pick up my prize pretty please oh there we go we stay oh my god no way please say please what's up dammit took the boy back at it again so I've decided to continue my iPhone giveaways if you're not familiar with my channel you don't know that I've given away over three iPhones already Master Rubik's 23 if you get the IBEX congratulations the dark world oh you just want an iPhone XS congratulations to psycho gaming cat meow dude you just want to pipe on X re this is my fourth phone I'm gonna be giving away to one lucky person completely free shipped to their door the way this works is that I'm going to be giving them away this phone in a live stream that is completely random no one knows when I will be taking place so you must subscribe now turn on those Bell notifications if you guys want the best chance at winning you guys know that I give my hints on social media so make sure you go follow my social media down in the description if you want hints when this live stream will be I'm super excited to be giving away another phone and I cannot wait to pick the winner I'll see you there welcome back to another video a trip to I'm going back on it again and guys we are at this giant crane machine and if you don't remember from my last video I actually won a ps4 from this giant claw machine but check this out there is a ridiculous amount of cash in this giant claw machine I mean look at that bag of ones that's gonna be the same amount of cash I don't even know how much probably at least a thousand dollars maybe five hundred to a thousand dollars and there's only once but still that's that's crazy to look at another six bucks in here it's so expensive guys two dollars a plate may not seem like that much but when you play ten times it's like 20 bucks right there and nothing to show for it so hopefully that's not the case here that's sure right there the booth out might have it that might have it oh my god pushing the button mom baby oh yes yes come on oh my god right there oh there we go there we go there we don't go oh that might be good come on oh maybe that might have it oh look might be good she doesn't stop it sometime – picks it up better so we'll see oh that looks good that looks good oh my god no way please say please no yo but for real that was actually super close I'm gonna keep going I know you got it in you buddy Oh you little the only words I'm thinking of well every time I lose are gonna get me to monetize Oh baby see that did not work out Oh Oh we'd almost grabbed it I saw you pick it up once I know you can do it again Oh turn right that was terrible oh but it almost almost picked it up that time oh that might be good that might be good oh oh oh come on oh my god every time breath drop on this yep eat come on no way oh my god oh but check this out guys there's only $500 in there really so it says doesn't it it looks like a lot more but you know I guess cuz it's all ones it just looks deceiving I don't know anymore oh come on mr. wizard please help me win use your Wizarding powers anything oh that might be good that should be good and yet it still doesn't want to pick it up Oh Oh baby maybe Oh daddy needs a once oh that might be good no way oh don't look at me I still don't would oh I know it's possible I know this thing has to go pick up my prize pretty please Oh I cannot believe that though what my god look how much no way I'm just gonna rip it open guys okay so this is here five hundred dollars so it's a five hundred dollar prize that is not bad considering how much I spent a lot of profit was made so I'm super psyched dude a bag of cash have you guys ever heard soul-winning of that this is this is real cash come come get this like show the real US currency right here that would worth a lot of money so guys we've won $500 from this machine that is the video if you guys enjoyed it let me know by leaving a big thumbs up down below also check out my Instagram snapchat Twitter links are in the description as always and I'll see you guys


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