Volcanic Home, Fork In Road, & Homer’s Springfield & EPIC Camping

and good chilly morning to you guys
we’re going on a little adventure I’m going to spend a little bit of time in
Albany Oregon a city I’ve never spent any time in we’re gonna use Roxy to get
around here before we head on south so we’re starting over here near Bowman
Park and Albany and this homeowner just could not adhere to the HOA rules as you
can see he built a house out of spray foam and it looks like a volcano with
wildlife lots of wildlife it does say no trespassing on their property so we’ll
stay here on the sidewalk and there’s the side of the building it’s pretty
weird honking build a whole house I’m spray foam and make it anything you want
yeah I like it okay it also looks like Steve Fletcher is the founder of spray
foam and he may have had some other influence here in the city of Albany as
well look at those blackberries these guys are right
for the pickin look at those block burries whoa what do you guys reminded
me when I was back home about spraying them because they’re they’re they’re
weed in Washington State and other places and maybe you don’t want to eat
them right off the vine anymore maybe not
let’s keep riding I really like how the whole town of
Albany seems to have embraced Steve Fletcher’s spray form technique this is
a possum auto body and they have a nice handy little possum here it’s gonna be
doing some air airbrush painting I think is that we call that right on that
that’s pretty cool oh nice so Steve Fletcher’s largest
spray foam pieces here at South Pacific Auto Sales because what says buy a car
more than a huge cowboy and a burro a donkey yeah come on in and buy a car
y’all here in Albany I like it you know I like my quirky that’s a great job choices choices you’ll fork in the road
where to now it’s pretty cool right well let’s talk about choices and turns
and in routes and stuff like that cuz I did mention in my last video I was
trying to do new stuff as I go on south you know east of the Cascade Mountains
right now it is still hot it’s still 90 degrees here
it’s almost fall it’s almost ottoman it’s still 90 degrees over there I don’t
want to be over there and I’ve done the coast so many times I don’t want to do
that so I’m just I’m just kind of enjoying whatever I’m just just
following looking for fun stuff and chasing good weather like like 70
degrees that’s my motto right so I think more than anything that’s what I’m
really doing right now is chasing 70 degrees as far as a route yeah there’s
some where I want to be on Thanksgiving and and and there is one more planned
themed trip coming up before 2019 ends so just stay tuned and I may also take
more of these little morning and rides and I may not film them all to be honest
I may just try to take the bike out and smell the fresh air and get 70 miles per
gallon and feel good in the morning and then get back in the RV you know so I
may not film every single one of them but I do want to get a full face helmet
so I can vlog moto vlog and kind of talk to you about what kind of crazy stuff we
see you know I mean I head on back to the RV I’m already 16 miles out this
morning and we got about 10 miles to get back load up load up the bike and get on
the road alright I’m all back here ironically we won’t be in that 70 degree
range today actually it’s gonna be 87 degrees today here in Albany it’s gonna
be a hot one I wouldn’t go on south and try to find somewhere to fun to boot out
for the day and and find new stuff yeah so I have been in and filmed in Eugene
Oregon which is the next city over I did stop here in Springfield Oregon
thankfully they have free parking downtown here and some will say that
this is actually the inspiration for the Simpsons I’ve been in several
Springfield’s around the country and they all have
something unique and another different point to prove that they are they are
truly the real Springfield I’m a big Simpsons fan
there are no cooling towers anywhere near here though however I think they’re
trying to say that this is really the home of Springfield and proof of that
can be found in this ginormous Simpsons mural across the street check that out
Marge paint and handsome Homer Homer in a hammock
drinking up a Duff and Maggie and Lisa I’m a bicycle and old Bart up to his old
tricks Springfield what do you think of their
efforts this could be the official home of The Simpsons Springfield or dinner
doh they offer a little tip though if you’re on the road traveling when you
get to a city that you’re not familiar with Google whatever city you’re in
Springfield Oregon overnight parking ordinance hit enter if you get some
documents that come come back in that search read them because
Lacey Washington is not the only place that is banning RVs from the streets in
Springfield Oregon does have a city ordinance overnight you’re okay to park
in the daytime you can’t do that in Lacey but you can’t park overnight here
so that means that urban boondock in this area is not gonna work for me so we
have to find something else oh you know what remind me not to go straight when I
leave because right across the street is a low clearance it says eleven foot
two over there and I’m 12 foot two officially which reminds me let’s go
back the black antenna booster that’s on the roof I measured it it’s two inches
higher than the air conditioner shroud and I know that because I had a piece of
wood from the top of the booster with a level on top of the piece of wood and
then had my buddy on the ground level with a tape measure up to the piece of
wood to see exactly and 12.2 but let’s go and round it up one inch
so I don’t have an accident an issue on the road
Miranda’s height is twelve point three and that’ll be really important to note
next time we are on the East Coast where there are a lot more low clearances but
I either got to find shade or I got to find an approved spot to spend overnight
so we’ll go search you it’s almost always when I don’t have a
plan that I end up getting the best possible stuff I don’t even know the
name of this river it’s not labeled on my Google Earth but we’re waterfront and
you can see that bridge right there I was just driving this way on there look
down saw this piece of little land right here next to the water and I made the
next right-hand turn came around parked here and there’s no signs indicating
what this land is or what it’s to be used for or low it more importantly it
doesn’t say no overnight parking in this area right here so it looks like we may
have waterfront access for the night and I couldn’t be happier this is one of
those that you kind of have to take a chance with like I said it doesn’t say
private property or public property or anything it’s just it’s just a little
turn out on the road and despite the road noise actually that doesn’t bother
me at all it bothers some people some people can’t stay at rest areas I’ve
heard people tell me Eric how do you do that with the trucks rolling in and out
all day and the air brakes going out and generate I wear earplugs if I have to
what I embrace this life and know that you never know what tomorrow’s gonna
bring this might be one of the best spots I’ve ever boondock that I just
won’t know until I turn the key tomorrow morning and evaluate it you know what I
mean let’s look at this trail of sort it’s not really a trail i I think it’s
manageable I made it it’s it’s a steeper than it
looks a little slippery vent look at the river yes oh I guarantee you I’m gonna
get in there later well I mean it might be because it’s so hot outside this
feels so cold on the other hand this is a cold River whatever it’s called mm-hmm
I could just get up to my knees for about five minutes I’ll feel cool for
the whole rest of the day and you know what I am feeling pretty good this
actually turned out to be one of my favorite spontaneous boondocking sites
ever in any state I really lucked out I like the peacefulness I like the
privacy of it to have your own spot and I got cell service so I can upload a
video tonight mmm guys gals kids pets everybody in between have a great day
checks and I will see you back on the road with some awesome travels in a few
days bye guys

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