23 thoughts on “What Does Your ISP Know About You?

  1. think about it like this;
    you're just one out of thousands if not millions, surfing weird porn, random shit and questionable things
    why of so many people would they care if you watched hentai porn or something like that? i really don't give two shits.
    those who wants their nose in other's private life probably lack one themselves, whitch makes them boring

  2. Wait so for example you watched some YouTube videos..
    Will they be able to see the specific videos you watch or just the site you went to which in this case is youtube?

  3. Wait why is everything i searched with porn gets unavailable."No internet connection"
    Like pornhub.

    Good luck globe.

  4. My question is HOW is someone allowed to only have 3 letters in their password. everywhere i go forbids passwords fewer than 8 characters (with a half a handful of exceptions)

  5. My ISP is definitly untrustworthy. They have so much bullshit going on and the paid for internet speed is 20x higher than the actual internet speed.

  6. Just loaded this vid up and I got a about your isp is watching you and knows everything about you get this VPN blah blah blah how funny

  7. Uhh I got an advert

    "did you know your isp can see your video activity"

    That's why I'm watching this video 😂

  8. No it is just not about money. Why would the fxxks be censoring and taken down videos because of the narrative not fitting in their narrow tunnel vision of hate.

  9. I just wanna know if they can see which videos on porn hub i click on. if so……. dont judge until you try it okkkk

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