Yoga CHALLENGE – så mycket skratt!

What do you mean…?
Why are you making such weird noises? Look straight. And reach. Farted in my face. Hey, hey! Today we are doing a
yoga challenge! Yep, and it’s extremely hot. Yes, because we are
in the homeland of yoga – India. More specifically, in the yoga “shala”
Axel and I go to. Today we’re alone, though. Do you want to
explain the challenge? You look at a picture
and do what the picture is showing. Yes, try to. This is acro yoga,
so you are at least two people in a pose. And the poses are fun,
not boring as in regular yoga. Hey, what do you mean “regular yoga”? They are fun,
and a bit difficult. The children will do some, you and I will do some,
and in some we will be adult and child. A mix. This challenge won’t really
have a winner, it’s more for fun. Do you think that
this challenge is fun to watch? – Yes.
– Me too. – Do you often think “that’s pretty easy”?
– Nah… As a viewer it’s easy to think that the poses
are easy to do. You could try them with us. We challenge you. Yes, yes, yes. Are you ready? Yes! Let’s go! We will go first,
and we will do this pose. Do you want to be
the one on the bottom? – I think you should be that one.
– Okay then, I will. – Down!
– Okay. Now what? Like this? There. Oh God. Straighten your arms. – Lift me higher.
– There, good. Arm out. – We will do this one.
– The boat. – It looks like a boat. Are you ready?
– Yes. Let’s point our feet up, like this. You were like, jumping on your bum. Alma, what are you doing?
Stop lying down and… Relax. – Now, I feel it.
– Straight legs, straight legs. Yes! No, don’t let go. Don’t let go. – This one was too difficult.
– Yes, a bit too difficult. And it’s annoying that they look so happy
that it’s so easy for them. Yes, indeed. Don’t forget to hit thumbs up
if you like this video. Now us parents will have a go at
a more advanced pose. Yes! I have to think. This leg should be bent
and this leg should go back. Oh God. – Oh God!
– Good, good. Mom, legs apart!
Your legs should be apart. It’s good, Joanna. – Dad, up a bit more!
– Up a bit more. Move your back leg
back a bit, Joanna. There, nice!
Did we do it? Oh! Ouch.
How did it go? We will do this pose. – How do you feel? Think we will do good?
– Yes, but I’m not a fan of my head going on your bum. We will see, we might not even get that far.
Okay, I should stand like this. In downward dog. There. Come on, Alma. Just hop on. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Wait, let’s go like this. Move back.
Down, down. Or “up”? A bit more, a bit more, even more… There. Now grab your feet. – What? I can’t see.
– Grab your feet. Aha, oh. There, and there.
Got them? Wait.
Yes, got them. I will stand up now. You are too low. – Yes! Come on.
– Ouch! There, now. Harry and I will try this snazzy… – I will fly.
– Yes. I wish we were on that beach,
it looks more cooling. – Mom…
– Can you stand? Exactly, and stand straight. Wait, let’s see. Look straight, look straight. Good! Bravo, bravo! Well done! – Now we will make a square.
– Yes! We won’t meet. – What are you doing?
– Grab my feet. I mean… – Grab them.
– But… okay, alright! – It’s not easy being a square!
– Definitely not. Ouch, ouch, ouch.
Why are you sitting on me? – I think we need help.
– No, no. I will explain. Up! – No, your hands!
– Oh, my hands. Straight legs. Hands up, hands up. – Grab my legs.
– One there, okay. – I think we need some help.
– Yes, now we do. I think it’s easier if the lightest one is on top.
Should dad and I show you? – No! I can.
– I want to be the… – Stand on the side and dad and I will show you.
– You can stay here, but can I sit on the mat? – Oops, I’m looking straight at your bum, Joanna.
– The important thing is to keep the body straight, right? – You are supposed to be like an “L”. Bum out.
– It’s easier said than done. Stop being so scared, mom. – That was so fun.
– It was really hard. You two were like:
“We can show you how to do it”. Start here. There you go! – It’s so scary.
– Concentration. And straight legs. Oh, eww! I got a fart in my face. Bum up, come on, bum up! Mom, what are you doing? Mom, stop lying there. Hurry up now!
Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! I give up! After that pose
we all need a break. Time to answer Question of the Day.
We had a Q & A on our Instagram the other day. We didn’t have time to answer all the questions,
so we will answer one now. Remmakarin asks:
“What’s your favorite sport?”. – Boxing.
– Oh? I like football. To watch, I would probably say
track and field. Everything that has to do with surfing.
Right now I’m into skimboarding. Surfing… – What’s your favorite sport?
– Comment below! Your feet need to go here.
They need to be in the right… – Oh God.
– There. – Start by holding my hands.
– Yes. Oh God, you’ll break your neck. No, no. But your feet must…
Yes, there. – Wait, wait.
– Your feet have to go here. – Oh, I see. But I need to have straight…
– Yes, there. Okay, and now? You need to, like, bend… What do you mean…?
Why are you making such weird noises? I’m getting worried! What? What are you
going to do now? What? Let me down! You can’t speak in that pose, it’s so scary!
I didn’t get any air out. I just cawed like an old crow! That was so fun. And the legs need to be straight… Wait… I’m not flexible enough for this. No, we can’t do it. – Legs here…
– I don’t get this. How can anyone do this? This one is too difficult.
We can’t do it. – Try it at home!
– Yes, give this one a try. It’s impossible. – Again.
– Again. Alma. No, no, no… – I mean…
– Good! You are so sweaty and slippery. – Did we do it, or what?
– Is it good? Okay, it’s time for the last one of the day.
All four of us will do it together. Yes! – The camera needs to film from above.
– Yes. – There we go.
– Harry, come a bit closer. Come on, girls.
Legs straight. It’s been a long time since
we laughed this much while making a video. – Last time was when we filmed “Tiny Hands Challenge”.
– Yes, I think so too. Okay, stay still.
Look at the camera, Harry. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up, or down. Comment, ask questions and take care.
See you again soon! Bye bye!

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