WiFi 6 Just Launched and Here’s What It Means for Your Internet

Woohoo! It is officially new phone season, that time of year when big tech companies roll out the latest devices that offer a host of new features that make you want to throw your old phone right in the trash. Things like better screens, multiple cameras
that look like spider eyeballs, and support for WiFi 6! Wait, WiFi 6… what happened to the first
5? Well it turns out, you’ve actually been using one of the
previous iterations of WiFi, which can trace their roots to 1997. Back then it wasn’t called WiFi 1,
but the much catchier 802.11. The number code was designated by the Institute
of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, or IEEE. Since then, there have been several updates
to the 802.11 standard, and each one had a different letter tacked on the end, like a,
b, g, and n. But unless you’re a diehard technophile,
the letters and what they mean are hard to sort out. So to make things a bit easier for consumers,
the next standard, 802.11 ax, will be referred to as Wi-Fi 6, and previous standards will
be retroactively renamed, like the last gen 802.11ac is now also called WiFi 5. So how is WiFi 6 better? Well like you might expect, it’s promising
faster speeds. Industry experts predict about 30% gains over WiFi 5 with theoretical maximum
download speeds up to 10 Gbps in ideal conditions. If you’re into streaming 4K movies or want
to jump into cloud gaming, those numbers will make you drool. One way it achieves this is by upping the
number of bits the router can push out with each transmission. Sending information over the air is done by
modulating radio waves. The way the wave is affected is interpreted
by the device as a one and a zero, a process called quadrature amplitude modulation, or QAM. A 2-QAM router can affect radio waves in two
distinct ways, so each transmission could only serve as a single one or a zero. A 4-QAM router can send 2 digits at a time. WIFi 5 routers are 256-QAM, meaning they
can send 8 bits with each transmission, while a WiFi 6 device is 1024-QAM, adding
another 2 binary digits to each transmission for a total of 10. That all sounds great, but keep in mind your
WiFi 6 router can only be as fast as your internet service provider will allow, so depending
on how you’re wired into the grid and what kind of plan you pay for, your mileage may
vary. Aside from the bump in speed limit, the exciting
thing about WiFi 6 is how it delivers internet to multiple devices. The first improvement is the router’s ability
to split up the channels it’s communicating over, allowing different devices to get serviced
directly simultaneously and cutting down on latency. WiFi 6 routers are also able to use the spatial
differences between devices to tailor the information it sends and receives. And if there are multiple smart devices like
thermostats and refrigerators that regularly ping your router, a WiFi 6 router will put
them on a schedule to ease congestion. What this all means is WiFi 6 is great news
for situations that deal with a lot of devices all at once. Stadiums and airports are ideal places for
the new routers, and those with WiFi 6 compatible phones, tablets, and computers will reap the
benefits. Otherwise unless you’ve got a home festooned
with smart tech or pay your ISP for the very best internet speeds possible, you’re
just fine with your old phone and router that are still using the old 802.11ac. Excuse me, WiFi 5. While WiFi 6 certification just officially
launched, the development of WiFi 7 is already underway. Have we ever mentioned how fast tech moves? Wireless internet has been around for two
decades, so when is wireless charging going to be a thing? Check out Amanda’s video on that here. Is Wi-Fi 6 enough to make you upgrade your
phone? Let us know in the comments, subscribe for
more, and I’ll see you next time on Seeker.

100 thoughts on “WiFi 6 Just Launched and Here’s What It Means for Your Internet

  1. Hi, thanks for watching! Want to learn more about the World Wide Web? Check out this video on who, if anyone, owns the internet: https://youtu.be/4-6f3PlbyDU

  2. Is wifi 6 the one that kills animals? The one the media and you assholes forget to talk about because you're owned by Rupert Murdoch, you mean THAT wifi 6? Yeah, I'm not excited about it all because I don't want to die.
    Wifi 6 IS NOT NEEDED, we can expand the old wifi 1000 times without running out of space.
    Wifi 6 KILLS, I don't want to use tech that kills me.

  3. No, I have no desire to get a new phone or router that supports this new standard. I will not notice the difference because my current setup handles everything we need. Maybe when I get a house in several years, I can think about getting a different wifi standard.

  4. Oh boy a new cell phone I feel so fulfilled and endlessly poking at it getting my dopamine drip sent to me by my technocrat overlords

    this channel such a propagandistic piece of 💩

  5. I didn’t upgrade my phone for wifi 6 but the iPhone 11 Pro came with it anyway. I probably won’t even find wifi 6 connections for a year or two.

  6. So my question is does it still only operate in half duplex or has transitioned to full duplex yet? Because that is always going to limit speeds.

  7. And hurray! 800 million gallons of oil and important resources will be used to make all these new phones that people don't really need. This is why the climate crisis is biting us in the butt at the moment!

  8. Wifi 6 will only be good for large file transfers on a LAN. No ISP is delivering speeds reliably with anywhere near those speeds to consumers in the USA.

  9. "A host of new features"? "Wanting to take your old phone right in the trash"? There are only minor upgrades, and for a day to day person, you wouldn't notice a difference holding an iphone xs to an iphone 11. The phone market these days are mediocre at best when it comes to new stuff. Apple just brings in what Android has had for years in some areas. Good video though, wifi 6 is something to look forward to indeed

  10. WiFi 6 exists: Awesome! Let us put it everywhere, including our houses!

    5G exists: Get this piece of crap away from me! It's gonna affect my health!

  11. lol still using a cable is faster and more stable I only use wifi on my phone to watch videos and it's fast enough for me to watch at 2k resolution and for iPhone sheeps they can't watch anything with more resolution than their shitty screens so wifi isn't needed lol

  12. Wire less charging is kind of already real and tech really is moving pretty fast and about I think June I watched a time traveler video and one of the things they said was sometime on 2021 there’s going to be these chips that let you connect to the internet even talk to each other by just using it and there’s going to be chips that let you pay for things also before that’s even out there’s going to be free global wifi so if all of those are true I can’t wait to have wifi everywhere and once I can I’m getting those chips (also the chip that lets you connect to the internet I think he said it goes on your brain and the one that lets you pay for things goes on your hand

  13. Woohoo !? New phone season…
    It's wording like this that make people buy a new phone and thus contribute to more co2….

  14. Renaming Wifi standards to 5,6 etc. is just making us less known to what's actually being done to "improve" Wifi. Also MU-MIMO is available with all router brands so I really don't think delivering internet to multiple devices simultaneously is something new with Wifi 6.

  15. Been dealing with vision impairment for over a year now. I use TalkBack with my phone. Every Android phone is about the same to me. LOL

  16. Wi-Fi 6 has much more improvements that are beneficial enough to upgrade your home router which will enable better battery life on mobiles, far better for congested wireless where there is a lot of close neighbors, much smarter about dynamically sizing the channel for data needs, lot more. There is extensive video on Network Chucks channel https://youtu.be/8cmmVEoftEM

  17. great…..wonder where I am activate my nook at. All the wifi is too powerful for my nook to pick up wifi as it is, will this one be the same? so much stuff we made and sold that can no longer be used. Like that last tony Hawk game that is only the tutorial, so you have to download a patch that contains the actual game.

  18. High speed data transfer is great, but what about security? Will people still be able to use a little gizmo to read people's passwords from blocks away?

  19. 5G has been proven to destroy human cells DNA and worse what is this sixth you going to do you people are idiots you're destroying yourself and everybody else!

  20. I have read through all the comments in this comment section and nobody seems to have any idea of the damage that 5G 6G is doing to you your kids your friends your family your DNA you chromosomes we are electrical chemical beings 5G destroys DNA chromosomes and worse you need to get some information before you think you know what you're doing!

  21. People keep on showing spooky spiders and spider videos keep on trending so even though I had arachnophobia, the algorithm cured it. I don't know how to feel about this but it is starting to annoy me less and less which is good.

  22. Here we run off lines from 1965 because the state is so poor it can’t update its power lines or other items. So a lot of people are left with 10mb and under . They say it’s impossible to go over 10mb

  23. I upgraded to ac or 5 to reduce the time for my laptop to access things on my NAS, I still don't pay my ISP enough to even use all that connection. So, I will likely upgrade again for better LAN performance in some years. American cable monopoly isn't likely to provide affordable access at a reasonable price any time soon, so most of us wait for Google or Verizon to provide fiber to the house to save us.

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