Warcraft 3 | Will we Unban raNDoMpiCkNeWb? #1 | vs 4 Computers (3 Easy, 1 Normal)

well there it is hello welcome to will we um been a random pick noob he has pushed his luck over at twitch.tv slash witty where he is backseat gamed a little bit too heavily he's always been on the edge let's face it so now he is competing in one of the first challenges to get himself unbanned he's currently on a one-week timeout suspension which means he can't type anything in chat whatnot but we're gonna give him opportunities to basically remove that suspension and his first job is to be for computers free of them uneasy and one of them are normal I've set them all to sort of like a bluish color but if you prefer I can always change their colors like that so you can see more clearly on the mini-map that I did for the circumstances make them all blue if that helps so that way you're looking at it as orange versus blue typically so I for I'll pick a bit of a funny map because we were looking for like a five player map I don't think of five player map exists so there probably is a five play but it might be custom made so this six player map jack-o-lantern seems more apt than ever a big smiley troll face should be quite amusing so i'm gonna commentate a little bit of this and see how random pick noob gets on he didn't take my warning seriously i gave him an opportunity and i said look I'll ban you unless you know like we do one versus one and I set myself to 50% to give himself a chance to give him a chance and he's a hundred but he didn't take it seriously he set himself to a 50% because he wanted to die quicker just to get it over with and I don't appreciate that kind of courageousness we want someone that's a little bit more brave than that there's no courageousness there whatsoever so he needs to earn it we all know this day has been coming for a long time – one day for each beaten but no no it'll be a different challenge like one insane computer for example next time or when we did it first his will we also had that map where it was like a speedrun you were the merlocks and you had to get from the bottom to the top and I think there was like there's over a team mode or just to watch one player try to make it from the bottom to the top with a set amount of lifes was a good way to set it to see if he can do that so I have to find that map again and that could be utilized and there's probably a couple of other maps that could be used for a circumstance such as this to have a player basically prove themselves worthy man that war mill right at the back to benefit from those two trees ran and pit live I hope you're not listening in on this because I'm going to be commentating as to what's going on and sort of discussing what the computer is up to enough of your feel free cheese it looks like the normal computer is the only one that's got the balls to do anything right now I have all the other computers the easy computers will typical we're typically just sitting there bass for ages starting off with some light creeping from round kick move how about 1v1 tainted in with a legion TD to get a number the worrisome thing is is if I'm making one first as one our players they're just gonna deliberately lose so he get sunburned because they'll do it just to spite me so I don't think I can necessarily put that option in there overclock was one of the first to offer himself sup all right Ryan a pic lubbers found a base antagonizing let's call him Dagda the dark blue night elf he went with force of nature level one that actually makes him a bit of a pro because that's what the pros do as night house I like how the computers got to try to suss out this map I wonder if the computer is just as confused as I am looking at this map there's not that many green spots there's definitely quite a few orange spot and the red spots are like strangely out in the open there is a shop tavern tavern fountain of Manor an exposed gold mine which has creeps over here but not that close to here you might be able to build I can maybe chop these trees and Bill over here now you progress to Agra it's a random pit move just moving onto a white creeps getting tier 1 items which will be double gauntlets of strength ideal but not terrible it's computer normal goal coming over to benefit from the healing when that found in mmm and then going all the way back is a ghoul he could have just got his health back by being on blight it's gonna take a long time before these other computer Easy's decide to step up but at least they're building unis so random pick me moving on to the next bunch of skeletons now these got a nice theme isn't it very evil which he knows the trap to be well do you guys know of any other maps that he can try to take out as a challenge like a single-player experience challenge but definitely a skeletal anihilation can you place cards annihilation and be an observer I suppose I should be at an option yeah probably Frogger extreme was the map that I was thinking about earlier yes well that ability you think it's skeletal Annihilation we could definitely watch him do that you could try and 1v1 you on sharpshooter Oh Lunik them do anything first as you and that what if he's a secret Pro he's looking for more green spots but the other computer that is actually normal and not easy it's taken those he's got good eyes that's faster attack speed that's just damage and that's intelligence that is both intelligence so it gives more mana oh here we go and it gets damaged we've looking for the Gaul but the frost armor the play is slowing down making that blade master work for it taking up now it's still great haul over here Tek to this great halls tier 2 though wasn't it I'm not very good with war it's not Town Hall so it must be great hallways tier 1 stronghold would be tier 2 or a stronghold tear free what's the tier 2 for orc then another green Kemp oh oh my goodness there is not an easy Creek camp but if he keeps the focus he will probably clear this yeah very good from this computer I mean it's not ideal but they don't know how tough the creek camp star they just see an orange spot and they go for it they stuck on the dune guard there Robin get distracted by the skeleton archers in them up can I Emma thank you very much oh lewb and tagging eyes in soo regice are teal orc so there's some plan in fighting going on so that's a level 2 computer with a patient agree and stronghold is tier 2 then fortress is tear free right of course fortress is tear free okay my bad shishi Tyrell Oh random pic noob finding that a doomguard might be a bit too much for him but he just wants any creep by the looks of it and he's gonna settle for the lighter creeps just for any experience I'm not gonna get that beam guard there you might be able to pick this off and then go back and get healed himself okay computer easy moving over to this Creek oh he's got a lot of unit so that shouldn't be a problem for him picked up did you buy boots of speed I don't know if I would have done that this stage now okay we have Ariel Ariel Priestess of the moon beautiful name and this Lich's somehow got all the way lost around here that's not a good fight I think he might realize that now you're still micro in there okay there could be some combos going on maybe to work against stronger creat camps or to utilize other players shops and buy items random pick nib it's going for the easy style strategy of mass wyvern however they can definitely backfire it's almost lost use Lynch here just doesn't understand the creeps it's not a great map let's face it I mean there's a very long path so the computer can very easily trip up over its own feed trying to understand it I suppose computers would probably do better on a very open path map this is technically open path but it also has a long linear paths I'm talking about you can go any direction and pretty much get to any point on the map something like twisted Meadows would be more up the computer Street I would imagine it random loses the game extend the ban by one day what take it as a challenge Bayon it's pretty much just a challenge fail he's on a one-week timeout but he can negate that one week timeout by completing one of the challenges hmm bit of aura that could be good for the computers combined ah we got computers fighting for the expansion's not understanding how odd teamwork is random pick me looking for an opportunity to pick up a couple of units and looks like you can utilize this a ballista and the Huntress is not going to do much versus a blade master war widens on the go ah did I miss that I think what might have just happened is is the glaive for a blew up the Huntress with its attack on the blade master and denied that's pretty freaking epic if that is the case so the one thing you had going for him doesn't even get that the glee fro says no I'm gonna blow up my own Huntress you can deny experience to the enemy by killing your own units and that's essentially what the glaive road did accidentally mind you but did it nonetheless or computers are they going to push forward now is this the attack till not bringing much is large more majority of his units are off the map the pressure is applied now we'll wind riders and burros be victorious there's a lot of experience if random pick booth can hold this off he's focusing the hero which is a good job that the hero does have a nice item does not know how to get out of this horrible position though you'll probably die eventually or be forced to TP so that's not bad but the damage he has to take is too much for an epic new to put down that potion of greater healing coming through the champ we've got one web and the wyverns are already almost obliterated by the wombo combo of the computers stepping forward computer normal not taking any of the nonsense of this easy allies it's being aggressive it's showing them who's in charge and GG ran and picked noob says yeah so he enjoyed himself first challenge failed we will be back another time for a new challenge and we will see how he gets on them we'll decide what that map is going to be but for each day we'll give him one challenge and that challenge we're determined whether he gets unbounded or not thank you very much for watching the wheel we unbanned random picnic stay tuned I'll try to mix it out so it's not just always melee they sound like I'm in LA then I custom then maybe in there and a custom that kind of thing so thanks very much have a good time

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  1. I think shamans with bloodlust, taurens, some bats if aa, orc tri-hero, fortified defense, and probably start setting an expansion somewhere cause if you're against that many people you're gonna need an economy to back it up unless you get lot of towers with raiders to ensnare when they get too close for towers to kill.

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