What’s the Best Web Browser? (February 2015)

Odds are you spend a good chunk of your day
inside a web browser but which one is fastest? To test we’ve got a midrange PC running
the Windows 10 Technical Preview and a 2013 11 inch MacBook Air, both of which are outfitted
with SSDs to keep things fair. The reason we’re using Windows 10 is Project Spartan.
This is an all new browser Microsoft will be including in Windows 10 to replace Internet
Explorer. There’s a very early version of this included in the Technical Preview which
you can access by going to about:flags in IE 11 and turning on the experimental features.
This should give us a pretty decent look at how Spartan will match up once Windows 10
comes out. The first test we’ve got is Peacekeeper which is a good general test of how a browser
performs. On Windows it’s surprisingly close between Firefox, Chrome and Opera. You can
see Spartan slightly improves from Internet Explorer but it still trails quite a bit behind.
Over on the Mac side things are still close but here Firefox pulls a bit more of a lead.
Next we’ve got Octane which is all about testing the Javascript speed of the browsers.
Here Chrome and Opera pull out the win which makes sense as they share a lot of DNA however
the big surprise is Spartan, it’s a massive improvement over Internet Explorer. On Yosemite
it’s basically the same story, Chrome is the performance champ with Firefox and Safari
trailing behind. Now let’s take a look at the HTML5 test to see which browser supports
the most HTML features. Again Chrome and Opera pull out the win here followed by Firefox
and Safari. Spartan improves only slightly but this of course is still a very early version.
Browserscope is a simple test that checks how many common web threats your browser can
block. And surprise, surprise, Chrome and Opera do well here but the really interesting
thing is the fairly poor performance of Safari and especially Firefox. A new test this time
around is the Unity WebGL benchmark. This is all about checking out the gaming performance
in some of the latest browser based games. The benchmark didn’t behave very well in
Windows but on Mac it’s obvious that Firefox is the way to go for WebGL content with the
rest falling quite a ways behind. Next I tested how long it takes to start each browser and
then load the Google homepage. Here we see Project Spartan pull out a huge win by loading
in just over a half second, beating out even Internet Explorer thanks to being built-in
to Windows. On Mac it’s still quite a bit closer with Chrome edging out the win but
there’s still less than a one second difference between all four. To see how well each of
the browsers will run on older computers I loaded up eight popular websites and measured
how much memory they each use. On Windows Firefox is impressively lightweight, needing
quite a bit less RAM than the rest of the field. Spartan also does a good job, improving
quite a bit over Internet Explorer. On Mac Safari pulls out a slight win where Opera
falls quite a bit behind. While it’s hard to go wrong with browsers these days Chrome
is still the most solid choice for both Windows and Mac. So what browser are you guys using?
Let me know in the comments below and if you want to catch more videos like this be sure
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catch you in the next one.

100 thoughts on “What’s the Best Web Browser? (February 2015)

  1. i use google chrome but i use windows xp but its said that no longer be support so i want change wich one is the best browser

  2. with my macbook pro 15" i use firefox but when i watch 4k video on youtube it performances really bad, or when i watch a movie with vlc and firefox open at the same time the video starts to lag or something like that.. anybody knows why is that? also a few months ago i had windows and it never happend :c

  3. Chrome and Firefox are the web browsers that are widely used. But each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, Chrome is not as easily configurable as Firefox. Chrome does not synchronize keyboard bookmarks at all. There is a web browser named IceDragon from Comodo. It is a fast and versatile web browser based on both Firefox and Chrome technology. It offers all of Chrome's features PLUS unparalleled level of security and privacy.

  4. i really want to upgrade my tower to windows 10 so that I can use Microsoft edge, but at the same time I hear you cant play all the games from earlier os so I don't want to lose my gaming ability.

  5. I run a linux mint computer and I seem to get the most performance out of firefox, I also have seen the best compatibility on the sites I use from firefox on windows, mac, and the Linux distros

  6. Happy New Year! Can't believe its 2006 already! Posting on internet explorer i hope my message will be seen by 2020!

  7. How about testing browsers which aren't popular? … If we keep liimting to Opera, Firefox, Safari, IE, Chrome.. the smaller guys who can be better are left out of the test

  8. nice review, but i just can't agree with chrome being the most solid. x)
    that thing goes berserk…he is just hungry for resources, sometimes uses same amount of ram or cpu usage as Ableton live of After effects and premiere. its just too much for a browser i really don't know what is doing to use so much cpu and ram but he's not solid, an app that just sucks you desktop battery significantly can't be considered a solid app. if im running a lil heavy project on a audio software or video and i need to use a browser i want one that can control himself on using resources and chrome does not! x)

  9. I use chrome cuz someone told me it's faster than firefox. For me, I honestly don't see much of a difference in speed but I do notice that chrome is simple while firefox has features. Chrome has a built-in flash player but uses lots of memory.

  10. I use Microsoft edge it has security thanks to Windows defender and plus it comes with Windows 10 Java is up to date

  11. I use the absolute best browser, Netscape navigator…..I can use it to go surfin on the net, or say to my friends see you on the net!

  12. I don't know why but it seems Firefox has slowed down a lot for me. It chugs sometimes when I go to scroll down or type and delays briefly and seems to use the most memory. Chrome for me is much faster and doesn't have these hiccups. I don't have many extensions either so I don't think that's the issue. I clear my cache and history often as well using Crap Cleaner.

    Looks like I might make the switch to Chrome or Opera. Firefox was good back in the mid 2000s, now it seems to have gotten slower for me. Strange.

  13. I like Firefox and, if for some reason I can’t use Firefox, I use IE 11, although Microsoft really wants me to switch to Microsoft Edge

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