Vi bor på en husbåt & Harry freakar ur VLOGG

Hey, hey! We are on Kerala Backwaters –
the backwaters of Kerala. Over there is our houseboat. Now we are on a smaller boat…
to enter a smaller canal. – Harry, duck!
– I think I can stand up. I will try. Oh, oh, oh! I just did like that. We are now in a neighborhood.
There are houses there and there. There was a flood last summer,
you can see the flood damage on the facades. They have managed to restore the area
and build higher walls. – Why the umbrella?
– Because it’s so hot. It’s really hot, but it’s actually not hot right now,
despite there being little holes here. It’s 34 °C today. (93 °F)
It’s actually very hot. – She doesn’t have a washing machine.
– No, she doesn’t. No, but I actually think
it’s kind of cool. Because they wash with their hands, but how
can they do that? Have they learned how to do that? It’s really cool. They have dish soap and… no, I mean
washing detergent and water in the… Dish soap? They buy the detergent in the store and the water
is in this canal. That’s what you need to do laundry. You really get an insight into their everyday lives.
It’s almost like we are peeking on them. Good thing they’re so nice and wave back and don’t get
disturbed. This is unlike anything we have done before. India is known for being a bit hectic
and chaotic, but this is so serene. The only thing that’s like, disturbing the peace, is the
sound of the engine. That’s not the case anywhere else. It’s only one engine, which is rare for India.
There are usually like, 300 engines. And “beep, beep, beep”. – Hi!
– Any fish? – Are you getting any good footage?
– Yes, beautiful footage. It so nice to be in the shade
after that warm, but amazing, boat ride. Now we will show you
this boat we are staying in. Behind the camera
is the captain, controlling the boat. It’s a pretty good spot.
He has a good view of the water. A bottle of Jacob’s Creek
is waiting for him here. The dining room table.
It’s almost time for lunch, delicious. Here we can get on and off the boat.
There’s one on the opposite side as well. Here is a corridor with two rooms.
This is the first room. – Our tech is spread out, as per usual.
– Yes, our camera equipment. Or, parts of it. In here’s the toilet and shower. – What are you doing?
– I’m playing. Here is a corridor… …with a sink where you can
wash your hands when you need to. – Is it annoying to walk backwards?
– I have to face you. Here is my and Harry’s room. Oh! – Are you comfortable?
– Yes. It’s so nice to enter these rooms, because the AC is on.
It’s such a liberating feeling. – We are swimming in the water.
– Swim, swim, swim. – Did you sleep well here last night?
– Yes. The beds are really comfortable. – It was the first night in India we didn’t share a room.
– That was an experience. Being able to speak at night. It was really nice to not have to
hear your snoring, let me tell you. – Oh. Okay. Now you’re telling me.
– You snore like a pig! – Don’t throw me! Thrown me on the bed.
– “Don’t throw me, throw me, don’t throw me”. – Throw me, please?
– No. On the bed! But we were going to
show the boat. – Can we move on?
– Yes. Over here is the kitchen,
at the very back of the boat. Here is the chef. – Hello.
– Hi. – He cooks absolutely fantastic food.
– It’s so good. – His sandwiches are the best.
– You are probably thinking of papadams. This is a map
over Kerala Backwaters. Here is the coast,
here are the mountains. The water is flowing down from the mountains.
Here’s the freshwater and all the canals. We started here. We slept here last night. Now we’re headed here,
where we’ll spend the night. Tomorrow we’ll go ashore
where we started. Now I will show you
the coolest thing about this boat. The ceiling is quite low, but it’s so nice to have this
to protect you from the sun and the heat. – There is also a nice breeze…
– No, you can’t jump on me! – What’s going on?
– Nothing. – You absolutely can’t jump.
– I wasn’t going to! Ouch. They are always like this.
It’s so annoying. Something I think is cool is that Alma and Harry stood
here for hours yesterday and looked out at life in Kerala. No nagging about screens or anything,
they were fully occupied with just looking. And so were we!
It was such an experience. It still is. – It’s such a luxury having staff here. A captain, a chef…
– And an engineer. Or a technician. They take care of everything
and we are just… enjoying ourselves. We feel like such gentry. Oh, the sun. We booked this ride with a company called
Xandari Riverscapes. There are several.
We googled and are very happy with our find. Hi! Hi! While the kids are fighting because of heat stroke
Joanna and I are having a lovely “fika”. Afternoon tea. The kids are also invited, of course, but they seem to be
fully occupied with ripping each other’s eyes out. …so you let me go
so I could flee. You guys, banana fritters. – What’s that?
– It’s delicious, try it. Helly Ek asks:
“What’s the best thing about India?” – The food is super tasty.
– The food. – The tea.
– The tea. Shall we wait until we don’t have
a farting fart-fart next to us? The farting fart-fart is going as fast as we are,
so I think it will continue to fart. Someone asked us to include bloopers in our videos,
this is a good example of something we would retake. – What are bloopers?
– Things that go wrong and are edited out. – Joanna is very…
– Meticulous. – …when it comes to the audio.
– I want you to hear everything. The best thing about India
is that they are so nice. The Indians? The best thing about India
is that I get to experience it with my family. – Oh, buttering up.
– How much do you want? – How much do you want to borrow?
– “Too much love”. Today I think that Kerala Backwaters
is the best thing about India. Ask me another day
and I’ll think something else. I think it’s an incredible country. There’s so much here
and the culture is so different from what we are used to. Yes, and despite them being almost
1.3 billion people in this country… You get the feeling that you won’t be left alone
if you come here, that there will be people everywhere. That’s not true. Now we are here,
and there’s no one else here. It’s really cozy. I can’t do this. Oh, stop. Help! – We just took a very nice shower.
– Yeah. An unfortunate thing about this boat ride is that we can’t
go in the water. The locals do, but it’s not super clean. No.. the water is pretty cloudy
and things are floating around. There’s a high risk that us Westerners would get sick
if we got in, so we got in the shower instead. We are almost there. There is a quay over there
that we will probably dock at. It’s 6 PM and the sun is about to set, but we thought
we’d make it into a small village here. It’s a 5 min walk. Here they are fishing. – Sorry, sorry, sorry!
– There’s a fishing line on the ground. Not the usual fishing technique. One of them
had a fishing rod, the others had string and bottles. – Hi!
– Hi! Tarzan in the jungle, scratching his bal*s.
His bal*s burst, Tarzan took off. – Having a child with infinite energy…
– Yes. It is fun. – Yes.
– I wish that… Hello, camera! Hey, hey! I wish… Hey, hey! Harry! I wish that when you are really tired,
but have to stay awake, that you could just… “What are you on?
Can I like, borrow some of it?” I often feel exactly the same.
“Give me some of that, Harry”. Yes, Harry. They are bathing. – Hi!
– Hey! Hi, good evening. One thing I find typical for India
are these colors on the houses. – They love their colors.
– Pink, turquoise, lilac… colors we don’t use in Sweden. I’m so tired. Me too, but this is the best thing
we have done in a long time. Yes. I can highly recommend this cruise in Kerala.
Do you call it a “cruise”? – Yes, a river cruise.
– A little boat ride. If you want to know more about the ride we took,
there’s a link to the company in the video description. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave at thumbs up, or down. You have the hiccups. Leave comments, ask questions
and take care. See you next time! Bye bye!

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