Why The Fast And Furious 9 Trailer Means More Than You Think

Forget your cape heroes and austere prestige
dramas the most auspicious franchise season is here again. The Fast Saga has blessed us with a trailer
for its latest iteration, the ninth Fast and Furious film, aptly titled F9. There’s more to the trailer than meets the
eye. It’s impossible to talk about the F9 trailer
and not talk about Han Lue. If you’re a casual viewer of the Fast and
Furious franchise or you’re still catching up on it, you might need some context. The end of the trailer features a Korean man
walking in and munching on a snack. That would be Han Lue, played by Sung Kang,
who has presumably been recovering from getting killed in an earlier movie. Han is at the center of a mildly confusing
timeline shift that the Fast and Furious franchise made as it was hitting the metaphorical NOS
button. The character was introduced and subsequently
died in what appears to be a street racing crash during 2006’s Fast and Furious: Tokyo
Drift, but Han’s presence proved to be so beloved by fans that the character was included
in the fourth, fifth, and sixth films. The canonical timeline was rearranged so that
Tokyo Drift actually takes place after the events of Fast & Furious 6. The mid-credits scene of Fast 6 shows the
exact scene from Tokyo Drift in which Han dies, but reveals the crash to be an intentional
act by Deckard Shaw. Since Han’s death and the later rehabilitation
of Deckard as a good guy, the hashtag JusticeforHan became popular online for two reasons. One, the character is deeply missed and two,
because it’s more than a little unfair that his killer is now buddy-buddy with Team Dom. “Justice is coming” according to the trailer,
and we couldn’t be more excited. We couldn’t be happier to see that Helen Mirren
is reprising her role as Magdalene Shaw once again after the character first appeared in
Fate of the Furious, and then cameoed in Hobbs & Shaw. If you missed her most recent appearance in
Hobbs & Shaw, you might not know that Magdalene was sprung out of prison by Deckard and Hattie,
two of her three children. Unfortunately, due to the productions of Hobbs
& Shaw and F9 overlapping, neither Deckard nor Hattie will be joining the team in F9. Their new Best Friend Forever, Dwayne Johnson’s
Luke Hobbs, will likewise not be appearing in F9. Owen Shaw, however, might be a different story. Originally the major antagonist of Fast 6,
Owen ended up in a hospital after Dom’s crew did a number on him. That stay in the hospital was what originally
motivated big brother Deckard to kill Han and swear vengeance on Dom’s Family, before
ultimately breaking bread with them in Fate of the Furious. The writers for Fast and Furious 9 have obliquely
teased that Owen might be ready to rumble again beyond his brief cameo in Fate of the
Furious, though they didn’t specify when. It’s entirely possible he’ll skip ahead to
appear in Fast and the Furious 10 instead, which is already in pre production. Still, his possible appearance is something
to keep in mind as the story revs up. As the F9 trailer reveals, Dom and Mia Toretto
have a secret brother now: Jakob. In fact, director Justin Lin is returning
to the franchise after sitting out for the seventh and eighth films precisely because
he wanted to invert the trope of found family in the Fast and Furious franchise. As he told Entertainment Weekly: “When I left after Fast 6, I really thought
that was it, like, there’s no more Fast stories I can tell. Then two years ago, I woke up with an idea
for the new chapter. And a big part of that is exploring this theme
of family that is always tied to Fast, but doing it through blood.” “You don’t turn your back on family. Even when they do.” Given all the new familial surprises in F9,
it looks like there’s never been a better time for Dom’s sister Mia Toretto to make
a full return to the front lines of the Fast franchise. We last saw Mia in action back in Fast and
Furious 6, but she took a backseat in Furious 7 due to her second pregnancy. Rather than battle super spies, she stayed
in the Dominican Republic while the rest of the Family drove cars through skyscrapers. Things became complicated following the sudden
and tragic death of Paul Walker in 2013, halfway through production of Furious 7. An entire coda was added to the end of the
film to celebrate Walker’s life through his character Brian and his relationship to Mia
as part of the overarching story. Since Mia’s character is so entwined with
Brian, she didn’t appear in Fate of the Furious under the guise of the two wanting a quieter,
safer life with their children. The entire franchise has had a period of readjustment
since Walker’s loss, and Mia’s place within canon represents the biggest challenge of
all: how do you write around the fact that Mia gets to go back on big, superheroic car
adventures and Brian doesn’t? Apparently the answer involves giving her
and Dom a secret thief-slash-assassin brother played by John Cena. This bombastic trailer has plenty of details
to pore over, but it’s definitely not revealing everything. For one thing, Michael Rooker is nowhere to
be found. The veteran character actor was confirmed
to be joining the cast way back in August 2019. It’s odd that an actor enjoying a nice career
high thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe wasn’t featured in a trailer for another massive
franchise. All we know for certain is that his character’s
name is Buddy, and that Rooker was cast in the last minute as production set to begin. Considering the timing, it’s possible he replaced
an actor whose availability suddenly fell through. From there, we can only speculate. Will he be playing Dom, Mia, and Jakob’s father? Some sort of new henchman to Charlize Theron’s
villainous Cypher? Or maybe he’ll simply be a helpful car mechanic
to get the Fast Family back on the road. One thing’s for sure though: “Have you ever heard the saying ‘the enemy
of my enemy is my friend?'” “I don’t got friends, I got family.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “Why The Fast And Furious 9 Trailer Means More Than You Think

  1. Hans is the best driver in the crew! Maybe he does not defy physic like the rest but realistically, in a tight urban road or a narrow mountain pass race he would beat anyone with drifting.

  2. Shaws brother supposedly died in the plane explosion too buuutttt didnt he was in the hospital an shaw protected him that's why he popped up again so yea han probably escaped somehow

  3. If Mia gets involved, what happens to Brian? Did he become such a family guy that he doesnt wanna give a damn about the others or what? I hope they got something to explain why Brian isnt in there while Mia is.

  4. This is Not Fast and Furious anymore … Only 1/2 and Tokyo drift had that vice, this new ones its just some random action movies ..

  5. They must be getting desperate to possibly bringing in wwe wrestlers. I saw Cena in the Marine movie a few years back and he was not ready for a real acting job. Mia is as beautiful as ever

  6. Haven't they milked this enough yet!! The first one is and always will be the best!! The others all try to outdo the previous with trying to be more ridiculous and outrageous! Avengers and Xmen are no competition for Dom and his 'family'.

  7. Hey looper you completely forgot to mention that Han’s crew from Tokyo drift including Sean will be in fast 9. Don’t believe me watch the trailer again carefully.

  8. Anyone remember Kony 2012? ….just as interesting and relevant as the F&F Franchise…..let this franchise die already and come up with something new!!

  9. What? I dont even care about these FF Again. So boring, so unartistic, so fake. Only fools considering it as cool movie. Lol.

  10. This movie concept is so dumb. It was never mentioned he has a brother. They should’ve just brought back Vince as a bad guy, he could’ve been angry Dom chose Bryan over him or something

  11. dom and mia's dad died in a fiery car racing accident, that story was told to brian by dom in the first fast and furious.

  12. But uhh.. one of the two questions for me is.. how did lete know han was alive,(I think since the order diffrent, and in fast 4 she "died" and went into hiding so she might have got files? But second question is what happened to twinkie.. from drift,they brought all the main characters from drift but now twinkie..

  13. Fast & Furious literally gets worse and worse every year. When are they gonna realize we want car racing and back to basics, not all this action bs. Paul walker is definitely rolling over in his grave right now.

  14. K now there over doing it since part 7 or 8 when does this shit end first it started as street racing, and now into saving the world overnight

  15. I can guess by the end of the movie maybe in post or end credits Cena and Vince will be racing each other to see which toretto is the fastest then it ends before the race starts wait for F10 to see who wins. Cough Dom! Ofcourse.

  16. thought john cena was going to be the son of the race car driver that dom talked about nearly beating to death in the first film

  17. I loved the first 3 movies but I find it difficult to give a damn about these latest ones. It's now just The Expendables with performance cars rather than military vehicles.

  18. My big guest would be doms brother killed brian ,no wonder the whole cast are back ,. That would be a back to back revenge between brothers …

    And its all cypher’s fault and the real tragedy happened to brother Paul …


  19. In Fast 1, I believe we learn that Dom's father was killed in a race, after which Dom took a wrench and beat the guy that caused it nearly to death, he did time in prison for it. That's where the black Charger (I think??) came from

  20. They need to stop making these movies…Letty was gone they brought her back…Han was killed supposedly and now he's back…Now they all became freaking superhero's in cars when they originally started out as thieves in cars…this BS needs to end…I'm sure Paul Walker real life twin brother has already told the studio that keep producing these shit movies NO!…Many times when they asked him to reprise the Brian character in a attempt to keep this stupid franchise going…smh

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  22. Wow, when will Stallone and Swarzenager join the cast? Good title would be Fast and Furious Expendables go Back to the Future

  23. in your video you forgot to mention that Decks says something to black superman about him making him kill owen??? explain that

  24. The movies went to shit after the 3rd movie
    Not even about cars or racing anymore 😂 hasn’t been for the last 7 movies

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