Why YouTubers Over 40 years old will take over YouTube

Is it true are the 40 AND OVER over crowd taking over youtube according to Google millennials are not the only ones consuming youtube by the millions of hours youtube continues to appeal to older generations more than other major social platforms like facebook snap chat instagram and twitter as a two thousand eighteen 56 percent of those age 50 and older used youtube hello everyone my name is John and this is motivation theory and today we’re gonna be discussing why being 40 and older is an advantage the 40 and over crowd are taking over youtube and I’m here to talk to you today about why that is But first if you are new to this channel this channel is for motivation it’s for inspiration is for driven created likeminded people to explore topics that matter to us that sounds like your kind of thing this is your channel please make sure you click the Red subscribe button click that bills you get notifications each and every time I release new content and if you like the video please make sure you hit that thumbs up so according to a media kicks dot com Mark from two thousand 17 the generation x crowd that’s me and the baby boomers are youtube’s fastest growing demographics with time spent by adults 35 and older and 55 and older growing And eighty percent faster respectively than the overall growth among adult age groups from the years two thousand 15 to two thousand 16 tie spent on youtube almost triple among adults 55 and older triple that’s insane according to comscore youtube reaches 95 percent of all adults online both in the 35 and older and the 55 and older age groups according to Google people over the age of 50 account for 51 percent of consumer spending so that is creating enormous opportunities for brands that are savvy enough to How to connect with this older generation and who better to connect with the older generation than those of us who are older it’s estimated at 10000 baby boomers retire each and everyday and those folks see an opportunity to save time by watching youtube and maybe it’s a desire to save time that explains why boomers are one point three times more likely to prefer watching a youtube tutorial video than reading instructions I don’t blame them I can’t stand reading instructions I will absolutely watch youtube video if I try to do instructions at all which I really So you have been warned that jen actors and baby boomers are growing daily on youtube and we’re here to stay we’re gonna be creating content for that largest growing population of people right now and just remember most of us have had the Internet since the early 90 ‘s so we’ve been around the block a couple of times so we just blasted through some physics about youtube usage by us more mature you tubers but why is being an older youtube or an advantage being a mature content creator youtube or whatever you wanna call it you’re no longer crippled by the anxiety about things you can control such as what other people think of you having been around the block a time or two spending decades developing a thick skin and ability to handle life’s ups and downs If you have a perspective that you may not have in your younger years I know that I am able to definitely stay a lot calmer and think a little bit more maturity about things that I did when I was in my early 20 ‘s there is a maturity that comes with age while most of the time that allows you to really understand how little all this Internet nonsense the trolls the kissing up the ego the drama what it all really means in the Grand scheme of things if someone doesn’t like your channel who cares being older you probably have a job or a career and you understand that youtube is not life youtube biz is awesome and I I love being on and I hope to grow into something else but ultimately at the end of the day it’s a hobby that pays very little for most of us us jen answers and baby boomers have the experience of life before the Internet and the wisdom to know you can walk away from all of this and be completely fine we know what it’s like to have lights before social media youtube and off the cell phones you can’t peel away from people we know what it’s like and we understand that you can survive when it all goes away I am sure because of your age you understand firsthand that your age is an asset in many areas because Prior knowledge in many different areas this gives you the ability to have more to share potential for credibility and the advantage of being taken more seriously when you speak on the subject if you’re an expert on the topic you will more likely command more respect and come across as more authentic because of your age and we can all agree here that there’s a difference between intelligence and wisdom wisdom is earned and gained over a long amount of time so this is not saying if you are younger you can’t be intelligent there are a lot of very very very smart young people out there and being a so called wisdom ambassador you should be Out here sharing your knowledge and insight on the world’s second biggest search engine if this is youtube it’s huge you should be out here creating channels finding your audience I will leave you with this there are so many opportunities to create content for a very large spectrum of audiences out there if you have a channel down below tell me in the comments who your audience is and if you’re thinking about starting a channel believe in yourself take the chance and find your audience and until next time remember to subscribe and hit that thumbs up And thanks for watching

85 thoughts on “Why YouTubers Over 40 years old will take over YouTube

  1. This is so encouraging. I'm from your generation. I write thriller novels, and do tutorials. I have 20 years in the hair business, too.

  2. As someone just turned 40 last year, obviously I'm biased lol

    But I completely agree.

    Fact is, if you have got to 40 and haven't learned to deal with fears, insecurities, learned how to deal with/react to people and ultimately not learned the power of patience – then you have failed somewhat.

    And the problem is, things like YouTube and social media, they put a major screwdriver into insecurities etc, and start twisting around. You see so many younger folks getting absolutely chewed up and spat out by YouTube and social media in general. It has a real devastating negative effect on them at times – where as like you say, if you have got further down the line and NOT learned that you can literally switch off and not much will change… well I don't know what to tell ya!

    Another great video John – I'd say one of the best I've watched (but as said being 40 I'm biased 😂) – keep going from strength to strength buddy, it's great to witness!

  3. It's like if I ever got worried about anything you've said in the video, you came right back with a comforting reason and encouraged me to KNOW (not think) that it's ok and that 40 and 40+ creators are lucky to live in the now.

  4. Fascinating I’m taking a chance with my channel on the hope that the game gets more popular I’m at a loss for ideas at the moment

  5. We have a family channel that we make content for young aspiring parents. We had kids at a young age and we share our ups and downs along with the hardships of being young parents.

  6. I'm a Gen Xer (perhaps an off brand, since my group came in at the very tail end of it) and WOW do I spend a lot of time on YouTube!! Still holding out to build a channel dedicated to keeping creators informed, kinda why I came to you LOL!

  7. I’m 40 next year and I love that you did this video. I get so much grief from soo many people my own age about doing YouTube so it’s refreshing to see this and very encouraging – great vid Jon! 😊✨👍🏼

  8. I very much appreciated this topic. My audience is small and multi generational. I started counting backwards on my 60th. birthday and now I am as young as I feel.

    Thanks bunches for the inspiration. 👍

  9. I’m 41 and though I’m brand new to creating on YouTube, I’ve been watching for years. I love how you addressed us older folks who already have careers. I’ll certainly put out my best work, and if my channel blows up, great! But I love that I can just enjoy it as a hobby without the crazy pressure I feel younger people put on themselves to try to make money on this platform. Love your content! ☺️

  10. I'm younger, 30 y/o but for some reason most of my audience are 55 and older, and i love it. Actually i think (don't know exactly) this target pays more in the CPM because there's more "expensive" brands paying to reach this audience, like cars or other type of services.

  11. I hope old people like watching us younguns practice their crafts. I was almost a generation X (or whichever the one before millenials was), turned out to be one of the first millennials. I feel like I have attributes of millennials, but with the tendencies of the older generation. I like to think I have a bit more patience than your average young Joe.

  12. This is great news. Because I am a first-year GenX. I stopped posting videos because Instagram was supposed to be easier. It was not. I'm a Beachbody coach. I just share what I love. Lost 100 pounds, I like the workouts and programs and I post some cooking stuff because I am a trained chef. I am thinking about going toward a fitness cooking channel and how to meal prep.

  13. Wow, great video John. While anecdote is hardly statistical evidence, I personally much prefer YouTube for the same reasons you outline. I also like the idea of "wisdom ambassadors" 🙂 You asked about channel breakdown, so here's mine:
    Gender: 96% male, 4% female (I'd prefer a better balance but I can't do anything about that)
    Age: 13-17: 0.1%; 18-24: 8.9%; 25-34: 23.2%; 35-44: 20.7%; 45-54: 18.1%; 55-64: 17.4%; 65+: 11.6%
    Splitting the 35-44 bracket in half, I'd say that iGen and Millennials add up to 42.45% while GenX and Baby Boomers are 57.45%. Not out of place with the stats you quoted.

  14. Totaly agree, my channel is all about tech and gaming and younger generations seem to appreciate the knowledge and fun i provide through my videos. And all of these provided with a family friendly aspect which is usually not the case… Another great video from Motivation Theory !

  15. I’ve been trying to get up the nerve to start my channel- I’m 43. I want to represent my demographic of awesome women over 40. Thanks for this video, gave me a lot more confidence and “motivation”.

  16. I'm still growing just like many YouTubers in our age group.  I feel most of my audience is runners but the age group varies but mostly 30s and 40s.  I would say that's partly because of my age.  Sometimes age can transfer into experience and knowledge.

  17. ✋🏼👊🏼😀❤️ Gen X here. Let’s have some fun and get it done ✅ I love the over 40 market. Namaste 🙏 ☮️

  18. I turned 50 this year and oh yes I will find a how to video because honestly,,,,,,,, I can't read the fine print any more lol but seriously that is one of the reasons I started YouTube because my daughter kept telling me I needed to share my knowledge. 3 years later and 411 subs here I am!

  19. Hi, as a middle aged woman who posts videos, I am glad I came across your channel. I am told constantly I am too old for youtube. I am called names and even had viewers tell me to kill myself.I am glad to see the positive side of being older, from your point of view. But our culture idolizes young people, beautiful people, smart people, and so many follow everything these people say and do. It takes a lot of guts to post videos, as an older woman. An older man is one thing, because an older men is respected, but an older woman is still seen as hags, witches, or grannies. So although it may be great for you, with your beautiful grey hair, as an older woman with grey hair, I am still fighting against the grain of social norms and social media.

  20. Just came across your channel searching for YouTubers over 40. I just started my YT channel, after being on social media and blogging for 10 years. 10 years ago I felt too old to be on YT, in my early 30s; Now I am more confident and knowledgeable about how all this social media biz works. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration to keep on going! 43 is still young and I plan to blog and do YT as long as I can! 🙂

  21. Thanks John–not Jon because that's just weird–yes, been around the internet since the 1990s when you had to see what your website looked like on DOS, on Apple, on Commodore 64 and what ever other machines were around. And we're still looking to see what our website looks like on desktop, on mobile, and tablet. What's that saying…the more things change, the more they stay the same. I was late-49 when I started my channel three years ago. And I know that my life experiences allowed me to survive the ups and downs of growing a YouTube channel. All the best my friend, Cheers Rick

  22. Needed to see this, thanks! I was just pondering on whether I wanted to start a new lifestyle channel. Thanks for the encouragement!!

  23. Hi. I Just found your Channel. I liked it. So keep.going. Is true all of this. Thanks and Greetings from Argentina.

  24. I love this video! Fellow Gen X youtuber here. My audience is both genders and a wide age range, but about 60% females over 35. We talk about psychology and healing from dysfunctional relationships primarily.

  25. Totally agree! I am 51 years old and I have a weight loss channel and over 40 lifestyle channel. My channel is growing at a rapid pace and I seriously hope all my over 40 friends will join me! Thanks for your video 🙂

  26. X generation rocks! I often wonder though how we had to use a landline or payphone when we needed to call someone. Can you imagine the level of fun if we had cellphones and the internet?

  27. I always thought that when guys see an older guy or woman they would switch off and so an older vlogger would get nowhere but now Im starting to think that I could be wrong, Im 52 and love to do Vlogging on my daily life, not sure if older guys would be interested in my content, Im an introvert, like ASMR etc etc, although age is an asset in some way but when uploading a few videos per week its tough, currently I upload 2 videos a week but will increase to 3 on my toy channels but Id like to do a personal channel and get paid of course, thanks for the upload, I realise now that if I relied on younger guys then they might not be interested in my videos when they see an older guys face but now that there are many in their 35's to 50's group watching then I have more confidence than I did.
    When I check my analytics on my current channel on experiments and kids stuff I see most (75%) who watch my videos are in the 25-35age range and 65% female, I wonder if a chunk of these are accounts of parents and younger kids accesses the videos, hmmm.
    Thanks for the upload, you motivated me

  28. Nice video! Your words are motivating to this baby boomer who just started a beauty YouTube Channel.

  29. This is so unbelievably inspiring to watch. The over 40s need to start BRINGING IT! Who said "young people…?"

  30. I have learned so much from You tube I look up how to fix things. Cook stuff and much more My granddaughters give me internet safety tips which is away of teaching them indirectly Still love books walks and company. But yes I like YouTube very much

  31. I found your channel by searching "can old people be youtube stars"… I'm old Gen X and have one of those hobby channels you speak of about Lake Tahoe life. I've been hovering below 2K subscribers for weeks, wondering if that troll was right—maybe I'm just boring. But probably I just haven't found my trifecta of audience, topic and passion. So thanks for the little pep talk, here, much appreciated!

  32. Just found this and totally agree. You are so right about your analysis I like your approach older people can be very interesting with creative ideas for everyone

  33. I am so glad that i found your channel. I'm over 40 and is working to make YouTube my retirement plan. I am putting your words of wisdom to use right away. thx fellow greybeard

  34. Serious? I observe many child youtubers are taking over YouTube like Like Nastya Vlog, Kids Diana and others instead of the old. Maybe it relates to YouTube algorithm? The views, the number of subscribers are growing extremely fast. Even a toy sharing made by a child can get hundred millions of views in less then 1 year? I'm really confused. Are there many child's starts to watch YouTube or something else? I guess the old youtubers are less likely to be famous, but children can.
    Not your fan, but I like this video, good job 🙂
    From Hong Kong YouTube user

  35. Just what I needed to hear. Just about to start a channel but have been having a little anxiety due to my age (55+) but after watching your video I think your right. I feel I do have a lot of wisdom to share and yes there are a lot of smart young people on youtube but they DO have a lot to learn in the wisdom department. Great video…new subscriber.

  36. My best friend and I, both Donna's and both 60, started a channel last fall. It is a variety vlog. We have more interaction on Facebook, but we are working to get more subs and watch time. We both work fulltime and have families so consistency is really difficult. We are gonna do this, tho!

  37. You have such a wonderful and uplifting vibe! Everything you have stated is SPOT ON in this video. I started a YouTube channel and stopped uploading when life got a little in the way. I am going to start uploading again once I really hone in on exactly who my audience will be. YouTube can positively impact so many other areas of our life is used correctly and the content is created from the heart. P.S., you now have a new subscriber.

  38. Wow! I really needed a video like this one. I am about to start evaluating products and I certainly lack of experience in all areas, so I am mainly focusing on learning at this point with the hopes I can get from here to there without too much complication. Thank you for making this one!

  39. I'm so glad I found this video. I so agree with everything you said. I will be 50 in a matter of days. I started youtube at 43 just uploading video to store it. Two months ago I got serious about it. I'm on most social platforms and I love engaging and meeting new people.

    YouTube is different. We can offer so much to every audience due to experience and life. As you said, we won't be for everyone and that's ok. Your voice matters and you will connect with someone.

    I also am so serious about documentation of life. Vlogging and blogging are great resources to do that. I'm here to stay as well. Let's do this.

  40. I started my channel a short time ago . Not as a source of income, or to build a fan base, but as a way to document the spectacular, and not so spectacular events in my life. They are a lot of work, but I have enjoyed doing them. I have only a handful of subscribers but I suppose this is where age gives us an advantage, because this doesn't bother me at all and I'm in no rush to "grow".

  41. I’ve been told that my age is the number 1 thing that will cause me to not succeed in youtube land. So I kinda stopped trying.

  42. Wow this is so encouraging, thank You, I needed this. I recently turned 36 and feel too old to make it on YouTube. But I'm finally doing what I love and I'm just gonna keep going, no matter what.

  43. There should be thumbs up only on this video! I'm still trying to figure out my target audience, since I've only been at producing YouTube videos for three months now, but I assume people like watching other people their age. It's my birthday tomorrow. It keeps happening every year and I like it! I appreciate the wisdom and confidence of age. And I thought I was "smart" at 25…ha!

  44. (Video has under 4k views)

    Man it's sad that 99% of popular Youtubers are under 35. I wish there were more older people, especially over 40.

  45. I recently started my YT channel with some encouragement from my family and my cousin who is also a Youtuber. My main focus and reason for starting my channel was for this exact point you brought out…content with Gen-X in mind. My channel will contain car show coverage with interviews, part/tool reviews, car spotlights and even hot rod art; focusing on the Midwest area. Thanks for the encouragement.

  46. I just hit my 40th a few days ago! Came across this video of yours and am hitting the subscribe button with great pleasure! So happy to see other 40 something creators out there!

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