all right sweet let's try for it again it's in the corner which might be kind of hard to win so it's probably strategically placed there [Applause] back at it again because we are at the mall today playing this little mini claw machine and it's actually kind of adorable on you can check it out it looks like a little dollhouse but look inside and you guys will not believe this they have rolls of cash in here check how much cash is in this little claw machine I mean like I could almost just pick this up and take it with me it is $2.00 a play which is pretty crazy so a lot on the line here but I'm gonna go ahead and try it we're gonna insert it some eight quarters there we go we got one Tryon here for two dollars oh gosh I guess I should just go for the hundred dollar bill over here I mean that seems like the best deal so let's see can we win it guys first try come on oh my gosh that wasn't bad it actually looked kind of strong so I'm gonna try it again alright sweet let's try for it again it's in the corner might be kind of hard to win so it's probably strategically placed there because everyone wants it oh no way oh my god are you kidding me dude oh my god I cannot just believe that happen you guys see that it literally picked it up and it fell right back there and now I don't even think I can win it what the heck dude I walked out with $100 cash oh yeah see I can't go back far enough what the heck dude that sucks alright let's test it out on one of these it's goof it's $10 actually there's a $20 bill right here that's a good deal c41 just rolled up 20 come on oh no way first try are you kidding me dude what the head no way oh my god guys that is so cool blue mini claw machine we got a roll of 20s just a bunch of ones but that's not bad guys I got 10 $10 and ones and a $20 bill that makes the 30 bucks for all the $10 bills first you made me come on oh no wait oh holy crap that was that was really close to falling out oh my god we got another $10 are you kidding me through this machine it's super easy to win from guys I'm gonna keep pumping in my quarters here let's go for whatever this one is I think it's justified oh no way dude oh my god dude that was so close to falling out again another roll of alright you got another try on hair it's five right here looks perfect yep I should have it nice another win nice Dan guys are killing it right now look how many rolls of cash we have we have three and then the $20 bill I'm gonna go for this one it's gonna be risky get behind it maybe come on stay oh that one did not stay and it fell right there but you know what I'm gonna keep going for it you know what guys I'm gonna grab the 20 I just won and I'm gonna throw it in this change machine and get twenty dollars and quarters all right twenty dollars and quarters here two ton of quarters and I'm about to throw these all into this little mini claw machine I don't even know if we can fold all these quarters I hope so the rubber bands really helped the bill stain the side that gives it something to it oh yeah easy what I did not see that coming guys if you press the button twice it'll actually close even quicker since the only thing get aboard these ones I'm just gonna go far how much money it is but money's money so come on yep stay nice perfect another roll of cash we are killing it we got four plus the 20 I've put in the change machines honor if I can use the swing technique and dig it out oh come on oh my god I got the $10 bill oh wow what a tease guys I'm so close yep perfect Oh what it did not work we're gonna try again bill all right okay we got another try on I want to go right in the middle if you hit them dead center seems to pick it up okay so here we go deploying the core a little back too far guys here I go press the button and double top and see if I can pimp right on it oh yeah perfect come on nice got it another wolf cache that is our sixth roll of cash that we've won so far and I really want this hundred back here it's such a small chance at the ball getting back there but you know what screw it I'm gonna drop the paw anyways let's see what it does guys one hundred dollar bill I had no idea this little claw had the capability of picking up all this cash I mean this is completely insane I'm about to count it all up I'll show you guys the total in a little bit and you guys can see how much I want it how much I profited from this little dollhouse of all machine and there is an Amazon gift card in there I might try this one's only a dollar it may be Oh sounds WAY worse thank you guys for watching Instagram snapchat Twitter links are in the description as always and I'll see you guys in the next one


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  2. Hey you should tell me where u live so i can "not" rob you tonight… Im serious though XD. But i also need one of those things around my town.

  3. Am I the only one that cringes when they leave they’re winnings or gifts just like that anywhere around them while playing like what if someone takes them 😩😩😩😩

  4. They should have one of these at an actual arcade so then it would be cooler than winning your own money😂

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