Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite vs Honor 8X – Speed Test! Kirin 710 vs SD660 [Eng Subs]

Hello guys, I’m Vagelis Minas and in today’s video we make a Speed Test comparison between Honor 8x and Mi 8 Lite both are mid-range devices and competitors they have similar specs and performance both device have 4GB ram at least the versions i have in my hands The honor 8x equipped with the Kirin 710 the antutu score is about 139.000 in the other hand the mi8 lite equipped with the SD660 the antutu score is about 143.000 the score is a bit higher than honor’s score but of course these numbers aren’t the whole truth we saw many time at previous speed tests, devices with weaker specs to beat devices with higher specs and chipsets so, the benchmark score they tell as about the capabilities of a device and they don’t take so much into consideration the software optimization and the memory management but enough with all these info, let’s go straight into video Let’s start the speed test At the first apps both devices seem equivalent and none has taken a clear lead Honor 8x just finished the first round while Mi 8 Lite is a little behind At memory management round both devices have a problem to keep all apps in memory with the honor 8x to finish the test first while Mi8 Lite is a little behind we completed the Speed test, the winner with slight difference is the Honor 8x but such a slight difference, really don’t effect the user experience and the daily usage of the device so this this not a reason to choose the 8x instead the mi8 lite it’s not all about the speed at the opening of the apps it’s way more of that as you saw, none of the phones kept all the apps in memory but even devices with 6GB of ram didn’t kept these apps in memory but in the other hand, we have saw devices with 4GB ram to have kept the exact same apps in memory so i want from the manufacturers to spend more time in the software optimization and the memory management and not only to put more ram in the devices i’ll also want to notice that i run the test many times and i choose the best score of each device but it’s interesting that almost all the times, the mi 8 Lite didn’t kept not even one app in memory this was one of the few times that mi 8 Lite achieved to keep some of the apps in memory and this is something i have noticed in the latest versions of Android. The devices don’t always kept all the apps in memory every time i run the test. while in the previous versions of Android, every time i was running the test, the results are the same. i don’t know the reason behind that and if you have any idea about that, leave a comment So that was the Speed Test, i hope you enjoyed it if you enjoyed don’t forget to share it Also If you want to support my channel, I would greatly appreciate if you’ll use any of my links in the description of the video to purchase these devices So that’s all from me, I’ll see you soon in the next video! Bye!! and of course if you enjoyed the video don’t forget to like, subscribe and click the notification bell so that you don’t miss any of my new videos

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