hello robert this is Trina Maduro a my sweetheart cube hello welcome and we're talking to you about what's called the business of the 21st century very important subject especially for those of you out there who really don't like your work are not making enough money and looking for a challenge so we're talking about a subject that some people misunderstand is called network marketing and I've personally never been in network marketing but my friend Donald Trump you know he and I wrote the book while he wants to be rich why he wants to be rich it's simply because if you're not rich you're poor middle class I mean the number of pores increasing and middle-class is decreasing that's why one should be rich and we also wrote Midas touch and Donnell and I about the only two guys out there are recommending network marketing although we're not been in it so my sweetheart Kim has been in network marketing and treat us with our network marketing so we're going to be talking to you about that and so I ask you keep an open mind especially if you think it's something you never would do in all this because a lot of benefits to it and today we've been talking about the benefits other than just money there's some tremendous benefit to being a network marketing business so start with Tim refers how did you go to network marketing I got in network morning because I was fired from my first job out of college I was looking for something to do yes I and actually I was fired because I really wanted to learn the business and my boss mind me learn a job so I didn't want to learn a job I wanted to learn the business I was in oh I think so that I good I wanted to learn business and I didn't want to learn a job so while she wants me at my desk at her beck and call I was working in the sales department in the production department and the art department learning the business of advertising so she fired me but I still wanted I still had this kind of entrepreneurial bent and so I discovered network marketing this this woman I met said hey there's there's this company and you can be a sales rep and you can make a lot of money and I'm like okay tell me all about so I became a network marketer and this is I was about 22 23 years old and I learned a ton and one of the biggest things that I learned was selling because at that point in this company a lot of it was about sales and so here's what I would do because I had a lot of free time on my hands I worked out at the fitness club I had a membership 24 hour I had a membership at a fitness club so I spent a lot of time at the fitness club working out because I couldn't be in control of that since right now I wasn't in control of a job and then I found this network marketing company skin care products and I thought perfect match up so I took my little kit and I went to the locker room of the fitness club and I sat down there and I had free facials and I'd give people samples and they bought her from me and it was a perfect environment because they were in there changing their clothes they had a little bit of time I could talk to them I knew free stuff and it was working really well until I found out I was somebody's competitions and there was apparently a store right above the gym they had a lease they didn't want me they are selling skincare products because they pulled skincare products I'm like no problem there's another Fitness Club about 20 minutes away so I took the bus and every day I'd go on the bus tonight go to this other Fitness Club set up my little shop and sell my products and even free facials and I learned about Selleck I was an entrepreneur and I was learning how to sell and I had to learn when people said no no I don't want it I had to figure out how do you what do you say to have them keep the conversation going and and it was really it was a great great great experience so Trina how did you answer that right mark well my story started in Kansas City Missouri I was fresh out of graduate school yeah well is really absolute degrees right Social work's very affluent well I was back on non-family now like a masters or so I have a master's degree in social work I'm a big bleeding heart and how much food along did you have fifty thousand dollars plus which was more than my salary way more than my salary so for me I was at a gas station in Kansas City and I was fresh out of graduate school I got approached by a man who was excited about this company and he scared me because you know from the hood so I thought that you know it wasn't going to be a good interaction and he said oh my gosh you have such a great attitude I can just tell from a distance I would love you to come to a meeting that I'm putting on again this is my first ever exposure to anything to do with network marketing and so I didn't know this guy he was a stranger I took his car I turned him down I never showed up a couple of months later a group of African Americans approached me at Walmart and told me about another company in the industry of telecommunications it's only you'll be great in this in this industry and this business network marketing for some reason you know I always carry a smile on my face and I'm always cordial and nice I'm going to make eye contact with this group of young entrepreneurs the next thing you know I was signed up for a telecommunication company I was at Walmart signing up people for long distance we're signing up from like 8:00 p.m. to midnight after work and then one thing led to another I became a field coordinator in this in this company after four years and I was well on my way to a whole new business so for me the biggest I would say obstacle was overcoming the rejection and so immediately they put me out there not to go through a ton of nose and I was just getting beat up out there some valuable is it was a value of aeschylus and they would come back to the house and we would talk about it would debrief about it and in my flight in my mentor always ask me how that makes you feel okay what if I can do it again tomorrow night and that's the part about what really works with network marketing versus traditional corporate work is like everybody's your coach everybody wants you to make it whereas in corporate America they don't want you to make it because you may take their job you know it's when people say network marketing is a Ponzi or pyramid scheme they don't know what they're talking about corporate America is a pyramid scheme it goes like this and only one person can make the top but in network marketing it's like this the only way you get this is you've got to bring other people up right so there's a lot of room at the top and your job is to go poop bring people up bring pail pull up and you coach them into success and you can come just hang out they don't fire you right oh no not at all you're not in a box you realize that really the world is at your fingertip is up to you it has to be is up to me is what we always say to one another because we the support system was amazing because if you go out there six days a week you're beat up because you have the status quo mentality out there of everyone who have traditional jobs telling you you're crazy you're not going to make it you're stupid you know once you get a real job you know so those voices are still there but they don't have any effect on me whatsoever I am bulletproof but back then you know we need it one another you know like those young people in San Diego need one another to continue to core together and and fight those naysayers once you get through that you break through it the sky is the limit and so that's why I wrote the book this is the 21st century because network marketing is this is a 21st century it's about cooperation it's about being generous whereas business of the 20th century which is corporate America it's about greed it's about being you know just courting for yourself if you share you lose so we're in a completely new era today that the 21st century and it's time for us to be more generous not greedy like corporate America and that's really the transition we're going through in our world so before you and you get you have one of the most interesting stories about where you grew up how you grew up in the ghetto I guess my again come visit us and I've seen together ER but I've never lived in the ghetto would you have some always been amazed at how you got out of the ghetto because that's the hard part getting out right that's correct so tell Tom how you are you raised well I was literally raised between the bullets of two rival gangs in the city of Chicago on the south side all right almost Barack Obama that's right so what that's right all right he's coming well Hawaii african-american please Royal Hawaiian well we happen to Clinton with Chicago what was 14 siblings in a single-parent home your mother at 14 she berth 11 and she raised three of my sister's kids on birthday they were joined maybe and so we were voted the least likely to succeed family we had most deplorable home we were on government cheese government food as well oh no they're not living a high-rise Robert we lived in a ghetto of Chicago my sister lives in a 16-story high-rise in a Robert Taylor homes which were big ghetto projects we lived in the community and we would go there every single weekend so our family was pretty much spread out throughout Chicago and the small ghetto communities as well at the high-rise Robert Taylor homes and Katrina green and so we had the best of both worlds and it comes to be on an East Side been on the west side and the north side and it was all very very rough I mean I talk about it today but I fear for my life every single day I went to sleep and fear I woke up in fear and went to school in fear and I was a college basketball player aspiring to be a professional basketball players and I would play on a playground and and it wasn't uncommon for to sweep up the glass then and clean up the blood from the night before the violence that might be for and in play basketball and so we were living I grew up in little in the midst of violence and I still remember as an eight-year-old girl I had to scream of becoming a millionaire and I had no idea how z'n achieved that I thought it was going to be becoming a professional basketball player so I would practice my skills every single day because I knew I was going to go to the Olympics they didn't have a professional girls team at the time but I knew that I was going to that was gonna be my mail ticket as I get old and so I did I reached a professional status at age 21 IV volleyball and basketball little I did kind of little righted it to the WNBA they didn't have a WNBA during that time so I was too early that's why they go a different I would have to go a different direction so again you know I began to just to just do what people were telling me to become successful so I got advanced degrees so we went to school to get a master's degree because at that time I was disappointed that the WNBA had birth yet and so to me the next best success step would be to go to graduate school and so I got another $30,000 in debt go into graduate school University of Kansas I get there to one year program graduated with honors and I thought that making an extra $10,000 was the key and soon after that I was introduced to network marketing the rest is history but to come from literally would you make more because that work marketing or social work oh my goodness are you serious as a social worker unfortunately during that time I was happy not my my starting salary was twenty three thousand five hundred what about a year that was at the batch of the Masters it was thirty five thousand and so now my network marketing business has surpassed absolutely and now it's beginning to pay my student loans back for the next thirty years no I think I'll go a lot faster from there it will it will and I met Robert I shared a vision with Smita Boys and Girls Club in that vision and I'll never remember this Robert I want to I want to create twenty millionaires over the next 20 years from the ghetto from the urban area I wanted to take what I was learning from the rich dad company from rich dad coaching and from investing everything was the Epiphany for me it was all new ideas and aha moments I wanted to go back to my community and help elevate them and pull them out and so we begin this investment club with the Boys and Girls Club we're still working on it right now but Robert told me you yourself have to become a millionaire before you can make others you need to practice what you preach so that's why I went to reistad coaching and that's why I mean the he goes takes five to ten years to become a millionaire I'm a year seven and so I know once I reach that status I'll be able to put a lot more young youth from them from the ghetto from the urban areas to that to that place and right now I'm starting a school of entrepreneurship and business at my church as we speak and they're letting me come in there let me come into the church and to play Cassius over the kids they've bought casual games we have played with what hundreds of staff and kids are ready and right now we're ready to start to school in 2015 so I know that my dream and my vision is going to be realized thank you thank you that I think one of the interesting about cash flow some we met was we're playing the play cash flow in the Boys and Girls Club it's not like normal boys and girls club there's high fence all around that's correct Rana Meredith and there was a shooting that wounded and correction and the Trina says ah gotta watch out for the oh geez geez what's an OG old gangster and those are the guys they go to jail but they come out and sitting and they're in network marketing also I think they got a rich group recruit new kids or so just removing so they have a task force yeah so that's up on a fence up because the old gangsters would come by and recruit kids drunks from so here I have me and my little yuppie outfit and all this and the camera will catch ballgames in they're like holy Christ you know I mean we're in the ghetto in Phoenix but it's that's when it touches your heart come this is one kid he was considered Chris Martin he couldn't speak and all that especially oh he was a specialist yeah other kids you know they're just choosing between gangsters or network marketing okay I'm not gonna discuss I said I know I know what's on you know when you're 15 15 years old you know what I'm saying and they're planning so yeah I saw a couple file will crack and although I mean no joke okay that room was full of pimps prostitute into a villager voter and I was just myself at home but there was that one kid who everyone bullied and he wanted to be a part of it any any kaberi top he stuttered and he was a lord remedial classes in a school and he pledged cash blow it off all right the lights went off that's right the lights will know on when he was done he didn't get out the rat race but he finished a game positive cash flow he told his mother taking me out of special ed I want to be a mainstream school and then that next day the mother came about a cash flow game and that family played ever since dancer that child was not the same kid every single day he did not want to read the same books he was reading he wanted to be challenged at a new level yeah and III get talked up this thing about this kid and and his family and how cash flow has to just change their life and if it just changed one family's life my time there was worth it when many but that one family stuck with me but you took you took it even further because you said the kids can't change unless the parents correct so the trailer whatever I said all the parents of the kids who are choosing to be drug dealers and pimps and positives she brought the parents and to change the kids right that's correct the parents came in and we talked to financial education and Robert you remember this but a team came in I need a Kelly they all came in wonderful rich does go from the Rich Dad company and taught us at the Boys and Girls Club and some of those parents are hired as staff members to give them cash flow to a four silver every week so at lunchtime every day it was who's going to go get silver ball the goal is to buy so many silver coins yes correct sir per week per week and these are parents that were living barely not bad all they had I don't make dollars per hour yeah and at the end of what they were out of money they're out of money up but we're buying silver everything I believe in silver in mines over every single week on 40th Street and Camelback and we would take our lunch break and one person will leave because everyone can leave at the same time – no we don't know – provision but again and I was there and they would be couldn't wait to go see Robert our friend Robert Baer who sold the silver is $11 an ounce at that time and we watch the market every single day and it just it's just completely altered our our lives and change our perspective on investing and it really gave kids a hope and those kids who are pimps prostitutes and drug dealers they literally wanted to put their colors down and go to real estate school and then also Dennis you're the parent start by vending machines oh yes yes yes and so we wanted to start these micro businesses and so from all these sills all this still we're collecting we took a picture we had over 200 ounces after its 200 well succeed exceeded your goal we will exceeded our goal we started in LLC combatable million they wanted to start our first million with just silver and we said when it had wanted to buy dinner machines to create more cash flow to buy more silk okay I got it and so that's really the joy of the world like I said this was the 21st century is about being generous while being doing business in the Industrial Age about being greedy that's why you know very happy trina comes into our company every tuesday as we study because study is our future I'm honored so anyway thank you all for listening I don't work you yeah so my final word is here we've been talking a lot about network marketing and one of the beauties of network marketing is the support group and the mentoring and the coaching sentiments and Robert and I have coaches for all sorts of things coaches for fitness coaches for business coaches for investing because when it's just me trying to figure something out I need I need a coach so the value of the rich that coaching is similar in what you're talking about with a support group of network marketing is somebody that's there and I think the most important thing that ever said coach does is hold you accountable to do what you say you're going to do so if your goal is this week to do ABC they're going to say did you do ABC yes or no if no why didn't you do it and really kind of walk you through that and make sure that you handle those steps that you need to handle to be accountable to yourself to have the success and get your goals that you want so I think it's a very valued I know it's a very very valuable part of the rich fed company so through that final words and thanks for being a friend for all these years absolutely it's just an honor and a privilege and I feel like a kid in the candy store I find out to churches and I tell turtle Sunday I come to Tuesday of my financial church and Robert is my preacher very prophetic – it's just amazing I've had to come in my life but I always tell people that you know network marketing isn't perfect it's just better and like any other company out there you know there's not so there's someone there's a network marketing companies out there that are not so good that's what extremely important to have mentors and great coaches because then they can help you break down the compensation plan help you make realistic goals goal-setting is huge and help you to cognitively set out your plan or gonna fear overcome your fears and doubts learn how to read and your reports learn how to be a professional and this is not a deal it's not a hobby of not a gimmick is not it if none of that it is a real business as a liable viable willable asset that is perpetuated pay you for the rest of your life and your children's children for the rest of their lives and what I want to say is that the most important thing about business it's not about how much money you make but how many people you serve anyway that's why we're in the business red we're in we have enough money but there's a lot more people to serve so thank you all for listening thank you thank you


  1. cash flows in his pocket and people who join network marketing break even and get broke in the long run..network marketing just rewards people in the short term..his products sold MLM, he focuses on cash flow not commission…he is a great shill…

  2. At 45 years old and tired of the Rat Race, I've decided to give Network Marketing a fresh new look. I have recently joined a network marketing company that (1) Has been around for over 40 years; (2) Teaches the importance of financial education; (3) Will provide me the opportunity to learn a high-value skill as well as how to build a business; and (4) Give me the financial and time freedom I want, as well as build wealth and financial independence for my family.

    I'm going all in.

  3. first lady.
    no education.
    secretary but didn't do her job in pursuit of what she wanted.
    selling at gym with no license to do so. surely a normal person would seek permission first.
    "i learned to sell to keep the conversation going" to manipulate people.

    that is why people avoid these schemes.
    well that and the mathematical argument against payout at various levels of the pyramid.
    people don't like manipulators, people don't like people without conscience.

  4. Most of the business gurus that promote it haven't actually been in an MLM. Richard Branson owned one, but was never an MLMer himself

  5. Well there goes my respect for Robert, I thought he was better than this. I know he makes millions talking up on stage about how good it is, but in reality 997 out of 1000 will lose money. If you own the company then you'll make a lot. These businesses are illegal in some country's and rightly so. You're just making the owner of the MLM rich, in a normal job you're making the owner rich while also making money.

  6. A college is a big business and people coming out of college is not guaranteed to have a set salary unless they know someone or get put on. Network marketing is a great way to get into entrepreneurship.

  7. Thanks s9 much my great mentor Mr Robert for your mentoring and coaching me online Network Marketing saved my life and my families lifes,because I am commented to live Rich forever and ever.james from Afriça

  8. It's funny how people poke around for a year or two in Network Marketing and don't get results because they don't do what their mentors and coaches recommend to succeed then complain it doesn't work. That's like having a gym membership for a year and going twice in that whole year, then saying "this gym sucks, it doesn't work, why am I still fat". Success in Network Marketing is solely based on your performance and if you utilize your resources. The business I'm in just had their 60 year anniversary and blows every other network marketing opportunity out of the water and we're blessed to be a part of it.

  9. May God Bless you all abundantly. How unselfish you all are to help others just because you can. These are the types of people this world needs. Thank you.

  10. … but what are the ACTUAL/PRACTICAL things you do to get started or actually earn income? What businesses and people? It takes so long to just get to the point and get real facts and processes to actually do…

  11. I've been hugely skeptical of network marketing. But I've been listening more and more, because I felt there was something I wasn't quite getting. I want the personal development aspect of network marketing. That's what I would aim for. They money.. I feel the money would just be automatic.

  12. Robert your Supporting a scheme you have never done. It's a quack industry full of quacks who support network marketing. SAD you endorse this scheme that takes from 99 percent involved. 99 percent fail end of story do your research check out the FTC failure rates 99 percent fail. you don't even know how to write a book about network marketing you have to ask my friend how do I do this can you help me write this book. "Business of the 21st Century" your a Quack when it come to MLM. every time you speak in an event you're speaking to a stadium full of losers I hope you can gain some integrity and walk away from this bullshit. Face the facts Robert you don't know shit about MLM watch this video and realize every time you say anything good about MLM you're just taking people down the wrong path, and only helping the very few at the very top, that give you hundreds of thousands of dollars to speak at events. Pathetic man don't you have thousands of properties and all the passive income why don't you just cash that money and actually align yourself with real businesses not scams. Fuck pathetic man come on.


  13. I sincerely agree. This company in London has a simple and effective network markeribg plan. www.hubscherNetwork.co.uk

  14. Stop bullshitting us Robert, it's a pyramid scheme, and it's a shame a person like you is at the head of such a thing!

  15. Thank you for sharing this. This is useful to let our friends know about the great benefits of Network Marketing. 👍👍😁

  16. Damn, and that's where I lost all respect for Robert. Supporting the horrible industry of MLMs, which drives so many people into poverty.

  17. I think this guy is talking non-sense. Since when did the middle class increase and poor increase? I read his the Business of 21 Century and several of his books. Went to his events, even. This guy is a salesman. Don't be fooled by him.

  18. I wonder how much money's in it for him to sell his reputation and tell middle and lower classed people to go join pyramid scams. those poor, brainwashed pyramid victims…

  19. We are launching an MLM (no apologies, it is the best structure for our business) company with the mission of "Community Development through Youth Entrepreneurship". Young people earning money as early as elementary school is attractive. Youth "Earning While Learning" makes a difference for the young person, their families, and the community. When you hear about this national youth program where young people are earning, remember, you heard it on You-Tube first. If you know any young people that are interested in earning $500+ monthly residual income….www.GETJoBSS.com. I can be reached at [email protected] for more information.

  20. But how to join network marketing companies i'm from nepal, dharan and there is not even one single company:/

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