Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (Redmi K20 Pro) vs Pocophone F1 Speed test Ram Management Comparison Review

Hey guys, it’s Eric here and this is a speed
and ram management comparison between the Redmi K20 Pro aka the Mi 9T Pro and Pocophone
F1. Let’s take a look at all the relevant specs
for this test and start with the boot up test.K20 Pro booted up first in 15 seconds. Wow this
is definitely a record time on my channel. with the Poco F1 coming in 7 seconds later.
I closed all the running apps before this test. Let’s begin with twitter. K20 Pro
opened twitter faster. Instagram. K20 Pro opened instagram slightly
faster Facebook. Poco F1 opened Facebook faster Snapchat. Pretty much a draw Playstore. K20 Pro opened play store faster.
Youtube. Poco F1 opened youtube faster. Geekbench. K20 Pro opened Geekbench faster.
We have a higher single and multi core scores on the K20 Pro.Antutu benchmarks. Pretty much
a draw. We get higher antutu scores on the K20 Pro but the margin is actually smaller
than i expected.Skipping the games row for now. Snapseed. Pretty much a draw
Camera. K20 Pro opened camera faster Calendar. K20 Pro opened calendar faster
Settings. K20 Pro opened settings faster Speed test. K20 Pro opened speed test faster.
Tested both on the same network and we have higher download and upload speeds on the Poco
F1. Now i made a separate video to show what the speed is like when you’re say installing
an app on Playstore. Connected to my sluggish WiFi, I gave the Pocophone a 2minute head
start but with the help of accelerated downloads, the K20 Pro still finished first. This is
only a testament to the fact that these speed tests are not scientific or anything like
that. Jumia App. K20 Pro opened Jumia App faster. And now the RAM Management Test. Both kept
Twitter in memory Both kept Facebook in memory Both kept Instagram in memory K20 Pro closed Snapchat. Both kept Playstore, Youtube, geekbench and
Antutu in memory.Snapseed, camera, calendar and settings also in memory on both.K20 closed
speed test and they both close Jumia App And now lets test some games, let’s begin
with…Smash hit. K20 Pro opened Smash hit faster PUBG. K20 Pro opened PUBG faster. Subway surf.
K20 Pro opened subway surf faster. Temple Run 2. K20 Pro opened Temple Run 2
faster.Let’s see if they both keep all 4 games running…
Both phones kept all 4 games ion memory. We got a few surprises in this test. The Antutu
score is lower than 300K, way lower than the scores of other phones running snapdragon
855 CPU. Also, I expected the K20 Pro’s RAM management to perform exactly the same
or better than the Poco F1 but it’s still not bad by any means. Do check out my review
video for a bit of camera comparison between both. I’d be leaving a card up above and
a link in the description. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did,
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59 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (Redmi K20 Pro) vs Pocophone F1 Speed test Ram Management Comparison Review

  1. #NotificationSquad🏆 If you're watching this first, be sure to check out my full review – https://youtu.be/l-fl37pWqCY *Thanks for watching*

  2. Can't wait to lay my hands on this device, checked Aliexpress like you recommended but the prices vary, anyways sooner or later I'm gonna lay my hands on one

  3. Speed difference dey but isn't OMG remarkable. I'll just chill sha and see what they will launch as Poco F2. Abeg which one be accelerated downloads oh? 🤔

  4. Nice video!
    Please I would appreciate it if you could drop the link to the purchase of your k20 pro. Thanks!

  5. I think u have a power saving mode or something on for the k20 pro because on all the reviews I have watched the k20 pro scores at least 360000 on antutu…. u can check all the videos of the k20 pro testing the antutu scores online

  6. Nice review, but it would have been enough to just say: " K20pro or Poco F1" rather than the …. Opened faster repeatedly. Just saying.

  7. Hi i am planning to buy a mobile with good performance and battery life, can i go for POCO F1? my budget is around RS.20,000. please suggest as i want to buy this now. are all the problems (camera and screen bleeding) are fixed? please suggest.

  8. K20 is just marginally faster. Pocophone is still a very relevant phone, I just wish it had the amoled screen like the K20 🙁

  9. Not a huge difference in performance, although the screen on the K20 Pro is noticeably improved. Just curious if the K20 Pro has a software update available because that is by far the lowest AnTuTu score I've seen for the K20 Pro?

  10. We have a problem in Europe, where is the Mi9T Pro? because we waiting for the global version of the RedMi k20 pro, the Mi9T pro, and it was not unveiled in Madrid Xiaomi launch Event. Why?

  11. Hello. Thanks for posting the reviews of these phones. I have been sending Dms to you on instagram but no response yet

  12. Nice video! Could you compare them in terms of battery life? (Not only taking about the mAh) … But testing to see which one last longer.

  13. Please give me one as gift na. I am currently watching this your video with half screen. Any of them is much appreciated. God bless

  14. Nice job👌
    Please do a speed test between Redmi Note 7 and K20. And full comparision Tecno Phantom 9 with Redmi 7 note. Then K20 vs Phantom 9 pls

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