Yesterday On The Internet: Look What You Made Me Do (Recap The VMAs)

The MTV Video Music Awards was Sunday night, and an audience tuned in to see how the show would attempt to address the elephant in the room. And by elephant, I mean the state of the world. Host Katy Perry tried her hand at some topical humor. “Today’s news. Oh, I do need to catch up. That’s correct. The world is on fire.” Great. Wow.” Then she tried again. “It’s Jess. I’m at the airport headed to Fyre Festival.” And again. “When @HillaryClinton becomes president I promise to put out a timeless record that everybody loves!” “Great.” But the internet wasn’t having any of it; besides, they didn’t tune in for dated references. They were watching for the premiere of Taylor Swift’s music video to accompany her courageously self-referential new song. And it didn’t disappoint provided what you were hoping for was a courageously self-referential video. As subtle as Taylor Swift holding a Grammy in a car on fire. Which I believe we have footage of The video ended with this beautifully cringe-worthy meta moment in which Taylor Swift managed to cram in more Taylor Swifts, so they could all talk about Taylor Swift “Stop making that surprise face. It’s so annoying.” “Yeah you can’t possibly be that surprised all at the time.” Of course it wouldn’t be a pop culture event in 2017 without the dissonance that occurs when the pop culture machine attempts sincerity. Paris Jackson called out racism before remembering that she had a job to do. “We have zero tolerance for their violence, their hatred, and their discrimination!” “We must resist!” And now, the nominees for Best Pop Video. And after a direct descendant of Robert E. Lee introduced Heather Heyer’s mother, an overdressed Haley Baldwin introduced a performance of Do You Think I’m Sexy. “Give it up, for Ron Stewart and DNCE!” In a show that included the two extremes of TV, Katy Perry on a giant basketball and a stage Populated by suicide survivors, fans were left feeling much like Ed Sheeran seemed to feel: confused and underwhelmed. “But thank you, to – it’s not voted, is it? Oh. Well, thank you to all the fans and Thank you to my record label, Jason Kalanick who’s made my videos on this album and yeah, cheers. Yep.” Cheers.

81 thoughts on “Yesterday On The Internet: Look What You Made Me Do (Recap The VMAs)

  1. We must resist! and if we can't find any nazis to resist we'll just find some people wearing red hats and yell "end the hate!" and punch 'em in the face.

  2. The VMA's are soooo overrated! Didn't Paris Jackson's boyfriend have a confederate Flag tattoo, fucking hypocrites, ugh?

  3. Swift and Perry.
    Nope, not another two politicians fighting for power.
    Only two dumbass celebrities who think they can sing and have power over us.

  4. Every single one of these "woke" celebs should be forced to work a month at a fishing processing plant, filleting fish.
    They will stop virtue signaling forever after they've experienced that.

  5. So the left opened the borders WITHOUT asking the people, to a society that is the most unsustainable in the history of Man and they wonder what's next? Sheeple

  6. I've never listened to Taylor Swift's music but I thought her new video was hilarious. This subpar comedy skit masquerading as a "news" segment is trash at best.

  7. <says something socially relevant> "And now Pop Music and Narcissism!" ……….Where the hell is Rage Against the Machine, MTV?

  8. pop music has never been in worse shape than this. celebrity culture and fame worship needs to be destroyed before it destroys us.

  9. Why are the comments full of nazis and weird conspiracists yall know Vice is left-leaning wtf you're doing here.

  10. Narcissistic, arrogant, clueless, greedy, shameless, and unintelligent behaviors. This is what MTV encourages. This is what MTV rewards.

    Don't try to be like celebrities.

  11. Alot of women match in short hair and she definitely doesnt, she makes cancer patients look beautiful, that is the only positive side to her….

  12. Can someone please LGBTQPIAsplain to this cis WASP why the word "straight" is included in that tweet at 0:37? I'm probably ignorant of something, but I'm also genuinely curious.

  13. welp it is approved from Ed that the VMA was boring by his speech it looks like the only good thing there was for Taylor's new music vid XD

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