When to Use VPN Browser Proxy Extension | NordVPN

What’s the difference between the NordVPN app on your computer and the NordVPN proxy extension for Chrome or Firefox? The native NordVPN app on your computer protects
all your browsing activities, changes your IP, and secures your privacy regardless of
the browser you use. If you have any other apps you wish to tunnel,
only a VPN app can do the job. Also, if you choose another country as your
location, you will see the content tailored to that country on all your browsers. However, sometimes you might need to hide
your IP or change your location only on a selected browser. The browser extension helps you safely access
your favorite sites, securing only the HTTP traffic on your browser. So, if you only plan on browsing the web,
a proxy browser extension will probably be enough to suit your needs. However, if you are using browsers other than
Chrome or Firefox, choose the full-featured NordVPN apps for secure and private browsing. For more information about online security,
don’t forget to subscribe to the NordVPN YouTube channel.

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