What is Stadia and How It Works – Everything You Need To Know Before Launch

Okay, so you’re wondering what exactly is
Stadia? We’ve got you covered. Stadia is an all-new way to enjoy your favorite hit video games. Only you don’t need an expensive console
or PC to play. Stadia streams games directly from Google’s
data centers to your devices. It’s kind of like streaming music or TV
shows, but with high quality video games. To play on your TV, plug in a Chromecast Ultra,
and setup your Stadia Controller using the Stadia app on your phone. Once you’re set up, you buy the game you
want, then you play it. Instantly. You don’t have to wait for it to download,
either. Seconds after you press purchase, you’ll
be streaming your game directly from the Internet to your screen. And since it’s powered by Google’s data
centers, your games can run at premium specs. Up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second
with high dynamic range colors. But it doesn’t stop with your TV. You can bring the same incredible gaming experiences
to just about all the screens in your life. Your favorite games on your laptop, desktop,
and select tablets and smartphones. Is your roommate interrupting your game to
watch a show? Switch over to your laptop and pick up right
where you left off. On a trip? Stream games on your smartphone. Anywhere you’ve got WiFi, you’re just
a click away from buying the latest titles and instantly playing your games. Which also means you’re always a click away
from playing with your friends. The Stadia controller connects directly to
the Stadia servers to give you lightning fast response time when playing wirelessly. If you’re in love with another controller,
or a mouse and keyboard, you can use those to play Stadia on your computer. Stadia Pro is our premium subscription. It gives you up to 4K resolution, with 5.1
surround sound, and free games regularly. The longer you’re subscribed to Stadia Pro
and the more free games you claim, the larger your collection will be. Now you’re an expert in all things Stadia, coming to all kinds of screens everywhere. For the latest updates on Stadia, follow @GoogleStadia
or visit stadia.com.

100 thoughts on “What is Stadia and How It Works – Everything You Need To Know Before Launch

  1. There should be a free/demo game without subscription just to make sure my WiFi modem/phone hotspot is capable to stream High end games?

  2. 4K, 60FPS, 5.1 Sound … until you read the fine print and realize – no. Not at all. Unless your ISP loves you like, really loves you, insanely. This service is for a limited audience with fibre last mile access and no (hidden) bandwidth cap/throttling. Have fun, you "one percent" of one in 100 million Internet users.

  3. I really like the idea but my country probably won’t be up to the standards of stadia in terms of bandwidth and service availability for my country. Oh and I also must confess that I’m not really a fan of the part where you didn’t mention “some titles won’t have cross platform with all the platforms, and some titles will have only stadia platform to play with” caughs destiny 2 caughs

  4. Hey, and what's up with that input lag? And to high price for platform that don't work to well… Even if this will be work well in future it will be not worth price you want for it 🙂
    We gonna wait for PlayStation Now and xCloud xD and Nivida Games for somethink 🙂

  5. Biggest issues are…

    You pay full price for a game you will never actually own since its neither physical or digital, only streamed, and you still pay full price for it. Massive deal breaker right here.

    How long can you play before you hit the limit on your internet provider? Comcast currently has a 1 TB limit for most users and you'll hit that in about 65 hours.

    Both of these issues alone will make stadia a never buy for me

  6. There is literally no infrastructurethe world over for streaming video games do to data caps in the way the FCC conducts itself

  7. Onlive was able to make it work and they were a small company. I'll be honest i'm looking forward to this and hoping it works out. Really hope Eve Online Aether Wars and Star Citizen jump on board one day. Having 250mb download ain't bad either. So here's hoping this flourishes because I really don't want to spend 1300 on a new pc.

  8. DOWN WITH DIGITAL! Buying physical media is the only way to ensure you own it forever.

    Paying $10/mo to have access to the games I'm still paying full price for is baffling to me. Netflix doesn't ask you to buy every show on top of the subscription. Steam doesn't charge you to be your game library. Maybe someday Stadia will be popular enough that the game companies will license their titles in such a way that the user doesn't pay anything beyond the subscription, but until that happens, this model makes no sense from a consumer standpoint.

  9. 60 fps at 4k is bs coz even 2080ti cant give you that in most of the modern games and stadia is probably going to be weaker than that

  10. This means no offline gaming and I'll be forced to pay $62 for internet service every month just to play games. I think I'll stick to my PS4😏

  11. Beside I want to own my games. Peel off the plastic for that new Smell. Then after beating said game, I can lend a friend or swap for one of his games

  12. If you can get my Disney kitchen to run on the service, I'd like to propose a possible partnership.

  13. My PC has an 1155 socket. So now my processor has fallen off the min spec on top end games. That means I need to upgrade the mobo and cpu. Did I mention DDR3 ram? Yeah so Stadia's timing is impeccable!

  14. And if they didn't launch their product yet I suggest they add a small touch screen like the ps5 controller . Cz It's painful to write using a controller .

  15. Сan I play it on my e-ink pocket book via gprs?
    Seriously, I have 500 mbit connection and 50 via lte and I can't play it …
    country out of coverage

  16. I thought all thee games were free if I vuy the chromecast ultra and pay a subscription monthly(not only in stadia pro)

  17. "everything you need to know"

    How much is it?

    How much is the subscription aspect?

    What do you get from the subscription?

    Or do you just buy titles and that's it?

    Will the games price point be similar that of consoles like the PS4?

    Can it be played on all smartphones or just Pixel devices?

    Is it released globally on the same day?
    What is the actual release date?

    If you buy the controller then go to a different country, will everything work fine there? Or is there any kind of region locking etc?
    So… The video wasn't really "everything I needed to know"

  18. Are stadia still promising in 3rd world country to work flawlessly? PC gaming still works flawlessly in 3rd world country tho

  19. Hopefully, porting over some classic games to Stadia is in the cards. Wouldn't mind seeing some of the older Elder Scrolls and BioShock games again.

  20. With 1 catch all your data would be selled on your phone and pc laptop and tv when you connect to stadia people who know how to be private on the internet will understand

  21. One free game a month can add up quick. More games than you have time to play… not to mention games that are already free-to-play such as Destiny 2… you can also apply to be a stadia game developer (I'm interested) so there will be lots of indie games as well as the big names… awesome 😀

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