43 thoughts on “WTF Engineering Mega Machines Idiots At Work Win – OLDEST EQUIPMENT BUT POWERFUL WORKING

  1. 05:00 he flatens the surface – but he destroys it right away with his own tires XD these people are catshit crazy

  2. OH and another thing: Your grand-brats do NOT wanna go for a ride on this slow moving, ass-dragging equipment.

  3. OLD MEN whom don't get erections anymore nor fuck. I say they should be allowed to rejoin the military, go somewhere and get shot, so they can die with DIGNITY. Waiting for some young bitch to clean your ass in a nursing home is no fun.

  4. The idiot is who post it under the wrong title otherwise it was interesting watching the old work horses doing there thing but in there days.

  5. So much better with horse drawn machinery because at the end of the season you could shoot the horse and eat it.

  6. 8:53 !! Like a Boss !! Mom and Dad and Junior out for a ride in the old tractor !!
    This is Champion Mom and Dad !! Lots of love , Maine USA May 2019

  7. Not much to expect from millenials. You think you would have your way in life without the industrial revolution? These machines made the way for our modern world. Then you call these people who are preserving our legacy idiots. Well you are clearly the idiot.

  8. I must have missed the idiots in this video , all I saw was impressive machines and people who knew how to operate them .

  9. thats the way we crossed the road , it can be expensive if you were to think you could get away with it not layin down the tires we never used that many but would move the ones from the behind the machine moving them forward as we crossed ,who wants to haul a bunch of old worn out truck cassons to every job …lol Also , a friend of my Grandfather invented the blade on the D8 crossing the road also that big long stingeron the end of the blade for spliiting tree trunks and stumps the early types were about 4-5 ft in length , about a foot in width at the blade tapering dowen to 5-6 inches and the sharpened end most of them werev bolt on's so you can remove them when on dirt jobs later vthey designed and built the blades strictly for that purpose clearing land and taking down trees too big to just walk up to and push over , , my first lesson in land clearing was to never run up to a hard headed tree that refuses to fall over with out making sure it wasnt a black oak , stick your stinger in a black oak dee4p enough you''ll spend the rest of your day with chain saws ccutting the tree from your blade LOL……. guilty and if clearing without a stinger type blade and your big tree refuses to fall as you dig byour tracks deeper , stop and push you up a good ramp against the tree so your blade can hit it higher up and it'll fall . We have some big enough in diamer that you need that stinger to start ripping the trunk into thinner sections 40 years ago and I still hit these videos now and then , as a young man I enjoyed the destructive aspects of clearing land , it felt good especially after an all fuss with the girlfriend get it out of your system making tree huggers turn into crying babbling idiots with each tree LOL

  10. Uhh excuse me where is the 'Idiots' part non of these people are idiots just working with what they have no matter the equipment's age

  11. It is neat to see these old machines do what they were built to do.
    Been to a threshermen's show a few times. Got to see some steam powered tractors work, watch them plow with a team of horses and see lots of old time equipment.
    No idiots in this film

  12. The only idiot I see here is the original poster of this video. Too bad you millennials can't appreciate the mechanical engineering that went into equipment like this before the age of computers.

    I see some fantastic old machinery doing exactly what it was designed to do, being operated by people who know exactly how to operate it. There are no "idiots" here, except you, Nicky.

  13. 0:20 Brilliant way of getting heavy equip with aggressive tracks across pavement without tearing it up. When I moved the heavy equipment, we'd put rubber mats down on pavement, that wasn't nearly as effective as used tires.

  14. 0:21 Idiot under dozer bucket, 0:52 idiot operating mini Trebuchet death trap, 4:20 overly excited guy in a pink shirt obvious idiot, 4:45 nosey idiot, 5:42 old idiot about to get brained, 6:40 fucken idiot kicking shit back into the trench, 7:55 idiot losses steering, 9:14 idiot about to be brained by rocks,9:22 same idiot survives being dragged into dilapidated death trap, 9:42 fucken idiot just standing there, 10:12 two lazy idiots sitting on their arses while their mates do all the work, 10:24 two sketchy idiots 10:45 idiot trying to get his hands cut off

  15. I love that video! These old machine are cool to see in working order.

    The machine at 3:15 does it have a name?

    I like the simple design compare to today. More info on them would have been interesting to have, the year of birth of these machine and if possible the idea behind its making.

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