WCAG Tutorials: Hyperlinks

This document is being converted for
online use only. If you were to prepare this document for print and web use then
leaving the URL would be completely fine however setting alternative text for the
link is still required. Screen readers read through every character of a URL
which is confusing and not compliant with web accessible standards. Instead we
link the applicable text which helps screenreader functionality and adds to
the readability for sighted people. Let’s create a couple of links. Have your web
address ready by copying the URL from your document or a web browser. Select
link text with your cursor and right click the selection. Go to hyperlink,
paste the URL in the address field and open the screen tip box. This will
contain the alternative text or alt text for the link, another helpful tool and
accessibility requirement. Best practice is to explain what the link does when
you click it. Screen readers know that it’s a link so it would be redundant to
indicate “link to” or “click to.” Within Spokane Public Schools all hyperlinks
are programmed to open in the same window. Other websites may allow opening
in a new window which is why we clarify. Here we simply say “opens CDC website in
the same window.” Let’s watch another example. Once again
we record the URL from a browser or your document, select the link text, right
click for hyperlink properties, paste the URL in the address field, enter the alt
text in the screen tip field, click OK and you’re done. The final thing to note
on this tutorial is the correct method for formatting lists. We need to ensure
we are using the list functions in Word rather than relying on dashes or
indenting. Screen readers will notify the user when a list is used helping the
readability of the document. Any list type will work, numbered or bulleted. “Web accessibility starts with the
content creation. Thank you for your support in making the Web accessible to
all.” You should now be able to assign custom heading styles and properly setup
web accessible hyperlinks in Word 2016. Thanks for watching. Good luck and let me
know if you have any questions. You can email me at [email protected]

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