31 thoughts on “Windows1 (1985) PC XT Hercules

  1. Now I know what's the most rare keyboard in the world would be..a microsoft keyboard without windows buttons 🙂

  2. I've had a few PCs in my time, my first was an Amstrad 286 machine, but it was much faster than that. I also put Windows 2 on it. The main interface was called the "MS-DOS Executive".

  3. When I installed Windows 95 first version…~40 x 1.44MB disquettes !! Few years later, active desktop download using a 44k bauds modem… Both was taking your entire evening. 😁🤗😍

  4. …..mamma quanto tempo è passato da quando lo usavo a scuola questa è paleoinformatica
    che tempi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. check this out, its a windows 1.01 emulator except its online.

  6. Gates and Jobs stealing? Hell, they both worked for the inventor of the thing…Dr. Henry Edward Roberts MD. Just be glad they did.

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