28 thoughts on “VR at Google – Google I/O 2016

  1. Damn, what a total letdown; why didn't they announce the death of the cell phone and why did they introduce a retro clicker? They are still living in the 90's. To me, it's obsolete before it left the lab;)

  2. i just came up with an awesome game for vr, message me if i may have your ear privately for a second

  3. Great to see the partnership with Yi Tech, awesome, I am sure YI Tech is gonna provide an awesome vehicle to power Google VR. go!

  4. yey, cool,. But graphics from 98-.2000 its not quite there yet on phones. However give me an option for letting the pc run the games and mirror it to the phone with less then 15 ms. Then, me happy.

  5. Data saya slow raning vrdio 15minit belum tentu dapat menonton..saya nak tooup memang saya tak punys bruwang . Takkan saya henfak mintak dengan bini saya malu saya..jika saya meiminjam sama udtri saya dia oerli saya kat buat kerja drngan google..top up nak kena beli sendiri saya dah krna pdukali .saya mana krluar kerja dari bulan 10 / 2015 setahun polis cari aku kau itang repot duit insuren aku habis aku pakai tingak seluar oendrj saja baju tak tiada…boleh oervaya tak

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