We Did Internet Challenges At Vidcon

he left always lava front three we are here at VidCon 2019 it's our first time here and we're really excited and we want to really celebrate it in the best way possible by doing some of the most iconic Internet challenges today I'm doing most of them for the first time I'm excited and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna crush all of them I mean it's efficient but let's admit if it was I would later and now it's a competition let's just go in I've done martial arts since I was a teenager [Applause] only like forthright oh it's way harder than what people make it look on the internet this is the aftermath of Yvonne's bottle challenge so we're discussing the floors all the challenge I think it should be the case where we can call it out anytime floors up for 32 okay you got it Eli floor is lava here we go and go you're about to go into the women's bathroom though the guys man I think I'll just sit him leave on the floor is lava 9 – you get in the balls oh there's a kid in there and never mind he left boy is lava three floors low ten nine to floor is lava Challenge winner me we should have gone to because my Oh eleventh rise oh my god ramaya hahaha I'm Maya alright so one of the most recent challenges is that keep you two lovely challenges and we've done this car and of course you need a car to that challenge a few steps I don't remember the steps I'm just gonna wing it gonna do it he will come I don't wanna I did it held it I don't think you did you got the heart-shaped thing I forgot that I'd give it to you for shop all right I suppose I know alright let's let's see let's see about that close your eyes three you got one alright you win a light it's fine II like one we all know that but what matters if we had fun okay Thank You Victor buddy good buddy sighs bye

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  1. I love you Latinos! You guys have taught me to appreciate my Latino Blood and not be ashamed of who I am! Love the video!

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