What If the Internet Stopped Working?

this video was made possible by Skillshare home to over 16,000 classes that could teach you a new life skill the first 500 people to sign up using the link in the description will get a 2 month free trial imagine your average day what does your schedule look like your alarm goes off to get ready for work or school you probably procrastinate for a few minutes checking all your social media and catching up on all the reddit posts you mists you get dressed hop in the car and listen to your usual playlist on Spotify or Pandora you're probably on your phone more than you should be while at work or school at the end of the day you come home and start rewatching Futurama for the seventh time on Netflix or you get on Steam and play a game with friends notice a trend anytime you're not actively working on something that requires your attention you're on your phone or some other device that has access to the Internet these days our personal lives and society as a whole revolve around the internet from social media to medical records to bank account activity we can hardly imagine a world without constant access to social media and the Internet for better or worse the modern world is completely reliant on this technology so what would happen if the Internet just stopped working before we explore what a world without the internet would look like we need to understand that the internet isn't a simple system there's no big red button to press that shuts it all down though some countries do have kill switches to use in the event of civil unrest such as Turkey Iran Egypt and many suspect China it would be incredibly difficult to take down the entire world's access to the Internet as the arrays of interconnected networks are incredibly massive and complex the simplest explanation for a complete world internet outage would be a powerful solar storm which would send destructive flares in our direction taking out satellites power grids and computer systems so while it's unlikely to happen on a worldwide scale it's definitely possible let's start with the personal changes we would all experience one morning you wake up grab your phone to check notifications like usual and then noting your social media and other apps won't load and neither will the actual web sites Twitter Facebook reddit YouTube Netflix Amazon all down at this point you'd probably be frustrated your morning routine thrown off but you'd probably assume your phone is just acting up and will fix itself soon let's assume you are planning on trying a new breakfast place in an unfamiliar part of town you get in your car open your GPS app and nothing now what how are you supposed to find your way you decide to wing it and try navigating by street signs an hour later you make it home after a long and frustrating adventure trying to find your destination looks like it's going to be another lazy Netflix day for you except when you turn on your TV and try to load Netflix nothing happens the situation is the same up and down your street across town and around the world but in some places things are getting much worse major cities like New York experience gridlock like never before with most traffic lights defaulting to solid or flashing red congesting the streets and making everyone late for everything those already at work in their offices have found that they can't send that important email or even clock in in many places students rushing to finish their papers go into panic mode when Wikipedia won't load and University Libraries experience their highest traffic in decades computerized water treatment plants and other utilities begin to fail sometimes lucky enough to have engineers on site able to switch to manual backup systems on Wall Street traders anxiously watch the screens not ready to panic just yet they couldn't sell even if they wanted to as the entire system relies on the internet in the banking world things are looking grim billions of dollars of active and pending transfers payments and deposits have vanished what happens when the system starts working again is the money still there credit and debit cards become worthless pieces of plastic businesses that are still operational can only accept cash other businesses aren't so lucky as the day's stretch on with no luck restoring the internet web-based companies begin to go under in time we'd see the death of Google Amazon eBay uber Twitter Facebook Netflix Spotify and hundreds of other web-only companies metro systems will grind to a halt air travel will slowly become logistical II impossible anyone using digital means of gathering news will be out of luck but some people may still be able to get local channels assuming the news stations are still operational when people begin to realize they can't reach their friends and family members through social media they resort to calling the mass influx of phone calls overloads telecommunication services and they begin to fail el-tee networks that rely on the internet go down leaving callers at the mercy of landline phones you get the picture the Internet is so ingrained in our modern society that life without it seems impossible of course there are a lot of people who say things like good a world without the internet means people will actually have to talk to each other or read a book or go outside and while there is a lot of merit to that on a personal and social level the fact of the matter is that many aspects of our world simply wouldn't function without the Internet but considering how unlikely it is for the entire world's Internet to go down here's a challenge get a taste for what life without the internet would be like leave your phone in your room for the afternoon just a few hours no Netflix either try to teach yourself a new skill without tutorial videos then once you've realized you're a hopeless wreck without those tutorial videos come back inside and really learn that skill with skill share the most common questions I get 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25 thoughts on “What If the Internet Stopped Working?

  1. There will be no more memes,
    Memes are permanent life necessities and a new addition to humanity,
    How can we survive?

  2. 4:35 Yeah, send a raven, to the cellular tower! Those things don’t know how to deal with electricity so they could accidentally get electrocuted and re enable the internet.

  3. I was born in 1995 I know what life was like without the internet, for a few years we didn't even have a computer.

  4. Slight problem with this theory. Most of the east coast has some form of hard connection mostly do to the Bell System and lines buried by one of the major railroad companies (I'm relatively sure it was Union Pacific or southern pacific)
    (Please do correct me if I'm wrong)

  5. Then all overated youtuberes are finally stopped and i can sleep peacefully.
    And no more 2 year olds giving money to streamers for no reason.

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