What is 5G? Behind the Mobile Network of The Future

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In this episode, we’re going to take a look at what 5G is, why it’s better than 4G,
and which companies are leading the 5G charge. 5G is a new cellular wireless standard that
promises to bring faster internet speeds to mobile devices and bring more services to
market. But what is 5G exactly? The term stands for the fifth generation standard or 5G for
mobile telecommunications. 5G uses a higher frequency band of the wireless spectrum called
millimeter wave that allows data to be transferred much faster than the lower
frequency band dedicated to 4G. One of the key benefits from this new wireless
standard is that 5G speeds will be up to 100X faster than 4G, and it will help create new
services and technologies that wouldn’t be possible without it. For example, the vast
Internet of Things industry will need faster and more reliable networks to bring about
driverless cars, industrial automation, and connected smart cities, which are all in their
infant stages right now. Some estimates put the total amount of worldwide
Internet of Things devices at 75 billion by 2025. But before we get there, wireless carriers
need to build out massive 5G networks. Thankfully, many of them have already started taking steps
to get there. Verizon has the goal of launching 5G in 30 cities by the end of this year,
and has already flipped the 5G switch in several large metro areas. The company has a lot of
incentive to get 5G up and running as fast as possible, considering the new wireless
standard’s massive potential. The CEO of Verizon’s consumer division has said that
by 2035, 5G will enable $12.3 trillion of global economic output and support 22 million
jobs worldwide. But Verizon isn’t the only U.S. carrier that’s betting on 5G. AT&T has
already launched 5G services in a handful of cities and plans to bring 5G to
21 markets by the end of 2019. But even if wireless carriers were able to
turn on 5G nationwide tomorrow, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. That’s because
right now, there are only a handful of 5G phones available. Make no mistake,
5G is just around the corner for U.S. consumers, but between network build-outs and the slow
release of 5G devices, most of us won’t have access to it until later next year at the
earliest. While the U.S. is closer to 5G than ever before,
China is also making moves towards 5G as well. The U.S. and China view 5G as a potential
technology battleground, with both countries working to become the undisputed leader for
the new wireless standard. By the end of 2019, China will have about 150,000 5G cellular
sites up and running, while the U.S. will have just a fraction of that. One of the reasons
China will be able to expand its 5G coverage so quickly is because the Chinese government
is making it a top priority. China’s government and wireless carriers are all working together
to get 5G up and running. If it succeeds, China will have more 5G users than
any other country by the end of 2020. The bottom line is that 5G is almost here,
and it’ll be a giant step forward for internet connected devices. Consumers will reap the
benefits of 5G by having lightning-fast mobile internet, and companies will benefit by offering
more connected services than ever before. Thanks for watching this video! Do you think
5G will transform mobile connectivity? Or is it all just hype? Let us know what you
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27 thoughts on “What is 5G? Behind the Mobile Network of The Future

  1. Personally I never notice the difference between 3G and 4G on when using my phone so 5G might be all hype for the average consumer

  2. 5G was used as a military weapon, people need to realize that any place is been installed close to people, they have been affected either disoriented, headaches, cancer. ๏ฟผ
    The biggest threat is they can turn this frequency up to any level creating a society of zombies if the uprise against the government!
    5G is here for a reason, and itโ€™s not for your benefit.
    Think Iโ€™m crazy, then do your own research.

  3. This video strikes me as an advertisement rather than an educational piece, since it only focuses on the benefits and doesnโ€™t offer up any potential detriments to having millimeter wave length radio frequencies (think unshielded microwave ovens) coursing through our bodies.

  4. Its interesting to see if 5g propels businesses into new highs, as some predict. Seems to be great times to be an investor ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. The millimeter wavelengths don't penetrate walls I understand, and only poorly penetrate windows. It also has short range. Those two restrictions seem to defeat each other. The latter makes it sound useful for cities, but the former makes it not so useful for cities, except when walking, which isn't typically a high bandwidth usage. I'm perplexed about how this technology is meant to be used.

    But, 5G isn't just millimeter band. There are longer wavelengths that can be used with it, as some carriers plan. This doesn't get the massive bandwidth of millimeter, but has fewer building problems and longer range. Not so different from 4G, but then sometimes small incremental wins.

    I'd love to see an in depth analysis of how 5G could be used, beyond the breathless "it'll help with everything". It clearly can't, so what, realistically, are the uses? Repeaters that bring the signal indoors? How sold/rented/leased/installed? Internet of things might benefit from low latency, but exactly what, how? I don't see most IOT needing massive bandwidth…a few bytes here and there. Is there a user case for streaming high resolution video or some such, and how would that be perceived, if say it involved uploading video of one's surrounding to some AI? "That's an Engelmann Spruce. A Beatles song is playing. That's your neighbor over there, and their son who just got out of prison." Brave New World doesn't always sell (though sometimes). Google Glass was vilified for much less (though people give maybe amounts of info through their phones). Maybe some of this is just "try it and see", but it does seem like some analysis should be possible. At least, will people want VHS or Betamax?

  6. I'm a part of the implementation of 5G in California. Me personally am focused on indoor deployments starting in arenas. Health concerns, no. Security concerns? That's a hot topic. It's a challenge from a propagation standpoint because mm wave doesn't lend well to penetration. Line of site is key. They're already getting over 1.5 gbps download speeds In testing so the step up from 4G is dramatic! We're deploying for Verizon and AT&T and it's pretty exciting. This is the door for things like fully functional autonomous vehicles. These speeds will allow the cars to react as intended. All of those weird looking cars that you see clogging up traffic will finally have the ability to send and receive data efficiently through the 5G network. Look up "The internet of things"…

  7. It's killing all the birds, trees and people here in Gateshead ๐Ÿ˜ก we are fighting Gateshead council and the government over this illegal and unlawful military weaponry on the LED street lights

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    Look up Mark steele 5G Gateshead and watch 5G apocalypse

  8. Many visit the ones stripped ugly from Glory and alienated in space of rebellious angels and gather forbidden knowledge and return to Earth hybrid and appear genuis to masses businesses and wandered after the beast of the digital world monsters domination matrix system. It wasn't Adam and Eve who bit that Apple from the ones stripped ugly from Glory , somebody else bit that Apple from the ones stripped ugly from Glory. Our Heavenly Father called them false gods of fallen angels in his commandments under his Covenant. One bad apple don't spoil a bunch unless you put all the carriers in the same basket from Apple, android, Who's galaxy nexus same basket of bad apples outside their lanes for subliminal Santa Revelation Chapters 1 14 Old Testament

  9. I'm shocked that a company responsible for recommending investments to such a large, and trusting audience would fail to mention the enormous risks involved with 5G. There is a substantial contingent of health professionals bringing their expertise to bear on this issue. This video merely parrots the industry propagandists without tipping a hat to the fast-growing, and I might add, informed resistance. And to an earlier poster's comments… it doesn't take ionizing radiation to cause damage to human cells. Non-ionizing radiation is known to cause considerable cellular damage. Do your homework before investing your money in this technology.

  10. Servitude = Freedom

    Laws = Peace

    Unity = Strength

    Police surveillance= Safety

    Donate your organs and save a life

    You're just a number and a product to be sold

    From birth to death you're just a product to be sold for $$$$$$$$

    Just a number. #737828383 A robot to serve the institution that owns you. The government owns you. You're not free. You're free to work. You're a slave. Obey, mate, give birth to more robots, work, pay your taxes to your corrupt government, deactivate, reactivate, repeat.

    Donate your organs to your puppet master. Elon Musk will destroy you with 5g technology. The governments will destroy you with military technology and carcinogenic substances. Cell phones and Pepsi are giving you cancer. Your water is poisoned, you're food is poisoned. You'll love your servitude and you'll complain when you're not being controlled. You're living in the Matrix and you'll love your servitude.

  11. You notice how he never mentioned the health issues associated with EMF of cell phone use which are proven facts and not speculation. You can cook an egg with two cell phones so what do you think it's doing to your brain?

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