Who is Andrew Yang, the Internet’s Favorite Candidate? | 2020 Presidential Candidate

A former
tech company executive who’s a political newcomer — “I am not a
career politician, as most of you know.
I’m an entrepreneur.” — with a devoted
internet following. “Hello, I’m Andrew Yang.” And an army of memes. Andrew Yang is
running for president. So, who is he? Yang is the son of
Taiwanese immigrants and a lawyer by training. But he made his mark
as an entrepreneur. He helped build a college
test preparation business that was bought
by a big company. And it made him
a modest fortune. “Are you ready
to build something?” After that, he started an organization that
connects college graduates with startups. That job took him
across the Midwest and eventually led
him to politics. “We automated away
four million manufacturing jobs in Michigan, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and so I was like, why are
we not talking about that? So, that’s where
this all started.” So, what are his priorities? Well, he’s got a long list. But the one policy
that’s turning heads: “Universal basic income —” “Universal basic income —” “He calls it the
Freedom Dividend.” “Now if you’ve heard
anything about me, you‘ve heard that there’s
an Asian man running for president who wants to
give everyone $1,000 a month. And all of those
things are true.” Yang says this will ease
the pain caused by the robot apocalypse, as more
jobs become automated. His internet army,
known as the Yang Gang — “Where’s the money?
Where’s the money? We have the money.” — helped sell the policy with the #SecureTheBag hashtag. But opponents of the
plan say its price tag makes it unrealistic. It could cost
approximately $2 trillion, roughly half the
current federal budget. Some of his other
policy proposals? Medicare for all,
gun safety and even free
marriage counseling for all. The dilemma to Yang as
an internet darling? Some of that support is
coming from the internet’s far right, in places like
4chan, Gab and 8chan. Yang has spoken out against it. But there’s no doubt
it’s helped him go viral. “You know, it’s been
a point of confusion because I don’t look much
like a white nationalist. So, I’ve completely disavowed
any of that support.” What’s his relationship
with President Trump? Well, Yang has positioned
himself like this: “The opposite of
Donald Trump is an Asian guy
who likes math. And then there’s even an
acronym we’re working with, which is Make America Think.” And he hasn’t held back. “As an entrepreneur,
most entrepreneurs feel like Donald Trump gives us
all a bad name and he’s more of a
marketing charlatan than he is a real builder.” Yang doesn’t seem to be
on Trump’s radar just yet. Yang says he’s the
candidate to beat Trump because he’s focused on the
economic anxiety that got Trump
into the White House. “We need to evolve to the
next form of our economy in order for Americans
to have a path forward.” So, what are his chances? Yang is still a
fringe candidate by conventional standards
and polling behind the leading
Democratic contenders. “Yang Gang 2020.
Yang Gang 2020.” But in an era where a
so-called meme army helped President Trump win,
being an online megastar could still count
for something.

100 thoughts on “Who is Andrew Yang, the Internet’s Favorite Candidate? | 2020 Presidential Candidate

  1. The "Internet's" favorite candidate.

    I'm ok with that, because with the Internet, we have almost no need for something like the New York Times. The Internet is the medium that allows channels to provide long-form interviews and in-depth discussions, and the Internet democratizes the access to the candidate. We don't need a filter like the NYT or anyone else for that matter.

  2. I'm confused, why is the far right supporting something that helps the poorest in society when the stereotype of right wing is that they don't care about people, also why are memes and the far right so often mentioned together?

  3. Yang is the truth. He has a concrete policy plan, and will speak to either side of the aisle. This is why he is poised to WIN against Trump if nominated.

  4. This guy wants Medicare for All and universal minimum income and thinks VAT can pay for it all lol. Look at how many tools here salivate at the thought of free money. There is no such thing as free money, period. Sorry to burst your bubble. And the freedom dividend is a fraud, because giving hundreds of millions of people $1k for free, at the cost of all taxpaying Americans and corporations (VAT will not cover it all), will result in massive inflation, and that's a fact. And by the way! VAT is something the consumers pay. It's a TAX on the consumer. YOU pay for it with every service you will ever buy in America, and you end up paying WAY more than your $1k per month. Wake up! There's no such thing as free money!!

  5. Lmao an Asain Gangster running for POTUS…

    Yang: an Asian version of Trump..

    Yang: an entrepreneur
    Trump: a businessman

    Both have no politic experience.

  6. It's funny because he's the literally the opposite of trump, but the same at the same time, he focuses on the same people and economic anxiety ("Americans losing their jobs") but the difference is that Trump blames immigrants while Yang blames technology (automatization)
    Trump proposes a wall, while Yang proposes a UBI, but the the problem (for me) is that they built their whole campaign on that promise (which such proposals are heavily complex) it's kinda dangerous to make their statement a promise.
    The rise of Yang, we have all seen it before (Trump) and it didn't end too well since he never completed his promise (yet)
    I still trust Mr Yang, I believe in him, and I rather put my future in the hands of a candidate who's focus is on the technological advances and it's impact on our society.
    Thanks for listening to my Ted talk 🙂

  7. Andrew yang is the real deal. First candidate I have ever truly supported and even taking the time to comment, which I never do. Like people are saying, if he can unite a YouTube comment section, he can unite a country. No lie!!! YANG GANGGGG!!!

  8. Biden
    : 13:19 minutes.

    Harris: 12:16 minutes.

    : 11:21 minutes.

    : 10:58 minutes.

    : 9:22 minutes.

    : 7:34 minutes.

    : 5:08 minutes.

    : 4:58 minutes.

    : 4:43 minutes.

    2:58 minutes … NBC have INTENTIONALLY muted Andrew Yang . Disgusting.

  9. He’s wants to give everyone 1,000 dollars a month 😂😂😂😂May be he’s going to take it out of pay check lol 😂😂😂

  10. Universal Income would cost the government $3,000,000,000,000 dollars a year. That's the value of Apple Inc x 3 every year.

  11. It’s all over ig and I can’t stand it. His UBI policies are practically socialism, and he pretends to deal out free money. If it works, he is a god, but it’s not going to work

  12. Income inequality is the largest social issue of our time.
    It causes immense crime and prisons. Yang is the only candidate that'll create significant change for the better.

  13. Yangs a communist that wants to take money from investors who risked their money. And steal the investors money who took risks and give that money, to people who did not invest their money and take the risk. In other words, destroy the USA’s economy.

  14. She said Yang's priorities were, "the economy and boosting unemployment". Maybe it was a slip, but if this was edited then someone noticed it.

  15. This video is a perfect example of Journalists not doing their homework. Hey New York Times here's the link to how much UBI would ACTUALLY cost: https://www.yang2020.com/what-is-ubi/

  16. I like the politic points but they made him seem like a joke did a little of my own research and I like him They did not put him up to his glory

  17. The cost of Universal Basic Income (UBI) is often misunderstood and greatly exaggerated. A simple, "back-of-the-envelope" estimate of the net cost of a UBI set at about the official poverty line: $12,000 per adult and $6,000 per child with a 50% "marginal tax rate" is $539 billion per year: about one-sixth its often-mentioned but not-very-meaningful gross cost of about $3.415 trillion. The net cost of this UBI scheme is less than 25% of the cost of current U.S. entitlement spending, less than 15% of overall federal spending, and about 2.95% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The average net beneficiary is a family of about two people making about $27,000 per year in market income. The family's net benefit from the UBI would be nearly $9,000, raising their income to almost $36,000 (Widerquist).

  18. This is not an accurate representation of Andrew Yang. I highly recommend watching one of his interviews!

  19. He sounds really good! He sounds great! But I tell you, he won't make president. America isn't about giving anything free and his parents are immigrants! And plus America isn't ready for a Asian looking man to Lead the Great country AMERICA or Americans. #Facts

  20. I'm a Bernie Sanders fan and i'm really starting to like Andrew Yang. I'll have to do more research on his policies and such, but so far, I like what i'm seeing.

  21. Stop the fake media from turning off Yang's microphone. Notice the media is doing everything in their power to keep Biden on top.

  22. The most informed, intelligent candidate for 2020. If the media would talk about his IDEAS and capabilities for the future we face, instead of “oh, he’s the guy who wants to give a basic income” PEOPLE WOULD REALIZE WHAT A GREAT CANDIDATE Yang really is. Alternatively, we can all continue to pretend our greatest threat of China’s capabilities just don’t exist. Tariffs are just a works for a very short while plan to acknowledge the problem while doing nothing to fix it. Over time the US is the trade tariff LOSER

  23. So this is basically for all the chuds that couldn't get their meme president Musk to run, so they built the same personality cult around this guy who couldn't even begin to understand how to get anything done in Washington.

  24. Yet another example of establishment media looking down upon decentralized internet media, when it was their failure and shortcomings that brought about the latter in the first place.

  25. Saying he's the internet favorite means he's the overall favorite. So stop running your lying pills about Joe Biden somehow being way out in front when literally nobody cares for him

  26. I cannot resent any comfort others may need or feel. Lazy people are not common or smug or some sort of potential dilemna, they are irrelevant to a positivist society. The freedom dividend is a nice construct and we should feel an ugly resentment for the theft of our peace dividend, which was buried as an idea by the slimy Democratic and Republican parties. However, the stolen and buried may have to be kept in place.

  27. Hold on hold on hold on. Unemployment is a big thing bc people aren’t applying for jobs – there are exceptions, but even if you can’t get a high paying job or something that matches your certification, there’s no reason to truthfully be unemployed unless you are disabled or too young

  28. What about showing his answer to that very question of how we’re going to pay for it? It’s throughly brilliant. The times just leaves it hanging when there’s plenty of footage of him explaining the Alaskan model, where the citizens share in oil revenues. Tech is the new oil. We all get a dividend which will then improve local economies, give people esteem and move us into the “trickle up” economy. UBI has been championed on a national level before and was almost passed in the early 70’s. His knowledge and ideas are extraordinary. Dig deeper on Yang. He’s the future.

  29. A candidate with a brain cell that actually understands current culture and doesn't just blame mass shootings on video games. Somebody pinch me, I think I'm dreaming

  30. you are making out yang to be a joke but he is actually someone fit to be our president and will do more then any of the current candidates imo the righting for this is inappropriate even tho i appreciate the exposure they are giving its not the kind that is going to help him in the long run. the fact you didn't include his value added tax and his thought out strategy to pay for the IBU/Freedom dividend just shows how it seems like you are trying to make him look bad. if other people are confused how he would pay for the freedom dividend then please go look for videos of him explaining it.

  31. the biggest thing that Andrew Yang is missing is exposure so tell your friends to check him out you don't need to push it too hard he is already so good they should switch just from hearing his strait logic and facts compared to all this political drama and other things these other candidates are talking about. not all candidates are bad just most of them at least compared to andrew. :p

  32. People love him solely because he has promised lazy and naïve people that they'll receive free money per month for no extra cutbacks or consequences… Bunch of idiotic Democrats

  33. So many misrepresentations and bad cuts in this video. Give some respect to the man and at least inform the people properly on his policies.

  34. There are 2.2 million inmates that we spend $36,000 on each of them yearly, how about we just pay them $12,000 each to stay out of jail and make the country safer?

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