We Met Sasha Lane, the Breakout Star of ‘American Honey’

are you too young to drink it no oh no no you can definitely drink here and I can drink in America now too so that’s nice oh yeah wasn’t it your birthday the other day yeah just turned 21 so you’re a Libra yeah I’m also Libra all right we’re just all balanced out American honey is the new film by British born director Andrew Arnold he’s best known for fishtank co-produced by vice company post films it’s shot in a documentary style and follows a group of runaway teens across the Midwest it’s a business opportunity we go door-to-door we sell magazines we store like America we party come with us a lot of the characters were cast on the street and the star of the film Sasha Lane was found on a beach in Florida during spring break okay good you’re hired we’re meeting her in Camden to talk about her first time acting opposite Shia LaBeouf and her experience on this two-month road trip I’ve obviously heard the story of how you got picked up was that just like as fairytale as it sounds yeah it was I mean probably less fairytale because it was like a mix of like I was I got kicked out of my hotel and that’s how I end up on that beach and then like some strangers were at my place and then I move suitcases into her car and luckily she didn’t kill me so like the less prettier version but still very much like this doesn’t happen yeah so what she happened did she just come up to you and Ray Arnold and say like you look perfect cause she didn’t just walk up she ran up to me that kind of thing happens in England like there’ll be a model scout or something but it would be really sketchy yeah was it like were you worried that it would be like a scam or something like that yeah but also I mean if you just have like a British woman who has a cowboy hat and overalls on at least you don’t get the danger feel but of course I was still really like skeptical is this real like winning and so she came to my hotel that night I was just like oh you’re here okay how about like your family if you out on spring break did you have to like cool them up and yeah them um they were freaking out my mom was actually more chill about it but I mean we’re having converses my dad he was just like you know I feel like you’re not asking me you’re just telling me and I was like yeah pretty much so regardless of what they said I was like well I’m doing it you know when you’re younger did you ever think that you would be an actor no no way – offered and uncomfortable and also just wasn’t one of those things that you felt like you could do and I wasn’t really interested in like the whole industry part of it and everything so Spring Break just got me the film like really captures this kind of raw American new culture and so then you had Andrew Arnold who’s a British director and coming and exploring that world yeah how did she gain your trust um cuz she’s really really embedded she’s understanding that she’s taking his kids from the street and like people who know this life and that she isn’t from there so she gives us like freedom to like go about as we do and she did the whole road trip and everything before we started filming she looks deeper you know and she sees you for who you are and that’s really special it’s a good connection make with the director was she quite maternal cuz all of you younger yeah also she was like fun you know she was down to hang out with us and stuff just she was like fun mom is she okay oh yeah you gotta keep bringing prayers on I’ve been trying to be Christian but I can see the devil has a hold of the two of you the devil has a hold of your daughter I love the soundtrack so much is literally like trap country job is everything in her where did that music come from was that all of you guys putting in your input or was that her finding the music um a little bit of both you know like when she did that road trip she would hear what everyone was listening to and so she would you know fall in love with it and pick it up there’s like a group things cool where are you going make money hop in [Music] I like a girl with spot on a really like crude level star just had nothing and she kind of really jumped into this adventure and she didn’t know what she’s going into and you also just jumped into this adventure two completely different from anything that you knew yeah did you kind of relate to your character in that way yeah definitely it was kind of this whole like what do you have left to lose and also I feel like she’s really free to and just yeah it was just like well might as well hop on that car yeah look at Keith’s bling or jumping Clarke do you have any dreams it’s like future proves it was irrational you didn’t have as much of a script yeah you shot chronologically and loads of you didn’t have much acting experience at all did it kind of feel like she was making a documentary of you or did you get the sense of it being her vision like there was a script I just didn’t have it so I would get like the side the day before the day of but like a lot of the van’s seems felt very documented very it was very much just kind of us hanging out and the camera all of a sudden be rolling or not rolling but the rest of it was scripted and so you could see her vision as you would wake up each day and be like this is what we’re doing today you start to uncover more just like anyone else watching the film and I was the same surprise experience one of my favorite things in the film was the power play between your character and shires character Jay and I just kept thinking like one day you hate each other the next day you love each other and was that hard to draw the line in terms of like your friendship sometimes yeah you’d be in it and you just I’d have to be angry and upset the whole day so then we’d get back and I just be like and then have to remember like wait now you didn’t actually do anything to me you think you’re special ah you’ve got feel you don’t mean it any husband [Music] poverty that’s shown in the film and so it’s really upsetting is that something that you recognize from like communities in Texas yeah definitely I mean um it it can be really really really depressing I think the beauty of it is like when you grow up in something like that and you don’t have a lot of opportunities and that’s all you really know it can be really sad but also there could be a lot of beauty a lot of light there you just got to dig a little deeper and with people to you know like a lot of those people you’d think may be scary to look a little rugged because they’re not in high fashion clothes but they can be seen the sweetest most genuine people ever so yeah it’s kind of like the point I think it’s yeah you see like the bad parts or whatever but also there is life because you got to look for it yourself your whole tribe that you had that you’re going around the country with with those guys they all picked up from just off the street found everywhere yeah pretty much everyone kind of picked up like in their hometown that’s how like real and authentic it was you know it’s just that kids from Missouri and Virginia my brother and sister they’re from Oklahoma we met them as we went along have you kept in touch with them whole yeah like pretty much most of them I just have like I said I mean you built this family and this bond and so I can’t look like oh my mind don’t want to you know yeah so I’m hungry I didn’t know what the ER l – you’re thinking between a breakfast or tie type thing maybe Indian I don’t really know okay then I know where you should go you should just go up to come to market Canton like there’s like a big in burrito place actually which looks pretty good sounds actually I’m taking very nice nice hmm thank you

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  1. I don't thing she's pretty I don't fine her special like why her I dont get it she's not even f,,,able I don't be to be rude I just don't fine her special I probably won't see this film looks like junk

  2. I remember when only weird nerdos and maybe some weird cool chick that really didnt give a fuck, smoked cheap tobacco, listened to nirvana and was in her pre-crack phase that had pink or green hair.
    Same goes for noserings and tats.
    Poeple think they are different now by doing so, but all it does is make em basic. 'Alternative' has become the norm, so its normal..
    and I hope one of these tatted hipsters gets stuck in prison in Russia once and has to explain his 'symbolic tattoo for his dead fish' and the stars..
    The result of that dude or woman at that prison..would make the perfect Vice story, bringing it back to the real.

  3. Well I'm very happy for you. I would just like to add that you really should tell someone who actually gives a shit and who the fuck is Sasha Lane? Probably just another slutty skank willing to do whatever, rightr? Fuck you all!

  4. why are you guys tripping so hard about this content? some people may find it interesting – move on to the next video or unsubscribe completely, you sound like spoiled children

  5. why is every one being an ass hole in the comment section it was a decent film and I thought these two came off as a pair of sweet hearts in this interview

  6. Repeatedly shoving a spiked cactus up my arse was more fun than watching American Honey. The soundtrack sucked ass and I am a square for not getting it.

  7. Unless youve been on a Mag Crew you can never understand how real and accurate this REALLY is. I LOVE this movie, brings back tons of memories.

  8. American honey does not give any notion of what the film is about. Well tell a lie as to me it gives a false impression. Well not exactly a false impression. That's a wrong way to describe it. A better way to describe the title, would be curious. First of all, Images in my mind were of  sexy suited sirens ripping off simps, ordinary punters and rich guys. Like a kind of honey trap scenario. And so therefore did not pay the film much mind and was not going to waste my time watching it. It turned out that  somehow I got to watching it anyway, partly because it looked like a chick flick and I was going to have to sit through it, haha ! So 5 minutes into the film, me looking at my phone, some booty music came on, which pricked up my ears. A van full of noise, rap music and laughing appeared on the screen and shia la boeuf popped his head out the van window. I had too doubletake to see if it was him. It was. Oh I thought, I didn't know la boeuf was in this. I happen to like la boeuf as an actor, so I proceeded to watch the film. Glad I did. Excellent film. Watched every minute of it. And it was a long film. 3 hours ! It goes to show that, you cannot judge a book by it's cover, Of which to my detriment most probably, I am guilty of.

  9. I loved this film for what it could have been. I mean, great filmmaking… the idea of taking runaway teens follow them in a van across the country to sell magzzines was REAL… she captured is in real time which is fascinating… Star pulls out her bloody tampon to screw??? WOW, that was dope to pull that off… HOWEVER… this story losses steam because the filmmaker didn't reall want to go there… Star teedering the line of whoring wasn't explored enough… I EXPECETED her to turn full whore and or maybe get kidnapped and has to fight her way out… I expected a stronger ending that this fizzle. there wasn't enough rouge shit based on where the film started. It just never reached it's arc. Thus, I never need to watch this again.

  10. Idk why all these people are talking shit in the comments lmao I enjoyed this interview a lot and american honey looks like a kick ass movie

  11. I fkn love Shasha! the film was sheer brilliance. watch the film, regardless of if you're 18 or 80!
    really really impressed to say the least. well done!

  12. yo guys if any of you are interested in further checking out the movie, I've uploaded clips from American Honey (in high quality :)) onto my channel. Woo!

  13. Worst movie ever, almost 3hrs with no action .. i regret watching this movie. All the movies with cannes awards and comments on the front cover are total Bs… a movie about a shitty life..all the actors simply look filthy … they encourage this unsanitary life? It s like encouraging the teens these days live a life of a homeless ( i refer strictly to the lack of basic needs , like taking a shower ) . I ve never seen a movie with such a negative message for the audience

  14. By far the most depressing movie I ever seen, and I've seen many. Don't waste your time. I bet they got the award for the worst movie ever made. Pure waste of time. I'm not a hater just being realistic, and that hurts some people.
    Two more things I got to say.
    1) This is basically the future of Merica. No hope, no respect, just a bunch of hippies on drugs.
    2) Also, the definition of atheism. This is exactly what atheism is. Touche.

  15. She is so strong but I just want to protect her. She is legitimately an angel and a fucking beautiful pure spirit

  16. It's refreshing to see new faces and this director is brilliant. I've tired of the same prolific actors who appear in film after film. This is a young culture that I've never seen.

  17. this is a real film about the reality of mag crews. The director pulled a bunch of random kids from random places in florida to make this film. She also followed real life mag crews around to get the real story. Google mag crew stories. The stories are fucked up but very real

  18. This movie was great I thought. I haven't forgotten what it was like to be a teenager, I was wild and found this movie really truthful.

  19. Sasha Lane reminds me of Keisha Castle-Hughes from "Whale Rider" the movie.  And Shia LaBeouf reminds of Miles Teller (Actor).

  20. This was like a bad Larry Clark movie. Go watch "Kids", much more interesting…and done over 20 years ago.

  21. looooooved this movie and Sasha Lane was bloody fucking amazing, kudos to POC main character, the director deserves waaaaayyyyy more mention of this

  22. Sasha, yas girl! Rooting for you in every sense of the of world! I went to TXST too for a bit before I transferred lol

  23. Good movie but the ending was like yea you can go around hurting people and there are no consequences.

  24. Selling magazine's so hard. I had to sell them for my 7th grade semester . Most people are rude and questioned me,as if I was trying to scam them. But one older rich lady bought over $1,000+, cause she had alot of grandkids who had everything; and wasn't sure what to get them. So she bought them magazine's

  25. I actually lived “American Honey” not quite the exact experience but there are parts so accurate that they definitely worked with some mag agents. Never stole anything or had sex for money though.

  26. I love the movie a lot and I also talked few times with Sasha Lane on Instagram.

    Amazing soul and everyone should see this movie.

    I seen it more then 3 times. But I always see it over and over and over again again and again.

    Love it so much!

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