View Inventory – AT&T FlexWare℠

♪music♪ If you are a Business
Center Administrator, you can quickly see
your inventory, find inventory details and more. We’ll show you how. Start on the Business
Center home page, then click “Manage”, “Network”
and “View All Inventory”. Your inventory is sorted
by location and service, so expand the location,
then expand AT&T FlexWare and your inventory
details appear. If you want to create an order
or open a ticket, you can click “Actions” and then click the
option you need. Now, let’s look at
how you can save time when you’re looking
for specific inventory. On the left side of the screen,
under “Status”, you can filter inventory
with the same Status, and under “Services” you can filter by the Service
associated with the inventory. Select “AT&T FlexWare” and you’ll see locations
that have this service. Just expand the location
in AT&T FlexWare to see the inventory. That’s it. Want to learn more, check the Business
Center Help Menu for more videos and
step-by-step instructions. ♪AT&T jingle♪

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