Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Huawei Nova 3i Speed test Comparison

Hey guys in this video I will be doing the
speed test between Mi A2 and Nova 3i. Firstly let’s look at the benchmarks for
both these phones, those who are interested can pause the screen and take a look at them. Moving on next let’s do the Speed test, So both these phones are connected to the
same wifi network and they are updated to their latest software and as you can see there are no apps running
in the background, so let’s start the test The Mi A2 just finished the test and it completed
the test in 2 minutes 39 seconds and Nova 3i is playing catch up. So now the Nova 3i is done and it finished
the test in 2 minutes 58 seconds. And now let’s see if both the phones have
all the apps in the memory. As you can see both phones struggled to keep
all the apps in the memory, but comparatively speaking the Nova 3i held more apps in the
memory than the Mi A2. Next I’ll be performing browser speed test,
so here let’s load up TheVerge.com The Nova 3i took the lead but the Mi A2 loaded
everything including the ads a little faster. So I would say the speed difference here is
negligible. Next let’s load up Wired.com
Again the Nova 3i took the lead but the Mi A2 loaded the entire website including the
banners and stuff a little quicker than the Nova 3i. Next let’s load up theOutline.com and this
time Nova 3i is just little faster than the Mi A2. So interms of browser performance there is
a noticeable speed difference but as I mentioned earlier it’s negligible. Next Here I’m performing the boot test and
the Mi A2 booted up quicker than the Nova 3i. Here I’m restarting the devices and the
Mi A2 restarted much quicker than the Nova 3i. So to conclude, both these phones are pretty
neck and neck but in most tests the Mi A2 seems to be slightly quicker than the Nova
3i. But that said the Nova 3i isn’t a bad offering
either, it really comes down to certain aspects like the camera, user interface and design. Some people like the fact that the Nova 3i
has the headphone jack and the Mi A2 doesn’t, so you wouldn’t go wrong with either of
these phones but it all comes down to personal preference. So that’s pretty much it for the video guys. I hope you found this video helpful,
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  1. I hope you found this video helpful, In most of my speed test videos, there were a lot of people who commented that my hand moved slowly or there are some issues with the video. Let me know how much I've improved in this video(if any) and feedback and constructive criticism on what I need to improve in my future videos is always appreciated 👍🏼

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