What is Internet in Hindi and How Internet Works | History? – Vishal Malik

What is Internet? Out of 750 Crore People living on Earth, 310 Crore uses Internet daily. And You are also watching this Video using Internet. Friends you must have a question in your mind that… What is Internet? How Internet Works? and What is the History of Internet? and How with a single click you are able to send message to your friend thousands of kilometer away in few seconds. So Lets talk about the defination of Internet. When 2 or More computer are connected to share Information. Then that is Called Network. And since this type of network is availale all over the world and in every country The word International Network combines to make the word Internet. But what is the History of internet? In 1900 Nikola Tesla talked about the Idea of internet (What we call it today). But this Idea become possible in 1960 When Paul Baran with his Team create a Network named ARPANET. Friends this Network is Only for US defence. This Network is Only of four Computers. Paul Baran wants to Create such a Network or Internet on which anyone can freely share any information. But You know that But Government prohibit our Internet access and Block our Internet connetction. And this usually happens in Meerut. In starting Internet is only used for Education, Research and Defence. But now you know that where and How Internet can be used. ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) is only a Network of four Computers. and Such types of Network are connected together. And These Networks become such a large Network Internationally Which is known by the name Internet. And Friends all the Networks and Computers are connected via wires. These wires are spread across different countries. Friends If I talk about locals In our country wires are spread by Internet Service Providers (ISP) Like AirTel, Idea or Jio. All these spread wires. And If I talk Internationally Wires In the Sea and Oceans are Spread by Big Companies. Like At&T and Many More. Friends as you know that normal people can not bear the Cost of Internet Infrastructure. Who will do this Just for using facebook and WhatsApp. So We pay to Internet Service Provider. to Idea, AIrtel and Jio. Which create this Infrastructure and Provide Internet Service. Friends If you want to know How Internet works? You can watch this Video of Sid Talk. When we download any file from Internet. Then Our request is received by Internet Service Provider. Which spread wires all over the country. And After that Our request travels through wires And If data is requested over the seas. For which our Internet Service Providers have to pay to other Big Companies like At&T. Then we get our data. If you like this Video, Then please share with Your Friends. And to watch this type of Informative Video you can come to this channel at 7:30 PM Also Subscribe to this channel. Thanks for Watching. Jai Hind Vande Mataram.

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