Verizon 5G Helps Revolutionize Public Safety | Verizon

Blueforce makes shared situational awareness software that enhances life safety for the military and for law enforcement agencies. They hyper enabled responder is the next phase of law enforcement and military that we’re seeing. Where we’re actually bringing mobile edge compute all the way down to the tactical vest, where we can attach multiple sensors to the responder to include chemical weapons detection, multi-gas detection, but also monitor the responders health through things like the Samsung Gear S3. One of the other promise of the 5G network is the ability for smart infrastructure like this street lamp to provide information to the right first responder. Built in environmental sensing, so you can tell when an area around a street lamp has experienced a gas leak or other types of things. And then gunshot detection actually built into the sensor head that allows multiple lamps to talk to each other in real-time using the 5G network triangulate where the shot came from. The 5G network is going to have a massive impact on what we can do and the types of things we can deliver to our customers. We believe 5G is actually going to begin starting to save more lives. Today we use thermal imagers, but you really can’t tell when someone is walking into a school potentially with a firearm. 5G is going to allows us to do that because we can now leverage higher resolution sensors, detect things faster and get it to those that are poised to act.

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