Watch LIVE Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump from US Senate: day three

100 thoughts on “Watch LIVE Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump from US Senate: day three

  1. Liberals get your tissues ready again because you are about to be crying your little pathetic eyes out real soon…This is what you all get for being pissants.

  2. This is the FAKE LEADERSHIP that he wants you to see so He can say to the American People FU
    They might as well give Donald John Trump an automatic weapon and then drop him off in the middle of the New York times square and say, Fore, have fun sir then they can walk away and say : Hear no Evil See no Evil and Speak no Evil then jump to ask me no questions I will tell you no lies.

  3. Many lives altered. But this is probably a blink in the scope of all things. Long live America, show the transcript, of said phone call. 16 aids eavesdropping on call. Including one who obviously had a bias, this president under all the railroading has done a beautiful job. Where is Mr Durham and Mr Barr during this ongoing soap opera . Shifty should recuse his pencil neck to a noose. Trump/Pence 2020.

  4. Awww….so it's all about election? They are impeaching the President because they are afraid Biden will not win? Well, I am not voting for Biden. I will vote for Trump again just like what I did in 2016 and happy to do it all over again to support his second term. Funny the case is about not releasing 250 Million unspent funds to give away from all 4 years of service he has done progressively for USA. Thank God He is not the judge for this show physically because this congress who desperately wants to remove MY President whom I voted will probably be headlong dead in His presence like Ananias and Sapphira from the bible who lied in their teeth.

  5. The snowflake crowd will be having nervous breakdowns again election eve. Hah hah I love watching you bitches crying when The Donald wins again.
    Cry bitches…cry.😎

  6. There's no greater proof GOP Senators know Trumpy is guilty as hell than the rigging of these hearings.

  7. Lyndsey, maybe you talk too much right now…. The Press doesn’t have common sense, nor empathy, nor are they going to be your friend. So, why are you out here, out of breath. The more you talk you are creating more misunderstood “stuff”.

  8. I’m only voting for trump because Obama was racist. Have you all forgotten the year long Ferguson riots. The “ pants saggers” looted that town for everything it was worth. Where was the outrage then?

  9. The Democratics are all retarded, they need to pick there crying asses up and need to work with him and not still be pissy about Clinton not winning, baby killers

  10. This has got to be a joke.I have not heard anything that comes close to impeach Trump.The waste of tax's.All of the Democraps needs to be fired and locked up.This is shameful to America.The world is watching this.DEM-O-CRAPS Need to Stop and grow up 🧐

  11. This is my option of SCHIFF, PELOSI, SCHUMER, and the rest of the leftist baboons prosecuting the president…this is all I have to animate….🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
    I don’t relate to LIARS!

  12. it is very funny that an English speaking person took apart a non-native's English sentence word by word and use as evidence.

  13. They keep asking why do the Democrats want more witnesses, if they have clear and convincing evidence?

  14. Counter punch? This entire thing is centered around Joe and Hunter Biden.. The real questions is.. "Is there any legit reason why Donald Trump should have wanted to investigate Joe, Hunter and Barisma outside of helping himself? and the answer is.. We don't know.. so let's have the Bidens testify.

  15. The campaign is, Democrats have spent so much time on this, they have NOTHING to offer….The President is his own defender (He'll be defended well at trial, too) He'll get his say at the State of the Union when people are paying attention, and they see him compared to what Democrats are running on. They Prayers are for sanity to prevail.

  16. In Summary, it kind of looks like N A N C Y has made an Excellent decision on the Timing.
    Not only does it bring the Democratic Primaries to a HALT
    – It puts the entire Presidency race, at a Stand Still.

    Only Tulsi is Heavily getting Her Message Across in her battle with Hillary,
    Who is about to enter the race in place of Biden.

    By playing Chess, NANCY has designed this Process, to be Trumps Down Fall.
    He will totally Destroy Himself, as He continues to Promote HATE…

    It’s Very difficult, Even for Me to Stay Neutral
    But this shit didn’t just got started. Everything has been leading to This Period.

    It’s the Ending of an Era called Capitalism. As those in power are trying to Preserve their Rights to Control, All Humans under a Dictator.

    But Tulsi has a Major Affect, on my HEART 💜
    And I Do See A New Day of Peace & Aloha

    Let’s All Wake Up to the TRUTH, Without Choosing Sides.
    As Tulsi has Shown the Way by Demonstrating the TRUTHS — Just Be Present

  17. I dont speak facts. I speak language. Me be me and you you. You be not you thin you not free. Peepz are what? But also ooooo. We has to respict all other opinuin. Howeever you think I love you 🙂

  18. The second I mentioned freezing Nancy Pelosi joe bidon and Dems accounts I get silenced mmm I’ll be back tomorrow

  19. Adam Schiff was impassioned and brilliant in his delivery (3:16:46) at convincing the
    American People why the Senate must convict and remove Trump who is a security risk to this great nation

  20. Trump's latest defense in the Senate Trial:

    You can't be guilty of violating the Constitution

    if you can't read it.

  21. John bolton should not testify but joe or hunter biden should? Graham is mixed up and I don't mean that as an insult. He might be trying to do what's right but he keeps contradicting himself. And trump will get what he wanted in the first place if biden keeps getting accused of wrongdoing.

  22. It is the American people who, thru the college votes, put a POTUS into office, and it must be the American people that should vote a POTUS out of office, not a bunch of hateful Congress people with rudely concocted grounds for impeachment that do not qualify as impeachable offenses specified in our Constitution. Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress are not impeachable offenses under Article II Section 4 of the US Constitution.

  23. “Joe Biden never did anything wrong when he was Vice President? “ Are these people for real? How many Americans actually believe that with so much evidence against him?

  24. so she is saying biden and his son has something to hide but trump should be investigated.???? guyyyssss screw all of them trump included. just think and listen. who cares about the next pres. our government is corrupt.!!!!!

  25. abc is fake news,4 years of democrates scams and Hillary and Obama and nothing said . cnn MSNBC abc CBS Hollywood Democrats all fake as fk . we're just learning this,how long have they really lied and minipulated us,? Biden did exactly on TV what CNN MSNBC abc CBS Democrats hollyweird are causing Trump of ,but not a word ,they protect them ? wtf? that right there tells your they don't care about the people,laws or corruption,because it's them doing it all , that's lunacy .

  26. The funny part about all this is you all think trump will be acquitted. McConnell…Graham…Cruz…Trump made enemies (because he's semi retarded). He even talked shit on his defense counsel. Is it sinking in yet? Trumps an idiot and he's leaving our white house in a straight jacket

  27. Fox News and GOP rely on their audience stupidity to keep Trump in power.

    Anyone who could spend 5 minutes watching this debate with open mind would find Trump criminal and that there is urgent need to remove him.

    But rationality has escaped from Republicans loooong time ago.

  28. This trial was set-up for a quick acquittal from the onset. The American people are not Stupid. We want a fair trial with documentary evidence, and witnesses, or you can pay at the 2020 Polls when we Vote Donald Trump, and the 22 Republican Senators out of office.

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