Who You Gonna Call? Superfan Creates Replica Ghostbusters Car

LOREN: This is nerd bucket list. When you build an Ecto-1 you take it to Manhattan! COMM: Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters is one of the most iconic vehicles in cinema history. KEVIN: You guys seen any ghosts? COMM: And today Loren Baldwin is taking his exact replica of the car to Hook & Ladder
8 in New York. The fire station that featured in the movie. WOMAN: When they said they were coming to the firehouse first thing in the morning I
was like “What time?! I’ll be there”. LOREN: This is an exact replica of the Ecto-1 from the movie Ghostbusters. I’ve owned it
for about six and a half years now. It is a 1959 Miller-Meteor Futura Duplex. LOREN: I actually had been searching for eight years to find the car and I had given up.
I was like, I’m never gonna find this car, then six months later I find it on accident
looking for another car. I immediately called the owners and was like, here’s the money
right now, take it! It was originally just a bare body. It had been disassembled by the
previous owner and it was going through a restoration. COMM: The car cost him $2,500 and the conversion process was a true labour of love. LOREN: It took two years to collect all the parts and six months to put it all together.
It’s like a jigsaw puzzle without instructions. COMM: Loren spent around $20,000 on the conversion. But estimates the actual cost would have been
over a hundred thousand dollars if he hadn’t managed to persuade local fabricating shops
to make him some parts in return for a promotion when he shows the car in public. MATTHEW: The role that I played in the building process was mainly doing some of the body
work, we did a lot of the prep work just in his barn. MATTHEW: Loren’s passion for the Ecto-1 came basically from the movie. Having the toys
growing up he just took it one step further than everyone else and said I’m gonna make
the big boy toys. COMM: But he was determined to create a perfect replica. LOREN: The first time we ever met in person was in Los Angeles with the original car.
He was taking down serial numbers, he was taking down the sizes of the gizmos on the inside.
His attention to detail is astonishing. LOREN: The unique features of the car are the lights and sirens – they all work. I have the
exact siren that you hear in the movie. LOREN: Because it’s 21ft long it’s really difficult to see where you are, so that’s why I added this five panel mirror up here. And I’ve got a mirror here, mirror here and a mirror there also and I still have blind spots. LOREN: It doesn’t go more than sixty-five miles an hour. I’ve got it up to seventy but
it’s not very aerodynamic. COMM: Loren’s Ecto-1 inspires some avid fans, especially outside the original movie location. WOMAN: I’ve been chasing her on and off for about two years but lighting never really
stuck until now. WOMAN: I’m not worthy! I am so not… MATT: Everyone reverts back to being a five, six, seven year old kid and they can’t wipe
the smile off their face. LOREN: It’s actually pretty humorous in the fact that nobody ever sees a car like this
before so just in general people wig out, they’re like “Oh my God the coolest thing ever!” MAN: Yo, get a picture of us. WOMAN: No way. MAN: Andrew only watched it literally, probably about a month or so ago. So it’s good to come down
and see this. It’s a shame it’s not here all the time. You don’t expect to see something
like this when you’re walking around the streets of New York, so this is something that will
live in the kid’s memories and mine for quite some time. COMM: And given the amount of time and money Loren spent on the car thankfully it’s
as popular with his wife as it is with the New York public. CODY: We’ve got a lot of cars and this one is definitely the pride and joy and he’s put
a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this baby. And he does good work with it too, he
takes it around to charity events and tries to help raise money and y’know he does really
good stuff with this car.

100 thoughts on “Who You Gonna Call? Superfan Creates Replica Ghostbusters Car

  1. Wow. It was meant to be. He gave up looking for it because he spent so long looking and thought it was impossible to find and acquire. And he was looking for another car, and it pretty much just finds HIM. What an amazing love story. wipes away tear

  2. If they didn't give that lady a ride in her that's messed up.

    P.S. I saw Ecto-1 and Ecto-1A at the Philly custom car show sometime in the early 90's.

  3. Машина Оxотников за Привиденями класс восозданая как фильме.

  4. Также Я изучаю привидения Боготыря Гиганта Свеолода в Волотове это привидение 8 Класса.

  5. I don't care what anybody says, the cool factor of the ecto-1 surpasses any other movie car I have ever seen hands down

  6. Hey hey Don't know if anyone wuld think of this therse many replicas of the car BUT I always whonder WHAT was the Original Ecto that was used in the 1st movie and WHERE is it now? I've always wanted to know

  7. I love when people make a great replica movie/tv car. It brings so much joy to so many people that get to see them out on the road or up close and to get pictures. Car looks amazing!

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  9. Just amgine driving up to work or high school with this. I would be shouting I got a date with a ghost out the window pulling up to work

  10. Ghostbusters 3 Summer Who Ya Gonna Call Classic 2020 Okay Welcome Okay Time Kid Do Have Okey Time Welcome Okay Who Kid Go?

  11. Dream garage . 1 . Ecto 1 , 2. BTTF delorean . 3 KITT from the original Knight Rider . 4. Plymouth Fury from Christine ,5 Herbie , 6. Ford Falcon Interceptor from Mad Max .

  12. Pretty amazing stuff! In case you haven't heard, they restored/rebuilt the ORIGINAL Ecto 1 from the first movie, back in 2014. It's gorgeous😍 and Dan Aykroyd stopped by and gave it his blessings! https://youtu.be/SjXvCHnHjVw The word on the street is, that it's being used for the filming of the new G.B. Afterlife movie, that they just dropped the trailer for a few weeks ago. They had to do the 'period-correct' patina and antique-ing on it for the movie, and it looks pretty ratty in the trailer, but maybe they'll 'clean it up' later on.😁👍

  13. Imagine when they taking a photo and the firefighters have an fire alarm but the ecto1 engine was failure

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