Windows & Mac Browser Test: Chrome 17 vs Firefox 11 vs Opera 11.61 vs Safari 5.1

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here
with my latest browser test comparing Chrome 17, Firefox 11, Opera 11.61
and Safari 5.1. For this test I’ve changed my method by
adding a very popular request: a Mac. All tests were run on both a Core i7
desktop as well as a Core i5 MacBook Air. This isn’t useful for comparing
OS X vs Windows scores but it will help you choose which is the best
browser for your OS. To start with we have the V8 Benchmark which
measures Javascript performance for sites such as Gmail. On Windows Chrome
dominates as always with Firefox and Opera behind. Over on OS X Chrome still
wins out however Safari does much better here, not only beating the other two
browsers but also being better than Safari on Windows. Not bad considering
the rest of the browsers are roughly half as fast on the MacBook Air. Next
we have one of my favorite overall benchmarks, Peacekeeper, which has been redesigned
since my last browser test. On Windows Chrome wins out over Opera which
typically takes this test and over on OS X Chrome continues to win out over both
Safari and Opera. As Peacekeeper not only tests speed but also compatibility
with various web standards winning here means a lot. Continuing on we have the
Particle Acceleration test which focuses on how well each browser takes advantage
of hardware acceleration. For Windows Firefox 11 gets a perfect 60 frames
per second with Chrome also getting a respectable score. On OS X it flips as Safari
is the one with the perfect score with the other three browsers nowhere close.
As you can see this is another example of just how much better Safari is
on Mac compared to Windows. Next up we have the HTML5 Test. This has been a staple of
my browser tests for quite a while and it simply measures how well each browser adheres
to the latest web standards. Chrome ekes out a victory here however all
four browsers clear the test with a score of over 300 which gets two big thumbs
up from me. Lastly we have memory usage. Here I load up both of the browsers with five
tabs consisting of popular sites such as Hulu. On Windows both Firefox and Safari
did very well with Opera not too far off and Chrome being the clear loser. On OS X
I had some issues with the consistency of my results for both Firefox and Chrome but
impressively Safari uses up just over 100MB of RAM, making it the best browser for memory
usage I’ve ever tested. With two different OSes there are two different
stories here. On Windows Chrome and Firefox remain my top picks. Chrome is still
the fastest browser speed wise however Firefox has better hardware acceleration and
tends to take up less memory which is important on PCs with less power. On OS X
Chrome remains great but Safari is a very strong choice with close to Chrome levels
of performance combined with excellent memory usage and hardware acceleration. If
you enjoyed be sure to leave this video a thumbs up and if you’re interested in more
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100 thoughts on “Windows & Mac Browser Test: Chrome 17 vs Firefox 11 vs Opera 11.61 vs Safari 5.1

  1. Open for what other browsers offer than the current browser that you use does not have/offer.
    I am a Firefox man, but even Fx crashes on me sometimes.
    Hardly any browser I use comes across any errors, though, besides crashes or Flash.

  2. Firefox is the best, even if it is fat, hungry, crashes. Chrome does not even work at anytime. It always reads "error 0x000000035" or sth similar.

  3. Yeah, Chrome is a high end browser: very good performance but uses more ressources. Better use on a decent desktop: my 16 tabs would make a laptop crash or freeze. Firefox is the deal for low end desktops and laptops.

  4. Not really. This may be caused by a hardware or software incompatibility of yours since thousands of people uses Chrome without problem.

  5. To correct you, the only thing where it's better than opera is "app store".
    The reason people use it is because google keeps spaming it all over the internet!

  6. IE9. it was even worse than IE8. it froze my computer for a full three minutes and once took a minute to load Google's homepage.

    when i upgraded IE it was because Windows kept telling me to update. i was using Firefox for a long time already.

    yep, just so happens that Microsoft is getting dumber and dumber.

  7. true i was a fan of IE until i discovered the real power of firefox. simply put IE sucks and this is from an old fan of IE

  8. IE9 isn't bad at all. No matter if it is better or worse than the other Browsers, it's still quite good. Cnet and others think that this version of IE has improved and that it's now a very good browser. Stop trolling lol

  9. if u gave me a choice between ie and blue screen of death, id chose blue screen of death before you even have a chance to realize that you gave me that choice. ie is a piece of fucking shit

  10. I think Google Chrome is the best. The only thing I can complain about is the lack of advanced user functionality. You can't really do any awesome tweaking.

  11. IE 9 is a great browser …. u dont wann install n use shitty Chrome … coz it tracks ur activities … bloody piece of shit by google …

    IE 10 is even better

  12. i think he's right, i have windows 7 os but im using safari because its great at strong level performance,excellent memory usage and fast hardware acceleration….

  13. my chrome has been good until now. i haven't updated it or anything recently, and it suddenly put this gay grey line around everything and i cant search from the search bar. i have to go to google's website and then search. what a piece of shite

  14. Guys I'm so glad about Internet Explorer 9. It can now install Chrome, Opera, Fire Fox, Safari and Netscape 2x faster.

  15. Everything Firefox and Chrome do is ripped directly from Opera. Both those browsers are years behind.

    The one and only reason Opera isn't the most used browser worldwide is because it doesn't come packaged with an OS, nor is it supported by a multi-billion dollar company like Google or Apple. It is inarguably the best browser.

    So like I said, Firefox and Chrome are for people who haven't tried Opera yet.

  16. That is total bullshit. Chrome came out in 2008 (or 09?), while Opera has had a minimalist UI since at least 2005 (that was when I started using it, and I know there have been no major UI changes since then).

    The only difference in the toolbars between Opera and Chrome is that Opera has a small integrated search bar next to the address bar. Looks no different.

  17. 1. Internet Explorer isn't continued anymore on Mac.
    2. It's an awful search browser that should be burned to the ground.

  18. I guess you like to compare and ancient version of Internet Explorer against modern browsers and use PowerPC or 10.5/10.6 with Rosetta

  19. chrome,firefox,internet explorer for me are glitched. it all started with chrome when it kept crashing in over 5 mins of up is firefox, the firefox lasted a good amount of time when it finnaly failed because i had to move the mause for every page video or videogame to load , and the internet explorer failed because …. whell you know its toooo fucking slow BTW: NOW IM USING THE OPERA

  20. Opera is the most complete and innovative web browser of all time, not to mention usually the fastest. Tabs, speed dial, Link, mouse gestures, pop-up blocker…

    All these guys just don't bother to look under the hood or give Opera a fair shake. I remember discovering Panels, and they're pretty freaking awesome. Completely customizable, too.

  21. Double comment?

    I know that it's possible.
    And it isn't on TODAY's macs. Unless you still run 10.6 with Rosetta or an ancient OSX version.

    Why are you even replying to a 8 month old comment anyways? ._..

  22. That's not the browser's fault, you must have a really, REALLY shitty PC if you can't even open a web browser.

  23. You're bullshitting and/or trolling. If my brothers PC with Intel Celeron and shitty IGPU can open chrome then there should be no problem with your 3k system which probably doesn't even exist.

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