Wifi Calling – the “SMART” feature we all wanted

every once in a while we find some true
innovation in technology which is truly a game changer but the word just doesn’t
get around as fast as it should be smartphones are smart enough but there
are tons of hidden features or updates which bypass our eyes easily as we are
mostly focused on having fun with other leisure apps like Facebook or Instagram
or YouTube wait but this is YouTube and I am on YouTube and now the context doesn’t
it make any sense hey everyone Mukul here so recently I
started noticing this weird wifi logo right on my call dialer on my samsung
phone and I was like what is this and stopped caring about it and moved on as
I was conversing with one of my friend he told me about the feature Wi-Fi
calling and I was like what is that and he explained to me and I was like wow
this is HUGE and why are we not getting to hear more about it then he said
here’s some content for you thank me later with beers so what is basically
Wi-Fi calling or VOWiFi remember those weak spots of your residence or
your office where in you were unable to get any calls or if you had to stand
outside on your balcony to get proper voice receptions damn I sound like a
Salesman well that’s soon going to be history and
that’s because Wi-Fi calling helps you receive any call whatsoever via the
Wi-Fi you phone is connected on and there is almost no reception or voice
disruptions so it’s basically like getting phone calls on your regular
phone line via your Wi-Fi and your broadband or Internet service provider
can be different to your phone’s carrier that’s the best part and I would hate it
if this ever changes it’s a free of charge service and only the data of your Wi-Fi
or broadband will be consumed 1 mb of data can be consumed per minute
and if you love talking long then yeah talk long with keeping that in mind
roaming charges can vary according to your location so check with your
provider or just check their website regarding the FAQs
so if you’re ever consuming a paid public Wi-Fi make sure you know that
your regular calls will use that data you’re paying for but the biggest
convenience this feature will bring is that if you are on a train
Metro line service and they do have Wi-Fi enabled services in them then you
are bound to lose no calls in there too. I think the service is available on iPhone
7 and maybe till iPhone 6 and many 4G phones you can also google and check for
your phone specifically if it supports this feature or not but before that you
gotta check if your cell phone operator supports it or not and before that you
have to check if your phone supports it or not wait I think I just said that so
one way of checking it directly via phone in this case an Android is to go
into settings connections and voila see if you have can see the option of Wi-Fi
calling and make sure to enable it. on a iPhone go into settings phone and then
Wi-Fi calling and make sure it is turned on. and if your phone by default records
all the calls then while on Wi-Fi calling you won’t be able to record any calls at
least on my samsung phone that feature was turned off. as soon as i enabled it
and my phone was able to record no calls. I can’t confirm it for other phones
at the moment. and also I did some research and by research I mean Google
and to get a smooth lag free experience your Wi-Fi should be at least be around
1 to 2 Mbps speed and I hope you are among those lucky ones who have
surpassed that speed mark by many folds by now. the phone operators who are
supporting Wi-Fi calling in India in the beginning of 2020 are Airtel and jio.
in the u.s. many carriers like AT&T t-mobile, Sprint, and Verizon have been
supporting this feature for quite some time. in UK carriers like EE, Vodafone, o2,
3 etc also support Wi-Fi calling so there you have it. check your phone and
carrier settings now and if you feel stuck with an operator which has failed to get
better reception in your area and does not yet support Wi-Fi calling then you
know what you are supposed to do next with them. or you can just sit and chill
and anyway get calls via Wi-Fi own apps like Skype, duo, whatsapp etc. but I know
you don’t want to. do hit like and sub to the channel for more relevant content.
that’s all for this video MuBot out. I don’t have much space to go

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