What Are Your Weaknesses? Learn How To Answer This Job Interview Question With This #1 Tip ✓

What are your weaknesses? Let me start by saying your greatest weakness
is your greatest weakness. It’s not your greatest strength taken to
extreme and portrait as a weakness. Confusing? I have come across way too many HR professionals
recommending that you should just take your greatest strength, take it to extreme, and
then say that it’s your weakness. Like; my greatest weakness is that
– I work too hard – I am a perfectionist
– I don’t delegate as much as I should – I am a people pleaser
– I am very critical of my own work Please… Stop! Seriously, what are you trying to do? I am DenizSasal. I am a manager with PwC Consulting and have
been interviewing 1000s of candidates for the past 10 years as a hiring manager. If you said one of the above, then I would
immediately label you as a bullshitter. Do you know what else I would feel? I would feel that you will continue to BS
me in every opportunity you get if I hire you. There is simply no reason for me to hire a
team member, especially a subordinate whom will try to bs her way through tough times. Of all the qualities you have, think about
it; your hard skills, motivation, that college degree you studied so hard to obtain were
all so you could be known as a bullshitter? I am confident that the answer is no. If you gave one of the answers above, it’s
because you were misguided and you received bad advise. Let’s look at some examples; In the world
of consulting, we are challenged with deadlines and quality deliverables on a daily basis. It’s really really tough out there. This is I am sure same with most large multinational
companies, be it investment banking, consumer goods, marketing, sales, anything. A large MNC didn’t get to be the number
1 with lazy employees. They must have superstars. In these high intensity environments, leaders
need soldiers who will fight with them as one united team who is determined to capture
that castle. There are no lies or bullshits in such a team. There are no acts no pretends. There are only hard core – facts. So, knowing this, when we are looking for
new additions to such an environment, we make sure we are confident we can trust you to
deliver that research when you say it at the quality you committed to. There are no excuses, buts, uhmms, “this
or that happened”s. I hope I am being clear when I say how honesty
plays an integral role in your interview process. When, I join interviews, I have a mental checklist
about this. It goes like this;
– Is she trust worthy? – Is she honest? – Can she say sorry when she messes up? Learns from it, and then moves on with lessons
learned? – Is she motivated to work hard for the team? If the answer is “YES” to all of these,
then only I move on to evaluate the hard skills. And I test you to understand whether you are
trust worthy or not. I can increase the pressure and use your answers
against you. And I Look for inconsistencies in your answers
If an opportunity presents itself, then I even try to make you say sorry. Are you adult enough to say sorry when you
need to? Or is it a pride issue? Am I dealing with self-entitlement here? Because, if you are suffering from it, I suggest
you work on it before you start interviewing with anyone. It will be obvious. Interviews with these companies are mind games
at its best. I am referring to the hiring manager interviews
not necessarily HR. Back to the topic, you were asked a very simple
question under pressure; what are your weaknesses? If you can’t answer this honestly, I am
sure you will not answer honestly once we start working together. Alright, I hope so far it’s clear for you. You know now that the first thing you need
to establish is honesty. But how do you answer that question? Good. Let’s get to it. First; be specific. There are about a million weaknesses I can
list down here but without knowing your domain, background, and experience it’s very difficult. But, what I thought is, I could share with
you my very own weaknesses and perhaps they may also relate to you as well. Sounds good? Alright here it goes;
My first weakness: Although I am very good with applications of powerpoint, its tools
and functions, I am not the best when it comes to designing the slides. This is true. I really am not a good designer. I can’t design a slide based on what I have
in my head. But luckily, PwC Consulting has probably the
best slide library in the world. So, all I have to do is go through about 400
slides and pick the best template that suits that situation. To be perfectly honest, even if I were great
at it, I am not sure if I would be allowed to take initiative and design my slides anyway. Consulting companies invest millions of dollars
to make sure they have the best colors and layout. Second weakness: I am confrontational. A bit too much perhaps. This has given me many problems in the past,
especially with clients from regions where confrontations are discouraged, such as; Japan,
and Philippines. Although I mastered the art of confrontation,
in certain cultures, confrontation itself is frowned upon. So, there isn’t really anything I can do
about it other than being honest with the partner and excusing myself from those projects,
and of course I never include those uber-sensitive people in my own teams. My 3rd weakness: We have a strategy development
tool at work called “Transform”. I am just not good at using it. Prior to PwC, I used different methodologies
and frameworks to develop strategies and somehow I can’t get rid of the thought-processes
I developed earlier. That doesn’t mean I am bad at strategy development
but I am just not very good at following “Transform” Is this good? Should I continue? Ok, last one; I get bored very quickly. My motivation peaks at 1st day of a new engagement,
stays at peak for about a month or two. Then drops gradually until about 6th month
if the engagement is that long. If it’s longer than 6 months, then I really
need unearthly motivation to keep going. This is not a problem as 95% of our projects
are less than 6 months in duration. Ok, one more: I am not a copywriter. And my ability write long reports depends
on whom I have in my team. To counteract this weakness, I usually get
a junior consultant in my team who is a native English speaker and has good writing skills. So, that junior consultant proofreads and
edits my deliverables. Ok I guess enough with my weaknesses. So, let’s analyze them. What am I doing? I am giving you the weakness but then explaining
that it’s really no big deal. It’s not something that is so great that
you will fail me. One thing I suggest that you do is once you
state your weaknesses, then talk about what you are doing to be better at them. Remember, they are still work in progress. They are still indeed your weaknesses. But you are working on them. Cool? So, now get to work. And start writing down all your weaknesses
in an excel list. ***
Once you finish the list, start evaluating your short lists based on criteria like this;
1. Does mentioning this weakness hurt your chances? 2. Is it something vital to your performance
at work? 3. Is it something not fixable if you work on
it? Certain weaknesses cannot be easily fixed… Eliminate all those that you answered “Yes”
to any of these questions I mentioned earlier. If you aren’t left with anything, then go
back to your favourite spot and continue thinking. Come up with at least 2 weaknesses that when
you ask the questions above your answer is a resounding No. Let’s say you really thought long and hard
but still couldn’t find anything. And, you feel you have no option but to make
up a weakness. To basically, lie. My first suggestion is to urge you to think
a bit more. But, if you still can’t, then I understand
to a degree. After all, if you are a fresh graduate, you
may have very little relatable experience. In that case, I think you have a perfectly
justifiable reason not to know your professional weaknesses as yet. Then, why don’t you say it that way? You will collect so many “honesty points”
like collecting Pokemon points. If you are a fresh graduate, then go ahead
and say something like this; “Well, here is the thing. As much as I want to share with you my professional
weaknesses, I still haven’t accumulated enough work experience to share with you a
list of them. It’s not that I won’t have. I am sure I will have many of those. But I guarantee you that whatever they will
be, I will work on them. If you are interested in my weaknesses related
to my personal life, I’d be happy to share with you all. How much time do you have?..” That will work wonders. Ok, we are done. Before, I conclude the video, can you please
do me a favor and like this video if you benefited from it? Also, this is a very new channel. Creating these videos take so much time. So, would you please subscribe to my channel
if you’d like to see more videos like this? They will be good indications for me to see
if I should spend more time. And finally, what is your number 1 struggle
at the moment? Why don’t you put it in the comments below
and I will be sure to answer to you as soon as I can. Finally, if you are interested in receiving
more training, I have an awesome 3 day video-training course where I teach unemployed and underemployed
how to prepare, pass, but most importantly Land interviews with multinational companies. It’s called Landing Interviews Guaranteed. Oh, it’s free by the way. Each day’s video runs for about 30 minutes.

100 thoughts on “What Are Your Weaknesses? Learn How To Answer This Job Interview Question With This #1 Tip ✓

  1. ✅My Interview Preparation MasterClass is now on YouTube! You can watch it here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mXG3AiXVMY

  2. Hello.

    Let me start by saying thank you for this video. It did help.

    I guess what my issue comes down to is, as someone who has been to a few interviews, I have ultimately come across people who took my honest answer the wrong way. There seems to be a shared understanding among the people of my locality that –

    There are set questions. There are set answers. And the interview is basically a play with rehearsed lines. Do Not Deviate. This is not a place for Your Honesty.

    So then how do I spot the difference between someone who wants to hear these rehearsed lines and people like you who want the honesty?

  3. My answer in the recent interviews have been, "failure", but i always give results of overcoming this by saying, i don't give into it, i seek help if its' because i don't know how to solve an issue, or a mathematical problem, then when i look back, it really wasn't that bad after all. But i use the word "failure", and really, i wish i could use something else.

    Looking for work in Puerto Rico

  4. A friend once asked a guy what his biggest weakness was. Guy’s answer was to wink and say “The ladies!” They didn’t hire him.

  5. The issue with this question is how the interviewer processed the information. It is basic knowledge that you talk about your weaknesses and how you over come them. However, it leaves an open opportunity for the hiring manager to critique you as an employee. For example, my weakness is over talking. Hiring manager would think that I am difficult to work with and wouldn't listen. Even if I am working on the weakness, the hiring manager doubt if they want to bring me on.

  6. My biggest weakness is leaving articulate comments on videos but I am working on this to be able to leave substantive comments in the future.

  7. Hello Deniz, I have recently appeared for interview and I have been asked same question about "what is your weakness " my answer was like this "my weaknesses is I am not able to say NO to my manager or supervisor. Do you think this is right kind of answer. I'm into supervisor role.

  8. I would say one of my weaknesses is remembering people's names. It takes me 3 or 4 encounters to remember someone's name unless they make a impression on me. I have regular customers who come in at my job and I feel bad that I cant remember their names, but I am good with faces. It is something I have been striving to work on and get better at remembering. It is always awkward when you have to ask someone their name 3 or 4 times in one night, but I can usually find a way for me and that person to have a laugh at it in my expense. 😂

  9. Deniz ur videos are really awsome and well crafted with good information on the subject. I have been asked this question many time in my 2 1/2 decades of corporate journey and my answer is typically like this : Well we all have weaknesses and I am no exception. Looking back, I realize I trust people easily and it takes my nerves. I get annoyed with people who do not keep their appointments and who do not take their professional & personal life seriously. I get really annoyed when one fine morning I get a call from my boys that he is not coming to office especially when u have given an important task to be accomplished that day being a part of inputs for your Operations Review Meeting for the day. I hence have to buy some time from my higher ups to be ready with the required data doing all by myself for the meeting. This really puts me and my boss in an awkward situation before my board. But now I always have a back up plan. Deniz please let me know your views on this answer.Thks, Regards.

  10. This is such a great exposee on how to prepare and passed an interviews. But my case is peculiar, I doubt I've ever passed any interview before now; I have severally been rejected based on being too casual with my answers, over-qualified or some other reasons that were not shared with me as feedback. I am sincerely tired of going to interviews. I have 2 interviews lined up for tomorrow and next and I am already almost resorting to fate before even stepping my foot into the hall. It is so astonishing that I can't really place my hands on what my problem(s) is/are! But, I know for sure that my problem has nothing to do with experience and my enthusiasm about the roles I have been applying to.
    I've only worked in just one bank for 15 years before moving out of my country.
    And bad enough, I can't afford the LIG as I have no source of income. I need help so badly!

  11. My weakness is that when I get projects to do I do the least important instead of more important but when I got trained in time management at Port Maria Vocational training center I learned to prioritize most important work.

  12. I appreciate the no BS zone and answering honestly under pressure. One of my greatest weaknesses is in fact taking on other people's responsibilities and setting boundaries. I am much better at recognizing this now and holding people accountable for their own work.

  13. Thank You for this video I used to say all the BS you mentioned at the start of the video and I know it was bad but I am always afraid to mention a weakness that will end up not getting me the position. Now I know what to say on Tues when I go in for the interview for a job I wanted for some time.

  14. Thanks, very constructive.. any ideas how to overcome thinking in language other than the interview's one ? In Other word, how to answer faster?

  15. I’m not sure if you still take your time to answer questions on these videos, but I’ll try my luck.
    I saw something about perfectionism in the comments below and I have a similar problem, yet I don’t call it perfectionism, but the inability to make quick decisions. What I mean by that is that I have to check 3 times the work Iwe did before submitting it, and even after submitting it I spend precious time to check it again to be prepared with a solution just in case I missed anything wrong. I fear that this might transmit as being insecure about my capabilities/not good at my job when I do individual work, or as not trusting my teammates when I work in a team. Internally, I see it as a way to be prepared because, as you said, everyone can make mistakes. What is your opinion on this? Do you have any recommendations?
    Thank you very much for all the videos! They help more than you know, and I am confident that this information will help me on my next interview.

  16. Honesty seems to be the best policy for this answer, but the answer has to be crafted based on what personality type the interviewer has. I once got an FNP job because we talked about cooking and my interest in volunteering for community health fairs and renovation ideas for their old facility. I think the most important goal is to connect with the interviewer on some personal level.

  17. Great Calm Tips! well i am striving to get a strong grip on WHO i am regarding interviews. Sounds funny may be but its true most of the time we even do know or never asked the question to our selves that pops up during the interview so we randomly answer the question. Hope you got my point. Please answer this ASAP!

  18. Actually, a weakness is only applicable to one's physical nature. Such as Superman and Kryptonite. Anything to do with skills, experience and training and personality is not a weakness as it can be presented in different ways and adjusted. Not designing a slide is not a weakness as it does not make one weak. This question does not specify the context of what one is weak in.

  19. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon your youtube channel! I already know your advice will help me wonders, thank you!

  20. Hi Daniel, you r doing wonders bro. I enjoyed watching and Training myself as per ur videos. U just rocks. The way u present urself is pretty much good nd just hold the viewers well enough as they feel connected. Keep it up buddy.. Love you..

  21. My weakness language…..though I can read and write but I am not that fluent in speaking English language…that’s my weak point …other then that everything is okay..😊

  22. @denizsasal I have an interview coming for front office duty manager in my current work place. I have been working as Guest Service Agent from past one year and 1year for porter before. All this experience is from same work place. Any tips to get this promotion?

  23. Is it wrong to use the fact that i'm very chatty as a wekness for a customer service-based interveiw ?

  24. My struggles at the moment is that I’m very insecure about my abilities as an employee. Although everyone tells me I’m fine, I honestly believe I could be better and that there’s always something to work on. I second guess myself a lot too, which brings me to my second struggle, self doubt. I ask questions a bunch of times because my self doubt and insecurities play a part in this.

  25. Hey there!! While I was facing the same question last week, I somehow cried in between while completing my statement. Thst was beyond my control. Was that a negative response?

  26. at the moment, my greatest struggle is fighting with that inner voice of mine which constantly tells me that 'I can't' or 'I should'nt' !!
    I have the confidence though to keep saying to it that 'I will try' whether I can't or I should'nt.

    Any suggestions from you on how I should deal with this would be greatly welcome, Mr. Sasal. I have to say when it comes to interviews, you're great at explaining things.
    Thank you so much, appreciate your work here.

  27. In my Third World country, my weakness is being a male. The people at the interview panel hire females because of our patriarchal culture. One male at the top of the hierarchy and many females lower. So as a male you can't get a job and climb. You need to rely on nepotism sadly. The country is Trinidad.

  28. I am applying for a Managerial post and your videos help me a lot with my preparations. I wish you can create a video too that talks about how to pass Managerial interview. Thank you and more power!

  29. I think a sense of perfectionism can be a real problem. Most disagreements take root in the fact that two very distinct people truly do see things instinctively different; the way or process in which something is done vs. ethically doing something wrong or right. I think it’s good to mention the specific way or circumstance under which one may tend to hang on to perfectionism and then mention how you counter that weakness with a solution or a positive character trait that efficiently diminishes the weakness and makes the situation successful.

  30. Watching your videos thankfully for preparing to an Interview in couple days. My lower self esteem because of "punched holes" in the CV, because of a crisis in the personal life long-short past of few years, IS ACTIVATED when being confronted with questions about the reasons for the gaps.. but it is not belong in the interview to talk about personal backgrounds of alike to my understanding, so I am getting the feeling they will "uncover" my answers as bullshitting and fail me. In the last couple months I have failed couple interviews for high positions that I was in several times already.. my questions, how to answer on "gap in CV" and "why short assignments" if they know what it might be and that I can not answer on them openly and directly? (this is an assumption that I can't,..) Many thanks and appreciation for giving a direction in advance

  31. I see no advantage in ever telling your prospective employer what your true weaknesses are. There are tons of other candidates you are trying to beat to get the job so why would one ever speak about their weakness?

  32. My weakness is I get nervous when I have to attend an interview… Bcoz of this I tend to get rejected… Please assist me…

  33. 00:26 Actually, perfectionism is a psychological disorder. If a candidate says s/he is perfectionist then that's a big problem.

  34. My struggle is I get distracted easily and feel comfortable in that space that when I decide to go back to what I was trying to achieve again, it's all like starting all over again which ends up making me not achieving anything at all but only remaining in that state. I feel with videos like this, I'll be motivated to finally finish up with something.

  35. You must of heard me reflecting upon this very question while applying for my first professional positions. Thank you for giving me the confidence to express those weakness in a positive way.

  36. I'm a skilled tradesman with almost a decade of experience. I'm finding a barrier to entry, or better put, a barrier to jump. I'm a foreman. The next level up is superintendent, but on the business side thats an entry or lower level position. Can you analyze this situation? Are there others in this position?

  37. my greatest struggle is attempting to return to my previous profession that I have been away from for quite a few years. Thanks, M. Ward

  38. Iam trying for new job in a field i like and graduated in it but it doesn't relate with my last jobs experiences. How should i answer those questions when asked about my last jobs and why im switching??

  39. Hi, Your videos are of really great help and i appreciate your work. It would be great If you could help answer this question through your upcoming videos.
    'If you have done your graduation in advertising than why do you want to go for sales?" although i have relevant 1year experience in sales and i really wish to pursue my career in the same. How to justify my answer to the interviewer!

  40. Its really a helpful tip. My question for you is dont you think exposing all these weakness endangers the chances of getting the job? Is honesty really the best policy?

  41. Watched this 1 hour before my interview. The question came up but I forgot a little bit but remembered some. Still got the job as a Business Analyst. lol

  42. What the hell you are not native english speaker? 😳😳😳😳😱😱😱😱😱I wish i could speak like you? How are you so fluent? A video on the topic please

  43. Goodnight sir, my number one struggle is not been able to "verbally express myself" clearly. whether its an interview or in front of a group giving a speech the ideas in my head just come out as crap…i need help

  44. I felt the people who asking the question they were hostile and not nice during the interviewing part . They were annoyed how I answered the questions.

  45. Legit coach! Teaching us real psychological answer we could really use! To avoid making our selves clown in front of interviewer by made up answers!

  46. I just work for a construction company for a month I was working 7 days a week 10 hours today they told me but but needed more they actually wanted me to work a 10-hour shift go to the hotel take a 3-hour rest and come back and do another 10 hour shift I don't know what you think about that but I had to let them go that's just too much what do you think

  47. My number one struggle at the moment is that I really really don't like interviews and I mostly have experience in Sales and Customer Carr and now I have an interview lined uo for an office assistant and I feel my minimum experience in that field will stop me from getting the job so how do I use my current experience to try and do well in the interview?

  48. I have been watching your videos for two days and I love it!!!! My weakness is that I need to say "No" more often. I loved to help others however I had to put an extra effort to finished projects, homework and personal things on time. Thanks Deniz Sasal.

  49. For the record: My manager is a great coach and i believe he is honestly trying to help me grow.

    Now coming to the weakness part. One piece of feedback/advice my manager shared is how i should give a vibe that i am open to back channel, that i don't just go by rules but can bend them as necessary.

    Part of me agree to his feedback, coz i by nature would like to conduct the business by evaluating the customer needs, hard fact, the potential in the solution. So i see how i can come across as too formal and not being appreciative of the constraints that my partner teams operate in.

    Part of me is not able to reckon with why does the need for back channeling exist? How can we get to an environment where leadership can be presented with the complete truth and not an orchestrated one.

    My intent is to have all of us (including myself) present the hard facts to the leadership, make them informed with the complete truth ( not just the appealing part of it), present the constraints, the ideal solution and the less than ideal solution we need to make out first step. But in practice what my manager advices me is to not push too hard on the obvious.

    Deniz Sasal: Thanks for your video. I like to hear that there is another soul who thinks we should be honest. Would appreciate your input in my situation

  50. I just chanced upon a video of yours and now i cant stop watching them. They are all so good. I wish i had access to such a resource when i was starting my career. It was all by trial and error.Thankfully, i didn't make any glaring mistakes and got placed in a good company and had a good run. After about 11 years, i had to quit my job as I chose to be a stay-at-home mother. It was the hardest decision of my life and i'd be lying if i said that I didnt feel frustrated not having a career on numerous occasions. But i dont regret my decision. Today, I am not looking to apply or appear for interviews.But i am enjoying and learning so much watching your videos. I am sure my learning will come in handy when my daughter grows up and gets ready to start her career. I will share these valuable tips with her. That'd be my small way of helping her. Thank you so much Mr. Deniz. Such a pleasure to listen to you share your thoughts.

  51. My struggle at the moment is to understand people. Our innocence and simplicity has zero value for evil minded literate people. Nice videos. Thank you Sir.

  52. Great suggestions as applicable to any interview ever.
    They, only, have to be tailored to one's domain and speciality.
    The Topics are really relevant in one to one/many interviewers.
    Thanks a million.

  53. I have 8 years experience in my career, I prepare myself very well for interviews, but the last couple of then being great companies where I'd love to work, I suddenly felt very nervous forgetting everything is like my mind goes blank and right after I tell myself, I know everything I do it in my current job, I am able to do what they asked for, but why I was shaking and unable to speak? I don't know…

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