a human life And I get the vegans probably wouldn’t do that if I could do something to prevent killing them besides eating them like if I was protecting myself, and we had to we had it like a Something that we could do to Get that animal away. I would definitely try to not kill it I mean I feel like- if it comes down to you with the animal you killing the animal? I would I would Give up their life for the fish why is it always the extreme case when talking about would I kill an animal like exactly if you were in the situation there aren’t lions running around downtown LA when I was in the hiking there’s mountain lions that coming and kill people you known that right? That’s in Orange County. That’s not that’s not in the jungle in Africa That’s not an everyday situation of would you kill an animal But it’s Orange County, mountain lions have killed hikers, kids would you just let the kid die? yes. we’re hiking in the mountains and there’s a mountain lion I have to be aware of the fact that I’m in mountain lion territory and be like I’m okay with the risk Because to be honest I’m not hiking with a gun I have no way to defend my friend You don’t hike with a hiking pole. I mean I can pole against a mountain lion? I don’t think you’re winning. I just, I just want to say like even if I did and even if my attempt were to be successful. I would feel awful Having killed the mountain lion. What way your feelings or your foundation and for your beliefs, then? 100% are human beings animals? Yes, yes sure would you kill another human being to save another human being? Yes, what makes one person more valuable to another is it your relationship to that person it? it would yeah it would probably be. so if for example I Raised an animal in the wild it’s like an animal I’ve built a relationship with and that animal now Threatens the life of a human being that I don’t know, but I’ve known the animal its entire life What makes killing that animal as just cause okay as opposed to saving that life? I have a longer relationship with that animal. Why would I kill the animal before I’d save that person It’s about relationship. You’d kill a person over an animal. It’s because I believe human beings are animals now I see humans at a different level, but maybe you value fish at the same level as a person I have, we see it very different I do It costs more than it should to eat healthy It’s more expensive to eat healthy, I don’t think it’s too expensive Farmers market is something that I’m trying to frequent more, but sometimes. You know you can go spend twenty dollars here and definitely not get as much um, i definitely want to see that, you know, maybe that’ll encourage people to eat a little healthier if you can go grab that fresh fruit those fresh veggies For five ten bucks. You know? I think Our culture as a society is just in great towards like the fast food culture which is cheap and accessible But now I think we have more of a Established like medical basis on what’s healthy and what’s not healthy and to get that Content and to have it be tasty as well is expensive. I’m running in i have so much to say, it does not cost more money to be vegan that is a Myth it takes planning. Yes, the convenience is less Can you grab a hamburger at McDonalds for sure for 99 cents? But how much lentils can you buy? the issue is Capitalism like that is what is keeping us where we are it’s not that humans are smarter And they’re gonna come up with this technology the technology exists it is there we can feed so many people it is capitalism and Factory farming and most of these these companies that are selling us products that are like shitty food They don’t give a fuck about you at all period someone sitting on the island somewhere Oh, yeah, like just stacking bread for fast food and they’re probably eating really healthy food too- hell yeah they are! they’re probably eating real good they’re not eating any of that shit. you go to certain neighborhoods certain areas you don’t see the same fast-food You don’t see the same restaurant, and it’s all for a reason. They know I mean yeah, that’s a good point It’s like they don’t have- why isn’t there many health food stores in the hood? Like why can’t i get a option, why is there a liquor store everywhere, and it’s true. It’s like when you break it down There’s like malicious intent to deharmonize and like lower the vibration of certain people in certain Areas and it’s like that’s a part of it, too. It’s like what am I contributing to? I’ll say this you know when I was 11 years old my father passed away from his second heart attack. He was diabetic He was pissing out of a tube, i watched him deteriorate my youngest years of my life for like years and years Just to deteriorate taking pharmaceutical drugs and just kind of basically dying slowly [Audrey] -my mum passed too- because of what he chose to eat, to me I’d rather spend an extra dollar and eat organic or something healthy now and live longer than try to cut corners when you know. i’m with you like make the choice now instead of later because, My mom was the same thing she died she,she was eating buckets of ice cream when she passed away she died at 49 years old. Wow. Now, choose now The more education that we can put out there just like stuff like this is beautiful That’s what I was most anxious about is learning more of what I’m trying to step into I don’t know if I’ll ever give up chicken. I’m just gonna be honest with you I don’t know. I want to eat a lot cleaner chicken. Do you guys have like cheat days ever? hell no, I am vegan 100% at the frontline ethical reasons always always always and that’s why I don’t think in 24 years. I’ve ever gone back It was hard to try new things. things, I didn’t like i found tons of vegan food. That was like oh god what the fuck are you people eating, and then simultaneously Realizing that there was options. You know there’s always choices, and it’s always choices we make. like you said you may never give up meat Fully but it’s like you’re making a choice or at least thinking for yourself and making a decision and like that’s all you can ask people to do is think for themselves i really appreciate each and every one of y’all, thank you so much thank you thank you thank you [all clapping] Really appreciate y’all. Thank you for coming out What’s up guys I am Amari, and I am Jason, and Amari I’ve got a question for you, you have a question for me? What do you like about Middle Ground? What I like about Middle Ground is seeing people come together and like realize that their labels are not the whole sum of their experience. Like taking of the labels, realizing there’s so much more than their labels. That’s right I love that all right well tell us in the comments below Why you love Middle Ground and if you’ve been a label that you want to take off and throw on the ground tell us that as well, we love you guys as always please subscribe Hit that like button I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “Vegans Vs. Meat Eaters: What Is The Right Diet?

  1. It makes me so sad that these people represented the vegan community. Especially the girl acted very immature. And also all their hipster-clothing and ideologies are completely different from the vegans I know.

  2. ive been vegetarian for 3 weeks now and i’m finding it hard to try get proteins and other nutrients into my diet and it’s very hard when everyone around me is eating meat i’d love support

  3. Lmaoooo the second question when that person said why should we have a dog as a pet instead of eating it and the Asian dude was like:

  4. The blonde girl and pig tailed guy were so so so repulsive. Made a terrible example of what it means to be an adult, let alone a vegan.

  5. It's a shame when they claim to be vegan and healthy but smoke weed and eat shrooms, do acid. just saying. Not that they all do it but most I have been around.

  6. I'm trying to go more plant based these days and dig vegas for their commitment.
    Now I've said that, What on earth is wrong with the woman with the nose ring? It's like her whole body is sarcastic.

  7. You know someone sucks in a video if everytime they speak, you have to pause the video to prepare for the cringe…that's how im feeling with here, she's ROUGH!😒😒

  8. Just cuz a person eats healthy all their life, definitely doesnt make them live longer. They can eat healthy all they want, but their life is in God's hands and eating healthy won't make them live a second longer. If God says you're dying today and that's where he pulls the line, then that's that! (Not encouraging unhealthy eating, just saying that it's really not up to us how long we live. Healthy food is definitely a better choice, but it doesnt make your live longer. You just feel healthier and more fit when you eat healthy food.) Just the same with smoking. Some people live until they're old, even though they smoked the majority of their life. And some eat healthy most of their lives and die early.

  9. Maybe if vegans didn’t act like her more people would be encouraged to become vegan.

    I like how she made everything about her typical vegan

  10. When that girl ran in after they were discussing the question "is eating healthy more expensive than it should be?" And she immediately started off with "IT'S NOT EXPENSIVE TO BE VEGAN" as if that veganism is an automatic equal sign = to healthy.
    I wish vegans would stop acting like the vegan diet is a "one size fits all" thing. It isn't sustainable for some, if not a LOT of people. I won't say a majority because I dont know of any adequate data, but, no one can go around claiming that one specific diet will work for literally everyone. It just doesn't play out like that.

  11. i might become a vegetarian but never a vegan if we shair the planet with other animals i dont see anything wrong with putting them to work

  12. I remember i got into a fight with a vegan who killed a turtle for no reason thats more offensive to me then eating an animal

  13. The human digestive tract is not suited to a plant based diet. It was the ability to cook meat that allowed humans to develop their brain to the level it is now. Plant based organisms have a noticeably longer digestive tract to pull nutrients out of plants. In fact, the only plant material a human should be eating is fermented food

  14. Three striking vegan personality…
    1.)the over emotional narcissists
    2.) The hippie one who think that he is a divine representation of the human being..
    3.) Normal guy with good sense of humour and reason ,respects other and treat others as equal…
    And now the non-vegans…
    1)normal guy with strong subjective sense of his body and mind…

  15. Only because he doesn't walk or make noises it doesn't mean that is not a live so that could be also cruel on plants and whatever she say so it's just point of view

  16. I love the channel, but this episode's question didn't really address the right topics. It felt like they were picked to skirt around the issues. I get it, but didn't feel as insightful as it could have been. For example where was environmental impact or sustainability?

  17. I don't mean to disrespect any one I just had the nicest bacon sandwich watching this with my cat on my lap and the windy rain outside and me warm

  18. If you just eat fruit and veg that makes you a herbivore ?
    If you just eat meat that makes you a carnivore ?
    If you eat both that makes you an omnivore ?
    I eat both lol

  19. what about single parents, economically disadvantaged people, people who work 120 hr weeks like sorry we cant all work at the public library and have the time to plan our meals out and go to the farmers market like cmon

  20. "It is expensive to eat healthy."
    "I'm running in… eating VEGAN is not more expensive."
    Okay, but that's not the question. From what they showed us meat wasnt even brought up, they mainly talked about fruits and veggies. Obviously we don't get to see the entire conversation but she still didn't listen to the question.

  21. Normal:
    My friend is more important than this fish
    I have known my goldfish longer than you so goodbye👋

  22. This makes people think that people who do not eat meat are stereotypically annoying and hate all who eat meat.

    As a vegetarian, I really love my diet, but do not hate those who are not vegan/vegetarian. If you eat meat, it does not make you a bad person, but by not eating meat, I think it is good for yourself and the Earth. 💖🌱

  23. The girl with the braids is kind of disrespectful, as much as being vegan is a good thing to do, being a meat eater does not make you a bad person. 💞

  24. if vegans werent such elitist priks, more people might become vegan but i think a lot of people dont become vegan out of spite towards those elitist people

  25. Vegan, SJW, feminist, gay right activist etc. put them all into one person and what do you get, the most annoying smug and irritating woman ever. Gender is a construct, so is the food chain, what a bunch of new age brainwashed cult morons.

  26. As a hunter I feel so much more in tune with the natural world. I understand modern day vegan beliefs and respect their choices however as a society I also believe we have become distant to our fellow creatures. Living and surviving in the woods has allowed me understand that nature is cruel and only the fittest survive. I hate that there are no hunter meat eater representatives on this show because they are the ones that truly understand the need for meat. I too hate the fast food environment that mindlessly consumes meat. Hunters respect and pray over the animals in which they harvest and have a deeper relationship with the natural world than any other person living in the concrete jungle. I am a meat eater not because I am mindlessly doing it for my enjoyment, but because I am content with the idea that there is a natural balance. Once you become part of natures balance and separate yourself from the new founded belief that humans are morally obligated to not consume meat, you will truly understand. We are all gods creatures no matter the cognitive differences we may have.

  27. Do people in the US think that meat is unhealth? Thers is several nutrients that is good for you and excist in meat. Well anyway humans are evolved to be omnivores. Just look at our teeth. Flat teeth on the sides to grind plant fibers and front teeth to rip meat.

  28. Why do they keep saying that vegan is automatically healthy? I just had a lovely vegan cake, and I am pretty sure that it was anything but healthy.

  29. But she didn't answer the questions. He said HEALTHY not VEGAN. Being a meat eater doesn't mean you are unhealthy, in many ways it is a very healthy option, with protein and stuff.

  30. Vegan: “why do you always have to use the craziest examples?”

    Vegan: “so let’s say I raise an animal in the wild…”

  31. “WhY Is iT alWayZ ThE eXtREMes whEn iT comeS tO kIlLiNg anIMalZ?!?”

    What well adjusted person just goes around strangling kittens and kicking puppies? 🤔

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