vivo y21l vs galaxy j2 speed test comparison.

so channel and in this video we will be
doing the speed test between these two phones and you can see that this is the
vivo Y21l and you can see that this is a vivo phone and this is a j2
normal j2 this is a j2 and we will do the speed
test so friends let’s start the video with a new speed test video so friends
let’s quickly go to the phone at the same time so on you can see that these are the phones
let them on let me zoom out a bit okay so in during the booting up you can see
that is j2 is more faster than the vivo Y – 1 L so now let’s start with the
speed test okay what happened yeah let me increase the brightness sorry the
decreasing the brightness will be better in the booting in the Budapest the j2
was first in it so now let’s good apps ok
no friends we have a lot of apps here we have bought a lot of apps to friends
first let’s start with a simple app which I’m going to use is a camera so I
will open it in front of few three two one and in camera we can see that the I
mean the the beaver y2 one else was more or faster but in in case of the camera
and the j2 was a bit of very slow this was about the camera test now let’s go
to the message first of all we are going to easy I need simple apps and then we
will go to gaming another apps so n messaging we can see that the Weaver y21
L was more faster let’s go settings we have got settings
your reason setting your watch settings three two one done in settings we can
see that the y 2 1 l I mean we go Y 2 1 l was again faster going back to gallery use the gallery here I I’m sorry
album I’ve got a gallery so 3 2 1 done so again with the gallery we can see say
that both the folks were about the same speed but still the white one it was
more faster going back again there is a lot of simple apps I mean let’s go to
block three two one done in a clock we can say that both of them were at the
same time I can’t say anything about it we have got the mini wraps let’s check
out opens I forgot to tell you that both the devices are connected with the same
Wi-Fi network I would like to show you that you can see friends it has the
Wi-Fi network of the j7 Prime and here also the same Wi-Fi network I hope you
can see it clearly now say max I mean same Wi-Fi network so now let’s go to
apps which takes Internet so the first app which we are going to use is
whatsapp let’s see three two one and we can say that the white one it was
more faster going back let’s go to what you have
done foom this is another app which takes a lot of time in other phones 3 2
1 oops sorry I didn’t let meet the end we will again do the phone I win again
click on the 4 3 2 1 we get there as the vivo y21 a lot more faster that’s coding knowledge go do I have let
god hear the words of Prescott we will go to Flipkart afterwards first let’s go
to now let’s go to flash glance we have got here let’s check out you can say that of course the bureau
y21 it was more faster we hope was more faster on this let’s go
to we have got this was about the apps which we have got now let’s go play
store let’s see which phone and more faster three two one still not in the case of Play Store we
can say that the jato is more faster and you can see it is more faster on the J –
the first winning author J – in case of the browser we have got the faster
browser I mean the far in kiddo browser the vo was more faster we have got the
flip card round first let’s check out the flip card which we have got no
change of that card and here’s a secret three two one it’s loading let’s see who is the winner
since I we can see that display quality between these two phones and actually if
you talk about the display there of course the j2 is more better than the
display quality because it has a Super AMOLED display which is more darker and
makes it more attractive so in case of liquid I think that the vivo will be
more faster still j2 is exploding let’s see but in case of flip card we
can say that the jato is more faster but but the flick cut but the I mean this
came first in the vivo but the jato was more faster as we were still loading
so the second win of the j2 so now we will go to the browser which are told so
the browser we know let’s go to some of the story yes let’s go to some app and
in some websites like Apple calm so so 3 2 1 go let’s see which phone is
more faster it’s taking a lot of time if interview was not done we were going
now I didn’t entered it I think that we will
do more faster because it’s loading against offense so you can see friends there top taking
a lot of time so I will cancel this website going to any other website like
wiki already Wikipedia here’s also a key for also Wikipedia wait and here we go
with the three two one go so Dee so increase in case of frozen we can say
that Wikipedia is loading you can see since I entered late in the vivo but
still it loaded faster than the j2 let’s wait till the j2 gets I mean the
Wikipedia gets loaded in bouge – let’s wait after that we will see I like to
show and I would like to tell you that so I mean scrolling down it’s very Swift
in the view white one who don’t oh and in j2 also we can say that it’s Swift so
this was about the test which we have done with the apps and the browsers now
let’s do the multitasking test which is the most important tips which we are
going to do and the last test so let’s start with the camera first let’s say
that the camera is on or not so we can say rent the camera in case of camera
the we can say friends in case of camera the j2 has a better RAM and a better
quality of I mean RAM management because we can say that the rack because the
camera was on in the Jade oh but not in the vivo let’s go to other rods
let’s check out what happens next we’re next we have staring when
you’re sitting so in settings you can say that the vivo were had the settings
already gone next we had the gallery we the gallery
was not on in both the phones let’s see what we have now block about a clock Leo
was I think that Weibo had on already we will had it talking about the wats
cup whatsapp both the same both phones had didn’t have the or means for the
phone didn’t the what’s that was not on next we have phone let’s check out the
phone in case of phone both the film’s in case of phone we can say that the j2
had the good melt in the j2 in j2 the phone was not closed fully going to the
next we have don’t know it all of this noise if next we have clash of clans
let’s check out think that in case of clash of clans didn’t say that both
phones didn’t have the didn’t have the I mean both the phones they don’t have the
app and in the game on so last next we have the Play Store so in case of Play
Store again j2 was faster but I think that it was a bit loaded in the j2 but
not in the wave of still or loading next we have Flipkart both the phones loading
Oh in case of flip cards both of whom I mean in case of liquid we can say that
the Vigo had it loaded but not in the j2 and lastly we have the message of the
browsers let’s go to the first let’s go to the message where is it
I think that I closed the head a little game er next we have the message here is
message we can say it’s on here and inject and in we’ve also we can say it
was on so lastly we have the browser let’s check out in j2 it was not loaded
it’s loading now protein the we go we can say that it was already ended so
this was about the speak test which we have done today so I hope that you will
like it and and according to me the winner of
this I mean those people should be the vivo and the price also we are getting a
lot but if you’re buying the spoon for the performance I mean the performance
like the faster performance then you can buy the Red River why to 1l but if you
want the good multitasking Ram like I mean a good Ram which then you should
buy j2 I will not say the j2 the backbone but still you are getting
better things in the j2 getting a better camera quality than the video by 2 1 l
we will load up camera comparison between this two phones soon so and this
was about the camera and you’re getting better display in the j2
not even this you are getting many other things in the j2 better than the weavers
so I think that you can even buy this phone and even buy this phone but
according to my opinion if you are buying this phone only for the
performance then you can buy this phone but if you are buying the phone for
everything then you can buy this phone because the speed difference was not a
lot between these two phones so that’s all for this video I hope you will like
it and don’t forget to subscribe our channel thank you

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